June 2017

June saw the launch of the first ever IIW Womens division inspired by Kurt Stevens looking keen to put his mark on the IIW in the short time he had here, it started with an Womens Invitational where Lilah O'Reily was quick to show dominance and win the title, unfortunately she lost it the next event to Ryleigh Ruin.

Kurt was quick to instill Michael Hunter as the number one contender for the IIW World Title but based off the stipulation that he must NOT be pinned until he faces Shawn Taylor at Make Or Break, this started well avoiding the pin at Mayhem against Rixton Ruin before long term aquitance and former leader of the Franchise Jason Fenix returned and put Michael down for the 3 count. This sent Michael Hunter into a fit of rage resulting in returning to the bottle and falling on bad times, as we ended the month, Michael found himself homeless and bumped into former IIW Tag Team Team B.U.M Stabby Joe and PC McGhee.

The IIW Tag team titles were collected by Jonny C and Shawn Taylor as they beat the now imploded Calidus for the titles, building onto which we saw the biggest shocker of the month as it was revealed that Curtis Vaughan wasn't actually Osh's kid...and even more... he belonged to Jonny C

May 2017

May saw IIW host their first PPV back Red Alert, this was a major success selling in excess of 500,000 buys confirming IIW’s return to the limelight, the fans still wanted what the IIW had to offer. Justice Reigns came to the IIW putting his name in the lights as he got off to a great start winning his debut. It was also time for another IIW 2nd Generation star to turn up with Drayden Fields joining up and quickly emulating his father winning his first two matches and his debut match at the PPV setting up a feud with his fathers old running buddy Sean Raines.

Blood was definitely on the order in May as Osh Vaughan ended up being put in hospital twice by Dillan Singh who was eventually victorious in their BIT match at the PPV, but the big twist came when Donny Allen made his return after 7 years away from the IIW taking out Dillan after the match and they look to renew their 10 year old rivalry.

Michael Hunter also made his glorious return and the former IIW World Champion has taken no time to take out names taking out 4 men so far including the one off return for IIW Hall of Famer Kade Ortega.

Jonny C finally got retribution on Calidus, the 2nd generation team consisting of Chase Durden, Corey Steele and Curtis Vaughan as he defeated Curtis and fended off the attack from all 3 members, but surely this is only starting, it has a long way to go.

Finally IIW Crowned an IIW World Champion in Shawn Taylor, Shawn finally reaching the promised land is the thing dreams are made off, 10 years after his debut this is a great feat and we look forward to what Shawn has to deal with.

The last shocker was Kurt Stevens returning to the IIW taking control while Osh is Incapacitated and Alex Connor MIA. June will see what Kurt has in store for the IIW

April 2017

April was the first full month back and was when the IIW really began to click into second gear, the first shows went off without a hitch apart from the unfortunate walkout by Jake E Dangerously, unhappy that Osh hadn’t changed his ways and was fed up of the bullshit he would put his wrestlers through. Many more returning talents began to emerge, but not all as they remembered Hardcore Legend Sahib returned after a 7 year absence but now working under his real name of Dillan Singh, he had changed, he was no longer the hardcore icon he used to loved but a pure wrestling enthusiast, this didn’t sit well with Osh Vaughan who wanted Sahib’s death defying stunts in order to help get back a crowd that used to pay just to watch Sahib cut himself open. Jonny C also wasn’t pandering himself well to the crowd as he got on Osh’s bad side and was constantly dealing with outside interference as he got constantly attacked by two masked men, one of which was later revealed to be Osh’s son Curtis.

April also saw the month in by appointing their first two champions in the International Champion Corey Steele, son of IIW Alumni Mark Steele and the IIW TV Champion Sean Raines, claiming his first belt in the IIW.

As well as the returning IIW Stars we also saw the beginning of the new era with new talents such as Lance Lewis, Geeno Steels, Rixton Ruin and Starr sign up to participate. One in particular Dan DiStoner has had it in for Chino this whole month taking him out at various points after losing their first match, It turns out Chino and Dan DiStoner have a vast history outside of the IIW spanning 10 years, it can only be good for the fans that these two still won't let their differences settle and are continuing the FIGHT TO THE DEATH here in the IIW. These two will meet at the IIW First PPV in May where there will be NODQ.

March 2017

On the 20th March 2017 it was announced by Osh Vaughan that the big return of the IIW was happening, it had been a long 5 years since the IIW last closed its doors, it was assumed that Osh’s passion for the business had dwindled. IIW Co-Commentator Mike Fisher though had moved on and was busy with his new project, raising Osh’s son Curtis. Mike had trained Curtis Vaughan and had sent him to the LCW in order to have his first real shot at Wrestling gold. Mike though knowing how new Curtis Vaughan was to the game had called in a favour in the form of the last ever IIW World Champion Jonny C to look after him. The two competed in the LCW which had got Osh’s interest while he monitored how is favoured Son and his favoured wrestling compadre were getting on. He noticed how things weren’t done to his standard, and slowly that clock started ticking in his head, could he still do it, could his empire be rebuilt.

Osh organised the [ IIW Reunion party ] and quickly sent out all the invites to all the famous names of yesteryear. Osh thought getting all the talent back under the impression of a reunion would be the best opportunity to announce his plan, the return of the IIW. This all went to plan with the IIW relaunching and quickly flying up to 15 active wrestlers as Osh began the return of the IIW.

Events in the past.

2007-12-23 at 10:47 PM - Osh Vaughan
IIW was created in 2004 but was brought back in March 2007 as Osh teamed back up with his old staff for one last push e-fed wise. The fed has been mildly succesful at times htting Roster peaks of 40. Now though it is a tough time as the winter colds have meant a few people have had to take some time off from the IIW, but the IIW will fight on as ALWAYS!

January 2008[b]
January kicked off with a bang in the IIW with possibly one of the best shows in the history of the IIW to date! Ending with James Morgan reverting to his former persona Heat as well as he return of Chill Factor as ICE returns after his 5 month absense.

[b]December 2007
December saw the return of the legend that is Heat now competing under his real name James Morgan, James made a quick start to the fed picking up quick dominating victories propelling him back into the main event scene with an unknown guy stalking Jake E this set up the main event for the PPV; Up in Smoke, as the last show went off air it was revealed the mystery guy was Jonny C, and even more that the cops arrest Matt Studs for the attempted murder of Rob Owens. At the monthly PPV Jonny C came back on his return to the IIW and finally won the IIW World Title for the first time, ending Jake E Dangerously's record breaking 90 day title run. Also in a shocking twist Rob Owen handed over his stake in the IIW to Kurt Stevens.

November 2007
This was to be a big month in the federation for Benz as Justin Pyrex apparently fed up with all the brutal attacks that were happening and annoyed that his 11% Of The Company didnt give him as much power as he wanted decided to hand his shares over to Benz, moving Benz from rags to ritches, Benz caught up in the success unfortunatly then proceeded to accept a challenge from Rob Owens and CDD for a Poker game for the IIW Stakes which Osh Vaughan then got involved in. The end result was a shocker with Rob Owens winning 22% of the IIW but then the even bigger twist was when Osh went all in with 22% of his share against Rob Owens new found 22% share and lost again giving Rob Owens a holding stake of IIW. All was good till later that night as Jake E Dangerously defeated Sam Hessingstock as Rob Owens was taken out in a vicious hit and run attack, but who did it?

October 2007
October saw Jake E Dangerously claim the IIW World title for the first time at IIW Redemption, meanwhile Justin Pyrex began the seperation process in the IIW as he recruited several key IIW Members to be part of the CWA faction that was breaking apart the IIW a the seems, this case wasnt helped by the fact that Sean Raines and RT Kraven had shown up as the XCA and were doing their best to mix things up as well. Jake defeated Jonny C, Sam Hessingstock and Donny Allen in the federation which was to be Donny Allens last match with the IIW bringing down the curtain on a great 6 month run in the federations IIW/CWA. Jonny C meanwhile was suspended due to his CWA contacts as the first signs of the CWA crack began to happen

September 2007
Osh returned with the IIW after purchasing just about all the IIW Shares off the Shareholders taking Osh's current holding to 89%. It looked like it would be plain sailing for Osh back in his familiar role untill Justin Pyrex the former CWA owner resurfaced with an announcement; He had purchased the IIW Shares

August 2007
James winters was installed as the CEO of the IIW as it entered another month and another month of instability, unfortunatly James Winters offended several people high up which resulted in the loss of the IIW's TV Contract. Due to this the company shut up doors again. This left the company with Hitman the last remaining champion.

July 2007
July was the month that Jason Fenix and Micheal Hunter really made a dominating impact, Jason already the World Champ teamed up with Micheal Hunter to capture the Tag Team titles where as Micheal Hunter also captured the Xtreme Titles. During this time as well Rob Owens was taken out of the company with other things on his plate, he was therefore replaced by Nathan Wisdom and Frankie Ronson. During this time Osh managed to claim the Hardcore Title and then was subsequently suspended by the IIW Board Of Directors for the abuse of power. This left Frankie Ronson and Nathan Wisdom in control to take the fed into a small break.

June 2007
Osh banished Rich Easton from the federation after kicking him out after he found Rich to be abusing his powers backstage, it was seen as a positive move for Osh as a lot of people had been critical of Osh's moves so he swept hard to remove Rich Easton the one man who could remove him. This month saw the debut of many great IIW Stars but one made a major impact and discovered a cult like status with the IIW Fans, Adam The Monster. Rob Owens meanwhile had managed to replace Rich Easton in the federation as the CEO and had began making trouble for Osh.

May 2007-
Osh was reinstated as the IIW President by the Board Of Directors due to his IIW Holding stake of 10%, But on the first night back Osh was shocked by the Board Of Directors announcement that Rich Easton had been appointed Co-President due to the Board not trusting Osh after last times failings. Meanwhile Rob Owens made a sly return to the IIW lurking around backstage with his friend Max Hatred. The month ended with Jason Fenix winning a 20 man battle royal in order to become the first IIW World Champion of the new federation.

Info for April and March are Missing unfortunatly