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Redditch Attacked
2017-05-18 at 9:37 AM - Osh Vaughan
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Wow in a shocking turn of events Sebastian Redditch has been taken to hospital with a severe back injury, luckily IIW TV was on hand to capture the incident

The Scene shows up with Sebastian Redditch backstage after his latest loss, he's cussing to himself as he is really feeling the pressure after his latest loss, as he's walking by he walks past Curtis Vaughan, Chase Durden and Corey Steele the 3 members of new faction Calidus

Corey - What did you say?

Sebastian looks up confused

Sebastian - Me?

Chase -, what did you just say?

Sebastian - Nothing?

Curtis - You called us nothing? WE ARE THE GOD DAMN CALIDUS!... We are the most dominating stable in the history of the IIW

Sebastian - Get over yourself

On that Curtis, Corey and Chase surround Sebastian, they start wailing away at him beating him down, Curtis throws him into Chase who hits the DAY OF DURDEN as they laugh,they pick him up and set him up for the Triple Powerbomb now being called 'Cubed' as Curtis powers Sebastian down on the hard floor the group laugh and walk off

Ste - We are not quite sure how long Sebastian is going to be out for, but Calidus are certainly making their mark here in the IIW

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