We open to a scene with Charlie Schmidt posing with a bucket and mop

Charlie : Quick quick, cameraman follow me!!!

The camera is following Charlie as Charlie gives his step my step guide

Charlie: Welcome to the first on location Charlies Blog! We’ve heard rumours that some shit is going off due to the ending of Mayhem!

Charlie goes in the office where we see Shawn Taylor throwing a chair across the room as Osh attempts to talk to him

Osh: For god sake Shawn calm down!

Shawn: Don't tell me to calm down you son of a bitch. I just got royally screwed and now you're trying to tell me I can't go and kick their asses?!

Osh: I'm telling you I can't have you injuring my roster. Now look I've told you you can have any match you want at the next show provided it's not Rixton Ruin or Jonny C. You'll get your hands on them in time I promise.

Shawn stops and thinks for a minute, clearly still angry

Shawn: Fine... I want Starr next week

Osh: Done

Shawn: And I want it for the TV title

Osh is taken aback

Osh: What? Why? I can't just give you that Shawn

Shawn leans right in on Osh

Shawn: I think you'll find Vaughan that I have rematch clauses for the world and tag titles I have yet to cash in as well as a banked International Title opportunity. I think I can have this or I'm going to start cashing in contracts

Osh: Fine... fine...

Osh writes the match into a contract on the table

Osh: But in return you forfeit the tag title rematch. I can't have you holding all my titles to ransom. Here is the contract. The stipulations are as I outlined. For the next 2 shows you are not to touch Rixton Ruin or Jonny C unless physically provoked while I try and sort this mess out.

Shawn signs the contract

Shawn: oh don't worry, I'm going to hit DNA and hit Jonny C where it hurts just by beating Starr next week, but I swear to you Osh, you can only protect your boys so long. I will have my title back.
Osh: Just get out of here have a beer and calm down.

Shawn goes to leave but is accossted by Charlie Schmidt

Charlie: WHAT MAN!!!! You’re giving up your other rematches for a shot at the TV title? Aint nobody got time for that!

Shawn: I'm far too clever for that Charlie. Jonny C took my title because Rixton Ruin knew he wasn't in my league no matter how hard he tried. Well Osh might be trying to protect him from my rematch clause but one way or another by the end of the next episode of IIW mayhem, DNA will be walking out with less gold than they walked in

Charlie: What about Jonny C?

Shawn: Well that snake will get what's coming to him but for right now he took something from me so I'm taking something I happen to know he wanted quite badly, but doesn't deserve.

Charlie: What's that?

Shawn: The right to be called IIW GRAND SLAM CHAMPION

Shawn walks off as we fade out.