Killing in the Name' by Rage Against the Machine plays as The Commander and Blade make their way out with the tag titles accompanied by Bob Mitchell.

Smoke rises from the entrance way as guitars begin to build up the music, fans in the arena begin to clap in time to music, "The Past Should Stay Dead"'s first lyrics blare out and when the instruments come back in Starr emerges from the smoke arms spread out. He looks out to the fans, pumps himself up, and raises his fists in the air. He walks to the ring slapping hands and occasionally to stopping for a selfie with a fan. He gets onto the ring apron and raises his fists. He jumps over the top rope and rushes to the ropes camera side and stands on the middle rope arms spread out.

Justice Reigns music begins to play but there is no sign of him as Starr looks on waiting… his music repeats but still no sign of Justice as the fans begin to heckle.

The Commander starts to nod while Blade is preoccupied with trying to communicate Bob Mitchell as the realization dawns on Starr that he is going to have to go it alone. Nodding to himself, Starr charges the ring as the referee orders Bob Mitchell to leave as Starr slides inside. The bell rings, making this now handicap match underway, and we see Blade throw a punch, but Starr ducks it and throws a sweet looking dropkick which knocks Blade backwards and out of the ring next to Bob Mitchell.

The Commander and Starr stare at one another, then they look to the outside and then The Commander and Starr go back to staring each other down again and begin to circle each other. The two of them continue to circle each other looking for that perfect opportunity to strike. The Commander and Starr go for a neck and elbow tie up and they go to a test of strength as they try to push each other to see who’s more dominate. The Commander finds his footing and refused to budge but neither does Starr. Starr tries to man power it again, but this time The Commander finds the right footing at the right moment and manages to get the necessary leverage to push back Starr into the turnbuckle. The Commander lunges after the toppling superstar, attempting to capitalize on the momentum; The Commander charges forward with a shoulder thrust that plants him into the turnbuckle. The Commander continues with the assault as he lays it on Starr with more shoulder thrusts. He connects with a third and fourth shoulder thrust. After the fifth shoulder thrust The Commander strides towards the center of the ring and gets into a crouching position.

He launches himself towards Starr, attempting a spear. At the last second Starr manages to side step The Commander and uses The Commander’s momentum against him and lets him come crashing into the turnbuckle. Starr takes a hold of The Commander’s head and brings him in for a reverse DDT that plants The Commander on the canvas. Starr takes hold of The Commander and put him into a chokehold. The Commander begins to gasp for breath now as The Commander begins to claw at Starr’s cinched in arm. The lights begin to fade and The Commander’s vision begins to become blurry as Starr continues to apply the pressure to The Commander’s neck. The Commander takes a different approach and begins to elbow Starr into his gut. The Commander continues to deliver elbow after elbow until Starr’s strength begins to diminish and his hold on the neck begins to loosen. The Commander takes this moment and capitalizes on it by forcing the arm of his neck. The Commander elbows Starr again and begins assaulting him with left and right hooks to Starr’s gut. Starr staggers backwards and The Commander capitalizes by launching himself with a huge clothesline that sends the both of them to the canvas with The Commander landing on top. The Commander gathers his strength and stands back up dragging his downed opponent back to his feet. The Commander attempts to connect with a T-Bone Suplex. Starr goes into the air and comes down and The Commander connects the move that sends Starr tumbling to the Canvas.

We see The Commander telling Blade to get Starr, so Blade stands up on top of the turnbuckle and as Starr starts to get up, Blade jumps off…landing a vicious looking elbow to Starr’s midriff as the extra man advantage is beginning to take shape.

Just then finally JUSTICE REIGNS! Appears…. He hobbles to the ring and slides in squaring up to Blade Alexander… he slides in and Blade smirks before ORIGINAL SIN!




Winner and still tag team champions… BLADE AND THE COMMANDER!

Blade and Commander exit the ring with their championships held high. Bob Mitchell is ecstatic! Starr hobbles back into the ring and checks on Justice. Starr offers a hand to Justice and he lifts him back up. Starr holds Justice’s arm up and the two hug in the middle of the ring. Starr shakes Justice’s hand one more time. Suddenly the camera’s catch Starr mouthing some words.

Starr: This is your fault…

Starr swiftly kicks Justice below the belt. He starts screaming in his face.


He pulls back and quickly hits a superkick on Justice, but instead of finishing up his finisher, Starr sends Justice out of the ring. Starr gets out of the ring and sits on the apron as he watches Justice try to get to his feet. Starr stares sinisterly at Justice crawling on the outside. He gets off the apron and throws Justice into the steel steps! Starr is a man possessed by some force! Justice struggles to even crawl. Starr looks at the pathetic man at his feet. He jams his head into the small gap between the stairs and the steel frame of the ring. Starr tugs at his hair but he finally commits and superkicks the stairs into Justice’s head causing him to go limp. Justice collapses as he is helped by a medical team off the premises. Starr smirks as he climbs back in the ring and asks for a mic.

Starr: If you could remain silent, I’d like to explain myself… -the audience boos- I said...

Ryzzy was waiting in the staging area behind the stage waiting for their time to join Justice and Starr in celebrating their win. Shocked to see their best friend turning on their fellow DNA member they rush to the stage with a microphone of their own.

Ryleigh: What in the hell are you doing? He’s our brother!

Starr: I’m doing what I should’ve done a long time ago! Because Ryleigh the thing I have learned here in IIW is that when the going gets tough, the tough get going. And you see Justice simply isn’t on my level sweetie. Don’t make it like we didn’t talk about this in the past.

The crowd “ooo”s as Ryleigh secret has been revealed.

Ryleigh: That was a private conversation at our wedding and we said we would handle this behind closed doors.

Izzy: -She starts to walk down the ramp to the ring with purpose.- Babe, please don’t play dumb, this is the only way we could do this. And don’t play that now that I took off the restraints on you you don’t feel free. Like when you broke Lilah!

Starr: Ladies and gentlemen, this is the real DNA. The vicious and destructive force that I was supposed to be.

Ryleigh looks like she’s shocked as the medical team starts to roll Justice past her. She makes them stop so she can comfort their friend. It appears as if she’s going to do the right thing but cracks a devilish smile and screams to him.


She pushes the Para-medics out of the and flips the stretcher over with Justice still attached to it. By this time Rix has join her on the stage and she shouts to him to pick him up.

Ryleigh: Bring his ass brother, this beat down is far from over!

Rixton releases him from the stretcher and carries Justice’s lifeless body to the ring.

Starr: You see ladies and gentlemen, what stands before you is the greatest group in IIW that none of you ever appreciated! Izzy Van Doren, for example, the girl that despite being champion, despite being the hardest working woman in IIW, despite being everything that a good employee should be, she was persecuted by you all! She was stalked by our general manager. She poured her heart and soul into every single match she had here and none of you paid any attention.

Rixton tosses Justice’s body into the ring.

Izzy: I tried to be the nice one around here and what did you guys do? You cheered when that bitch Lexi slandered my… Our name!!! -She points to her wife.- You don’t deserve the nice and cute version of Ryzzy or DNA. This is YOUR FAULT! -She point out to the crowd.-

Starr: And then, there’s Rixton Ruin… who despite having the intensity and drive to be a champion and what does our esteemed owner do? He cons his way in and makes it so his stars win. The stars like Shawn Taylor. And then our owner has the audacity to demote him down to the International title?! Don’t get me wrong Rix, you were a great champion, but everyone in that arena could see you are not International championship level… you’re way FUCKING better than that!

Rixton: You are completely correct brother! -He fist bumps Starr.- No more faking, no more lies, NO MORE FUCKING FAKE AS RUIN’S HERE ANY MORE!!! -The crowd boos ear piercingly loud.- If anyone thinks that can save this lazy bastard I suggest they come try!

Rixton picks up Justice and delivers the release suplex he calls the “Spin Cycle” Justice. He stands over his body and screams obscenities in his face.

Starr: And then there’s Ryleigh Ruin… Miss Billionaire Princess… Who had this whole division in her hand the second she separated Lilah’s arm tendons! She showed dominance day one but where did it get her? Backseat to the rest of the roster, despite her pleas to fight alongside us men. You see Osh’s oh so precious sponsors would frown upon a man hitting a woman… well guess what? I have fought tooth and nail with the woman to my right… -he refers to Izzy-... and let me tell you… she’s way tougher than this piece of shit at my foot…

Ryleigh: You see Osh Vaughan this all stems from you. You think you know the right to do everything and well… You don’t! You wanna know why we think you won’t let either of us face the guys is because you could deal with a woman being you champion!!! So you make us face inferior women at beside Eri have ZERO talent… we have to look cute, we have to wear this ridiculous makeup, do you want wrestlers or barbie dolls.

Starr: Finally, you have me… the Starr that’s leaving you all because nobody here appreciated him. You see for months, for MONTHS, I’ve been thinking of a way to show you all what I meant when this company was going to be mine… I wanted you all to see that Osh Vaughan doesn’t control this company… I do. Now, there’s no denying that the real stars in IIW are shining. And very, very,... very soon they’re leaving you all and there’s not a damn thing you can do to stop it. I have eclipsed Sean Raines’ TV title reign but you see no one ever mentions that. No one ever talks about Starr, because I have been pushed down to the lower card so Osh Vaughan can have his friends on top! This TV title is mine because I was the smartest person in the division. A division full of hardcore wrestlers. But I was the right guy to come along and break that mold of what the TV champion should be! I have defended this belts against legends and newcomers. Hell I could beat anyone for this belt, because I know I am better than this belt.

Ryleigh: Pick him up so we can deliver him to the man at fault here!

Starr: -Starr gets on his knees and opens his arms. Izzy holds the microphone to his mouth.- I hid behind a smile and understanding eyes...I said everything that I knew you would agree with just so you all could see me as your idol…

Rixton: You guys do what you have to I’m not leaving this ring until I get what I deserve! Bring you asses Taylor and Fenix… It’s safe here… I promise!!!

Starr carries him over his shoulder and throws Justice out of the ring. The medical staff again rush to his aid. A few of the wrestlers including Lexi and Bell come to help Justice.

Starr: -He continues now holding his mic in his hand.- I came to you all as the best young talent you had ever seen. And now, I’m leaving you like an addiction… “No no Starr please come back to us! We need you” SHUT THE FUCK UP! I don’t need you! I don’t need this company! And you know what?! I DON’T NEED THIS FUCKING GOD DAMN BELT TO PROVE I’M GOOD TO YOU!!! You “fans”, you brain dead morons in the back, hell even the brain dead moron watching this on YouTube in his mother’s basement.YOU WILL NEVER EVER FUCKING FORGET ME OR MY FRIENDS EVER AGAIN!!!

Izzy pulls Starr away from the mic. But then she notices the two women that are to have a match next.

Izzy: You see these are the two biggest wastes of space in the IIW right there. Do you think either of you will ever have a chance to beat either of us? You don’t even deserve to breathe the same air as us yet or less a ring.

Both Bell and Lexi look at each other and then at the ring. Lexi can be heard shouting at Ryzzy from the ramp.

Ryleigh: Come say that to my face and bring that whore you call a boyfriend with you!

Starr and Rixton exit the ring.

Ryleigh: Come on bitches!!!

Not to be disrespected by DNA both Bell and Lexi storm the ring. Ryleigh kicks off her shoes and challenges Bell to attack her, Bell tries to hit her with a spear. Ryleigh uses all of the expertise she has in brazilian jiu jitsu to absorb the shot and turns it into a judo throw. She mounts her and begins to rain down punches until Bell in motionless.

Izzy headbutts Lexi hard causing Lexi to get knocked out almost instantly. Izzy picks her back up and begins punching her in the corner. Izzy’s gone absolutely mental! Camera catches a quick look at the blood streaming down Lexi’s face. Izzy tosses Lexi into Ryleigh and the two perform their Bubblegum Bitchslap maneuver. Lexi is lifeless next Bell.

Ryleigh turns back to Bell as she’s somehow beginning to move and all she sees is red. She looks back at Izzy and she nods in approval. Ryleigh pounces on Bell and quickly get her in a traditional armbar. Izzy screams “DO IT!” as Ryleigh extends her hips and it’s clear she broken Bell’s arm. The crowd begins to throw drinks and garbage towards the ring. Lexi somehow was able to leave the ring where Trystan saves his woman. Ryzzy stand over Bell’s broken body scream “That’s what you get!”.

Fisher: What did we just see James. Was that real?

James: It was totally real, and horrifying Mike. DNA has taken it up a notch and clearly no one is safe.

Fisher: Someone needs to get down here and help Bell. Is that her bone sticking out of her
arm? We have to go to commercial break.

The crowd is booing the much more dark and violent DNA crew as the show goes to break...

"Judas" by Fozzy hits as the lights go out completely. A single spotlight illuminates the entrance ramp as Dillan wanders out. He is supporting his traditional Aladdin style pants with the cloth belt knotted on the left side. He is also wearing a red and black Canada varsity jacket. He continues to venture down the rampway, the sole spotlight still illuminating his path. He stops at the bottom of the ramp way and nods softly looking around at the IIW universe. He slides into the ring and crawls into the corner, resting the back of his head on the second turnbuckle and draping his arms on the ropes awaiting his opponent.

"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and urges the crowd to get louder, as they do

Dillan Singh soon gains the advantage due to his size and weight difference. Ryan bounces Dillan Singh off the rope and goes for a flying cross body. Dillan Singh ducks it and locks in another headlock

Mike: This is genius, slowing down the match, breaking up McCanns offensive style!

The crowd joins in and seemingly feeding off the energy, Ryan reaches the ropes. Dillan Singh is forced to break the counr. He irish whips Ryan into the corner and goes for a clothesline. McCann ducks and as Dillan Singh staggers outta the corner, he hits him perfectly with a Mule kick. He goes for a quick cover but Dillan Singh kicks out at two. Dillan Singh looks to get up with the help of the ropes, but McCann, sensing an advantage hits him with a Baseball Slide. Dillan Singh falls to the outside and Ryan capitilizes with a Suicide Dive thru the ropes

Scott: Vintage McCann!

As Dillan Singh struggles to his feet, McCann leaps to the top of the barricade as the ref begins the count. As the ref reaches two and Dillan Singh gets to his feet, McCann hits a picture perfect clothesline from the barricade! The ref continues his count and gets to five before Ryan rolls Dillan back into the ring for a nearfall. As Dillan Singh, groggy from the fast action of McCann gets to his feet, McCann kicks him in the mid-section and attempts aspinning neckbreaker, but Dillan Singh powers out and hits him with a huge clothesline! He picks McCann up and bounces him off the ropes and hits an atomic drop. He repeats the process, this time hiting a huge spinebuster! He goes for a cover


Dillan Singh cant believe and goes to throw McCann into the turnbuckle but, as McCann is flying toward the turnbuckle, he leaps on it and

Mike: Corkscrew moonsault!

Scott: Cover!

3! NOOOOO!! Dillan Singh kicks out!

McCann again climbs to the top and signals the end. He goes for a Swanton, but The King Of Kings rolls out of the way, and, as McCann gets to his feet holding his back, kicks McCann in the gut and....



Scott: Its over! What a match, one of the best all year!

Winner of the Match: Dillan Singh!

"Lydia" by Highly Suspect begins to play and the lights in the venue turn to an ocean blue with a shimmery effect like you're in water. The main screen shows what looks like open ocean and a Great White Shark can be seen swimming in the distance. Rixton walks barely into the the entrance way right before Johnny Stevens sings "Black ocean cold and dark". Rixton starts walking slowly, and as he does, the water follows him down the video board ramp, the shark can clearly be seen on the massive screen behind him. When he gets about half way into the main area of the stage Rixton turns around and waves at the shark almost taunting it. Just then the shark rams the screen looking like it cracked it, Rixton turns his head back to the crowd and shrugs off the encounter. As the chorus explodes, the shark also breaks through the screen. Rixton brandishes his trademark red towel and coaxes it toward him like a bull, each time dancing out of the way and continuing his taunts and the water fills the stage. As Rixton approaches the solid ground off of the ramp, he kicks at the stage and the water on the screen splashes. Rixton has shown his dominance to the shark so it swims back up the ramp, refusing to attack the superior fighter, and instead lashing out at the fans on the side of the ramp as it disappears back into the sea. Rixton Ruin displays on the Titan-Tron behind him as he makes his way around the ring, interacting with the crowd giving the towel to a young fan. When he gets to where the Announcers' Table is, he slides in under the bottom rope and runs to where the far turn buckles are and jumps on the second ropes. He bows to the crowd while waving to the fans in the arena.

The lights do dark, the familiar drums hit and the crowd go wild as Shawn Taylor's music hits, lit only by a spotlight and some flashing blue lights.

Shawn steps out onto the stage, grinning and looking at the crowd. As soon as the chorus starts Shawn outstretches his arms and a shower of pyro comes from the top of the stage behind him, as he does this the house lights come up a bit, with blue spots roaming the arena.

Shawn walks down the ramp, clapping hands with the fans smiling from ear to ear. He walks up the steps, and launches himself into the ring over the top rope.

Once in the ring Shawn goes straight to a turnbuckle, climbs it and cockily Outstretches his arms, Randy Orton-esque, and does the same on the opposite turnbuckle before climbing down and removing his shirt, to some cheers from the female fans, as he waits for his opponent...

Rixton Ruin and Shawn Taylor start to circle each other around the ring now the match is underway. Rixton Ruin and Shawn Taylor comes close to each other and stare daggers into each other. Both look for an opportunity to strike. Rixton Ruin goes in first as he attempts for a clothesline but Shawn Taylor counters and rocks Rixton Ruin on the rebound with a right-handed strike to his face.

Rixton Ruin goes for another attempt on Shawn Taylor but Shawn Taylor manages to side step him and grapple Rixton Ruin from behind. As he does he heaves him up and connects with a Fall Away Slam that brings him down to the canvas for a thud.

Shawn Taylor keeps his momentum as he drags Rixton Ruin back to his feet and grapples him again, this time he manages to life Rixton Ruin up and connect with a Tilt A Whirl Slam that takes him off his feet and crashing him down to the mat once again.

Rixton Ruin gets back up and charges towards Shawn Taylor but Shawn Taylor manages to side step Rixton Ruin once again and as Rixton Ruin lunges forward, Shawn Taylor connects Rixton Ruin with a leg sweep that takes him back down to the mat. Shawn Taylor is now on a roll! He goes towards his downed opponent and drags him back to his feet. He then swirls around him and grapples him. Shawn Taylor then heaves him up and goes for a German Suplex but NO Rixton Ruin throws multiple elbows into the head of Shawn Taylor!

Making him release the hold. Rixton Ruin then drops Shawn Taylor with a heavy clothesline!

Scott James: Rixton Ruin finally with some offense!

Mike Fisher: I was surprised, Shawn Taylor was dominating early!

Shawn Taylor rolls back onto his feet and BAM, gets taken down with another strong clothesline! Shawn Taylor rolls onto his again and Rixton Ruin grabs him around the back, and throws him over his head for a Belly to Belly Suplex!

Scott James: The strength of Rixton Ruin is unbelievable!

Rixton Ruin, still holding Shawn Taylor, rolls onto his feet and with no hesitation, connects with a second Belly to Belly Suplex! This time hopping back onto his feet as the crowd gives him a positive reaction! Rixton Ruin walks over to Shawn Taylor who is laying on the ground, Rixton Ruin drops an elbow down on the chest of Shawn Taylor.

Rixton Ruin stays on top of him for a cover!



Scott James: Close but it’s going to take more than that to keep the champion down!

Mike Fisher: You got to at least try Scott!

Rixton Ruin grabs Shawn Taylor by the hair and sits him up. Rixton Ruin jams a knee into the back of Shawn Taylor and pulls back on his chin! But then with one clean motion, Rixton Ruin thrusts the knee into the spine of Shawn Taylor! Shawn Taylor begins to grab at his back, clearly in pain. Rixton Ruin takes the opportunity to pick up Shawn Taylor. Rixton Ruin kicks the World Champion in the mid-section, quickly climbs the top rope and… THE END! Planting Shawn Taylor onto the mat

Scott James: WHAT A MOVE!

Rixton Ruin hooks the legs, Shawn Taylor isn’t moving. Referee begins to count!





Scott James – OH MY GOD!!! I’ve never seen anyone kick out of that before!!!!

Mike Fisher – And here comes trouble!

Starr comes running out to the ring while Ryleigh gets up to distract the referee…. Starr gets in the ring and STARRSTRUCK!!!! To Shawn Taylor….

The referee turns around and see’s Starr in the ring he starts arguing with him as the fans start to cheer JONNY C! has made his way out through the crowd, as Ryleigh gets in his way and starts to argue with him, he looks at the crowd smiles, then shoves her out of the way before sliding into the ring.. KICK TO THE GUT… THE FN POINT to Rixton Ruin!

He helps Shawn Taylor groggily to his feet and points to Rixton Ruin… Shawn moves towards him but then THE FN POINT!!! Shawn Taylor…is taken out by Jonny C as Jonny smirks and slides out the ring passed a shocked looking Ryleigh on the floor

The crowd is stunned! The arena is quiet.

Scott James: What just happened?

Rixton slowly recovering drapes an arm over Shawn Taylor




Mike Fisher: We have a new World Champion, that is just what happened Scott!