International Title Semi Finals
The Commander vs Starr vs Jason Fenix

'Another Body Murdered' hits the PA as The Commander bursts from the back of the personnel carrier to a massive wave of cheers from the French audience. His dressed in white MMA style shorts with red and green piping, the sort issued by his former unit with the striping on the right leg denoting his rank, an OD green t-shirt with the same ranking insignia with the phrase 'The Commander' worked in, and the same green beret he wore during active duty. With Bob Mitchell in tow he marches to the ring with a purpose of malice before rolling under the ropes and making a threatening gesture to the crowd as they again explode in a wave of adulation.

”American Capitalist” by Five Finger Death Punch begins to play as Jason Fenix makes his way out to the ring

Smoke rises from the entrance way as guitars begin to build up the music, fans in the arena begin to clap in time to music, "The Past Should Stay Dead"'s first lyrics blare out and when the instruments come back in Starr emerges from the smoke arms spread out. He looks out to the fans, pumps himself up, and raises his fists in the air. He walks to the ring slapping hands and occasionally to stopping for a selfie with a fan. He gets onto the ring apron and raises his fists. He jumps over the top rope and rushes to the ropes camera side and stands on the middle rope arms spread out. He smiles at the fans cheering for him and climbs back down and waits for his opponent.

Mike Fisher: This newbie seems very confident and that is a good thing around here in IIW. If you aren’t confident then you should just leave now.

Scott James: When we come back from commercial, this match will be on its way.


Mike Fisher: Welcome back, you didn’t miss much. Starr took a good minute just to get to the ring.

Scott James: Ha, I guess but lets go to the ring where the match is about to begin,

Inside of the ring, the ref calls for the bell, starting the match.


Starr and Jason look at Commander at the same time. Jason not knowing better went towards Commander but from the side Starr connects with a running clothesline on Jason, knocking him down. Commander looks at Starr and kicks him in the mid-section. Commander goes for a neck breaker but Starr uses his weight to stop it and reverses the move and connects with his own neck breaker on Commander.

Starr goes for the quick win by pinning Commander.


Starr lifts Commander to his feet and looks into his eyes for a moment… Then he slaps the taste out of his mouth!

Mike Fisher: Ohhhhhh! That was a low class slap from a high class man!

Scott James: And it’s moves like that that get him in trouble every time, he motivates his opponent to want to beat him just that much more!

Starr irish whips Commander and out of nowhere Jason catches Commander in his tracks and connects with a jumping drop kick. Commander falls and Jason is now back on his feet. Starr reaches for Jason but Jason moves out of the way and kicks Starr in the gut. Fenix then just throws Starr out of the ring choosing to concentrate on The Commander

Mike Fisher: Nice quickness shown by Jason Fenix!

Mike Fisher: The Commander is the biggest man in the ring and he finds himself on the ground in pain!

Fenix gains advantage with a well placed leg to the quads of The Commander, taking him down. Jason seizes the chance and begins to keep the big man on an uneven footing. Whenever Starr looks to be getting to his feet, Jason lashes out with a kick to the midsection sending Starr back to the outside.

Fenix continues this domination until, from nowhere, Commander charges at Jason and brings him down with a spear right into the turnbuckle, whiplashing Jason.

Scott James: Commander is still in this Mike. Take your eyes off of him and you might just lose the match.

Commander picks up Jason and places him the the turnbuckle. Climbing up with him Commander places him in a suplex. The fans are on their feet as Commander is about to super plex the legendary Jason Fenix.

Scott James: This could be dangerous Mike!

Commander hits it as Starr is back in the ring squaring off with the Commander as we head to the break


Coming back from the break we can see Fenix and Starr stare at each other and almost fight, but they seem to nod and make some kind of temporary truce. But that truce ends up being short lived as we see Commander kick Fenix in the face with a big boot and knock him down to the mat. Commander then undercuts Starr with enough force to send him flying into a corner. Grabbing Fenix and lifting him back to his feet we see Commander get immediately pounced on by Starr who mounts the back of Commander and cinches in a tight looking sleeper hold. Fenix then kicks Commander hard twice in the stomach; the shots combined with the sleeper bring Commander down to a knee and we see Starr let go and float over as he hooks Commander’s head and neck and gets in what looks like suplex position. Fenix then joins him and we see Commander fight it at first, but Starr and Fenix are able to lift Commander over and slam him into the mat with a vertical suplex.

Mike Fisher: The two smaller men are doing the sound and smart thing here in going after the much larger Commander.

Scott James: They need to keep at it though.

Showing some surprisingly impressive teamwork and athleticism we can see Starr and Fenix continue the attack as Fenix drop kicks Commander low in the knee as he was trying to get back to his feet, we see Starr bounce off the ropes and go to kick Commander, but he gets grabbed by the throat. Commander then stands up to his feet and we see Fenix stand by and chuckle as Commander lifts Starr up and slams him into the mat with a chokeslam. As Commander steps forward, we see Fenix pounce, but he also gets grabbed by the throat. Commander then spikes Fenix into the mat with The Final Commandment. Rather than going for a pin though, we see Commander simply raise his arms in the air…

Bob Mitchell ringside urges The Commander to go for the pin… Commander realises and pins Jason Fenix

1…..2….KICK OUT!

Mike Fisher – Holy Moly Fenix kicked out!

The Commander stomps around in anger as Bob urges him to get back on the attack. The Commander goes to pick Fenix up but Starr pounces and tries to lock in sleeper hold as Fenix gets wind of it and launches some desperation punches to The Commanders midrift as they roll him down and push him out of the ring over the top role, he takes a hard fall.
Fenix and Starr are left standing in the ring, Starr squares up to Fenix who backs away, noting they should concentrate on getting the Commander but Starrs having none of it… Starr Pushes Fenix hard but Fenix just looks at Starr and shakes his head. Starr slaps Fenix hard, who looks on angrily at Fenix… Fenix drops Starr with a right hook, who backs up into the corner

Starr – COME ON!!!! FIGHT ME!!!

Jason shakes his head again motioning for Starr to get up. Starr grabs Jason Fenix and delivers a DDT laying him out


Just then The Commander has got back in the ring and catches Starr with ‘ le Sang Versé ‘

He makes the pin




This match begins with both men coming together face to face and it seems they have a few words between them. Dillan Singh does the first move by shoving Apollo Cain. Apollo Cain gets angry and runs toward Dillan Singh to get in a rough lockup. Apollo Cain gets the advantage with a side headlock on Dillan Singh. Dillan Singh reverses with a German Suplex hold, but it goes back to Apollo Cain and back to Dillan Singh. Apollo Cain reverses back into a side headlock, bounces off the ropes, and hits a shoulder block on Dillan Singh and goes for the pin.


Scott: Early pin for Apollo Cain!

Mike: Yeah, but Dillan Singh kicks out and this match continues..

Apollo Cain runs and bounces off the ropes and Dillan Singh ducks. Apollo Cain comes off the ropes again and Dillan Singh does it again. Apollo comes back one more time and hits the shoulder block again and goes for the pinfall.


Mike: Another early pin!

Scott: Can Apollo Cain get Dillan Singh done for though?

Apollo Cain tells Dillan Singh that he was real close and Dillan Singh denies it. Apollo Cain runs to Dillan Singh for the clothesline, but Dillan Singh ducks it. When Apollo Cain turns around, he slaps Dillan Singh across the face. He the begins to throw punches at Dillan Singh until Dillan Singh is on the turnbuckle. He then begins to chop Dillan Singh on the chest. Apollo Cain then does and Irish Whip to the ropes and when he comes back, Apollo Cain kicks Dillan Singh in the gut. He then gets Dillan Singh in the suplexes position and lifts him up in the air and holds him there.

Scott: Apollo Cain seems to be putting insult to injury on this one.

Mike: Yeah, he is just proving his strength and telling us he can do this all night.

After a few seconds, he sends Dillan Singh crashing down and then goes for the pin.


Apollo Cain then lifts up Dillan Singh and Irish Whips him again, just for Dillan Singh to slide out of the ring. Apollo Cain then goes outside and punches Dillan Singh in the face. Dillan Singh then kicks Apollo Cain in the gut and takes Apollo Cain over to the apron where Dillan Singh hits his head on the apron.


When Dillan Singh steps back and runs towards Apollo Cain, Apollo Cain sents Dillan Singh flying behind him with a backdrop suplex on the ramp.


Apollo Cain lifts Dillan Singh up and slings Dillan Singh in the ring and Apollo Cain gets in the ring at seven. Dillan Singh gets in and goes straight to the turnbuckle. When Apollo Cain is in, Apollo Cain charges at Dillan Singh and Dillan Singh kicks Apollo Cain in the face. Dillan Singh jumps off to do a move, but Apollo Cain lets him miss the move.

Scott : What a miss by Dillan!

Mike :: That may cost him because look at Apollo Cain.

Apollo Cain then goes for the pin.


Mike : Dillan Singh kicks out! He is lucky!

Apollo Cain lifts Dillan Singh up to do a powerslam, but Dillan Singh reverses with a reverse DDT. Dillan Singh then goes to the top rope where Dillan Singh waits for Apollo Cain to get up where Dillan Singh hits a missile dropkick.

Scott : What a dropkick by Dillan Singh!

Dillan Singh goes for the pin.


Dillan Singh argues with the referee and then goes back to Apollo Cain. He does a few kicks to the chest of Dillan Singh and then gets Dillan Singh in an abdominal stretch. Apollo Cain begins to fight with punches to the face of Dillan Singh and eventually Dillan Singh lets go. Apollo Cain bounces off the ropes and Dillan Singh counters with a kick to the gut. Dillan Singh then grabs Apollo Cain and throws him outside.

Mike: Gosh! Dillan Singh showing no mercy on that move!

Scott: He threw Apollo Cain out like a ragdoll!

Dillan Singh goes outside and punches Apollo Cain in the face.


Dillan Singh then goes for a steel chair and tries to hit Dillan Singh with it, but the referee takes it away from Dillan Singh

Mike: Dillan Singh is trying to use a steel chair!

Scott : Luckily, the referee saw the chair!

Dillan Singh and the referee fight and the Dillan Singh goes back to Apollo Cain. Dillan Singh then tries to toss Apollo Cain into the steps, but Apollo Cain reverses it into his own, making Dillan Singh hit the steps.

Mike : Good gracious! What a move by Apollo Cain!

Scott : This has become a battle between these two superstars.

Apollo Cain goes to Dillan Singh and tosses him back into the ring and slides back in. Dillan Singh goes for a clothesline and Apollo Cain reverses and goes to the ropes. Dillan Singh tries again, but Dillan Singh fails when Apollo Cain ducks again. Apollo Cain comes back to do a crossbody, but Dillan Singh moves out of the way. Dillan Singh goes for the pin.


Scott : That was close!

Mike : But, who will win this battle?

Dillan Singh begins to slap Apollo Cain in the face, but it is just making Apollo Cain angrier and angrier. Apollo Cain then Irish Whips Dillan Singh and then goes behind him to do a bulldog. He then runs across to the other side and Dillan Singh gets up and turns around to a jumping clothesline by Apollo Cain. He then sits in the corner and begins to wait for Dillan Singh to get up. When Dillan Singh gets up and turns around again, Apollo Cain hits STREET JUSTICE

Apollo Cain goes for the pin.


The lights do dark, the familiar drums hit and the crowd go wild as Shawn Taylor's music hits, lit only by a spotlight and some flashing blue lights.

Shawn steps out onto the stage, grinning and looking at the crowd. As soon as the chorus starts Shawn outstretches his arms and a shower of pyro comes from the top of the stage behind him, as he does this the house lights come up a bit, with blue spots roaming the arena.

Shawn walks down the ramp, clapping hands with the fans smiling from ear to ear. He walks up the steps, and launches himself into the ring over the top rope.

Once in the ring Shawn goes straight to a turnbuckle, climbs it and cockily Outstretches his arms, Randy Orton-esque, and does the same on the opposite turnbuckle before climbing down and removing his shirt, to some cheers from the female fans, as he waits for his opponent...
Red and Green smoke rises up therough the stage and Bodies by Drowning Pool begins to play the the booing crowd. Out walks Dan DiStoner dressed in Black Jeans and a leather jacket. Wearing stone washed jeans. An ever present snear on his face. DiStoner yells insults back to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. He wipes his feet on the apron and steps into the ring, Pulls a pack out of his pocket and fires up a joint and begins to smoke it in the ring.
Dan Distoner and Shawn Taylor begin the match by circling one another in the ring. Dan Distoner goes for a quick takedown, but gets swatted down by Hunter.

Scott James: Nice take downby Dan Distoner!

Dan Distoner gets back to his feet quickly as he walks into a hard right hand punch from Shawn Taylor. Dan Distoner is knocked back to the ground and quickly rolls away. Shawn Taylor smirks as the fans give him a mixed reaction.

Mike Fisher: The fans seem to dislike the cockiness from Shawn Taylor Scott!

Dan Distoner gets to his feet warily and extends his arm for a test of strength. As Shawn Taylor reaches up, Dan Distoner drop kicks him in his surgically repaired knee, dropping him. Dan Distoner immediately goes on the attack. He furiously stomps away on Shawn Taylor’s leg and drops an elbow on it for good measure. Jacob pulls Shawn Taylor to the center of the ring and goes for the cover.


Shawn Taylor kicks out with ease and shoves Jacob off of him. Dan Distoner immediately goes right back towards the knee and locks in a knee bar. As he twists the ankle of Shawn Taylor, he verbally abuses him. As moments pass, an agonizing look comes across Shawn Taylor’s face. Just when it looks like Shawn Taylor is about to give in, Dan Distoner releases the hold. Dan Distoner pulls Shawn Taylor to a vertical base and Irish whips him into the nearest turnbuckle. Dan Distoner charges, but gets a boot to the face.

Scott James: What a boot from Shawn Taylor!

Mike Fisher: It's over Scott!

Shawn Taylor limps over to Dan Distoner, but the lights suddenly go out.

Scott James: What the fuck!

Mike Fisher: Whats going on!

Thirty seconds pass as the lights come back on and we see Shawn Taylor laying prone on top of Dan Distoner, both men seemingly out cold. The referee begins to count.


Scott James: Who in the world attacked Dan Distoner?

Melanie Jackson – Your winner… SHAWN TAYLOR!

The lights in the arena dim then flash blue and green. HERE'S JONNY blares over the pa system. Pretty Fly for a white guy starts as Jonny C bursts through the curtin onto the ramp. He holds his arms out and yells I'M BETTER THEN YOU. He laughs and walks to the ramp jaw jacking with the fans. He slides under the bottom rope and runs and climbs the ropes yelling I know I'm your hero. He jumps down and bounces on the ropes a few times.

Lights go out the stobe lights all around until the chorus drops when he appears. He walks down the ring to extend a hand to a kid then sikes him out and puts his hand in his pocket then pulls out 10k and starts to count it on the way to the ring. He rolls under the rope into the ring then gets on the middle rope fakes like hes going to throw the money into the crowd and says, yeah right then puts the cash back in his pocket and jumps off the second rope.


Both men circle around the ring until they lock up and Geeno Steels grabs Jonny by the waist to go for a move, but Jonny is trying to fight his way out. Jonny gets out, but Geeno Steels reverses it with an armbar. Jonny flips out of the arm bar and reverses it with his own. Geeno Steels gets out of the hold and then kicks Jonny in the gut and does a suplex. Geeno Steels then lifts Jonny up and gets him in an arm wrench, but Jonny elbows him in the face to get out. Jonny then goes to the ropes and comes back, but Geeno Steels ducks and comes back with a dropkick to Jonny which knocks him outside. Geeno Steels then bounces off the ropes and goes for a baseball slide, but Jonny dodges it. The two look eye to eye as they rush back into the ring. Jonny and Geeno Steels lock up again and Jonny gets Geeno Steels in a side headlock. Geeno Steels is trying to get out by punching Jonny in the gut and Geeno Steels bounces off the ropes to do a move, but Jonny quickly does a kick to the gut to Geeno Steels and does a Russian leg sweep. Jonny goes over to the turnbuckle to end this match quickly and does Starship Pain, but Geeno Steels rolls out of the way and Jonny lands right on his stomach. Geeno Steels then lifts Jonny and does a backbreaker and then a German suplex. He bridges the suplex for a pin.


Geeno Steels then gets Jonny with an armbar and Jonny begins to try and fight his way out. Jonny then shoves Geeno Steels into the ropes as Jonny bounces off of them and the both collide with each other with clotheslines. Jonny gets up and punches Geeno Steels in the face followed by a punch by Geeno Steels. These two carry on a back and forth punch fight until Jonny goes for a clothesline, but Geeno Steels reverses for a suplex for Jonny to flip reverse it and do a hurricanrana with Geeno Steels rolling Jonny up for a pin.


Jonny then gets up with Geeno Steels and goes for a roll up pin.


As soon as Geeno Steels kicks out, Geeno Steels finds the legs of Jonny and begins to try and go for the Boston Crab and Jonny is trying his best not to lie on his belly. Jonny then turns fast to shoot Geeno Steels into the turnbuckle. Jonny then goes to the ropes and does a Flash Kick on Geeno Steels. Jonny then runs to Geeno Steels and does a running knee to the skull and goes for a pin.


Jonny looks on waiting for Geeno to get up..he waits….then…..F’N POINT.




Melanie Jackson: Here is your winner, Jonny C!

The IIW Big Screen shows some static…it slowly starts to clear up….

It’s a dark room….slowly there is a sound as a lamp is flicked on…. The audience gasps as it shows Curtis Vaughan in bed smiling with Ryleigh Ruin and Izzy Von Doren asleep either side of him

Curtis smirks and looks at the camera

Curtis – Told you I was the only proven cure for Lesbianism!

Curtis flicks the light back off

Main Event

The referee interjects to explain the rules but Rixton Ruin, deciding to not wait for the referee to explain the rules, takes matters into his own hands as he clubs him in the back with a double axe handle blow. Sebastian Redditch drops to a knee as Rixton Ruin continues to drop more clubbing blows. The referee runs up to admonish Rixton Ruin, but a venomous look from him causes him to step back and instead simply decide to order the bell to be rung, making this match officially underway. Looking down and seeing his attack effective, we now see Rixton Ruin pull Sebastian Redditch up to his feet and club him in the stomach and then once in the chest. The weight behind it causes Sebastian Redditch to stagger backwards, and as Rixton Ruin charges, the momentum instantly changes as we see Sebastian Redditch hook Rixton Ruin and sting him with a power slam. Immediately hooking the leg and going for a pinfall out of instinct, we see the referee drop down and begin the count—1…2…NO! Rixton Ruin kicks out emphatically.

Mike Fisher: Rixton Ruin started off so strong Scott, but Sebastian Redditch is showing here that this is going to be no easy task Scott.

Scott James: This is gonna be fun….hehe

We then see Sebastian Redditch pull Rixton Ruin to his feet and hook him in an abdominal stretch in the center of the ring. Screaming for Rixton Ruin to give it up, we see the official come in to make sure Rixton Ruin is okay. Rixton Ruin is defiantly shaking his head no as Sebastian Redditch gets a quick grin on his face before clubbing Rixton Ruin in the chest twice. The referee points at Sebastian Redditch and screams at him to not do that again which only causes him to chuckle. After looking straight at the referee before hitting one more clubbing blow of his own, we see Sebastian Redditch lift Rixton Ruin up into a pump handle and drop him down onto the mat. Rixton Ruin flops around momentarily holding his back, but quickly covers up as Sebastian Redditch mounts him and starts to hit some stiff sounding closed fist left and right hands. Blatantly defying the rules now, we see the referee get gutsy as he pushes Sebastian Redditch off of Rixton Ruin and warns him that if he doesn’t knock it off that he will get disqualified. Does he want to go out that way? I don’t think so…we see Rixton Ruin quickly try to pull himself to his feet, but he is dropped back down to the mat as Sebastian Redditch stings him with a big boot. Sebastian Redditch then immediately gets on top of Rixton Ruin and hooks both legs…the official slides into position and starts the count—1…2…NO! Rixton Ruin kicks out and Sebastian Redditch stands up and nods almost knowingly, like he was expecting it to take more than that to put his opponent away.

Mike Fisher: I can kind of see the rationale Sebastian Redditch used Scott, Rixton Ruin started off the match using those double axe handle clubbing blows, so he simply gave him a taste of his own medicine.

Scott James: Call it what you will Mikey boy, this is awesome so far.

Rixton Ruin gets up quickly once again, and Sebastian Redditch walks over to inflict further damage. But Rixton Ruin surprises him with a clothesline, Sebastian Redditch doesn’t go down though and is simply rocked by it. Rixton Ruin kicks Sebastian Redditch in the stomach and throws another clothesline. The thud would be enough to knock down a lesser man, but Sebastian Redditch is still standing. We then see Rixton Ruin start throwing some right hands, before throwing another clothesline which knocks Sebastian Redditch backwards into the corner. Rixton Ruin quickly follows up by running and stinging Sebastian Redditch with a corner splash before delivering several knife edge chops. Sebastian Redditch winces with each stinging blow, and we can see the skin of his opponent getting red from the damage. Rixton Ruin then jogs backwards and comes in a second time, sandwiching him with another corner splash. This time Sebastian Redditch staggers forwards, and Rixton Ruin drops down low, lifting Sebastian Redditch up onto his shoulders and slamming him down onto the mat with a samoan drop. Rixton Ruin then hits Sebastian Redditch with two elbows before rolling over and hooking the leg of his opponent for the cover. The referee gets into position and makes the count—1…2…NO! Sebastian Redditch kicks out.

Mike Fisher: So far this has been really back and forth Scott.

Scott James: This is what it’s all about Mike, both men who desperately want to be the best.

Rixton Ruin then gets back to his feet and awaits Sebastian Redditch to rise, when he gets back to his feet Rixton Ruin stings him with a right hand. But despite getting rocked, Sebastian Redditch quickly fires back with a left hand of his own. In the center of the ring, we now see Sebastian Redditch and Rixton Ruin thump each other with hard lefts and rights, going blow for blow until Rixton Ruin blocks a Sebastian Redditch left, kneeing him in the stomach before grabbing him by the head and dropping him into the mat with a DDT. Sebastian Redditch bounces off the mat and is staring up at the ceiling as Rixton Ruin gets back to his feet and bounces off the ropes. Coming back towards him, Rixton Ruin jumps up and connects with an elbow drop onto the chest of Sebastian Redditch before grabbing his legs and going for another cover. The referee slides into position and starts to administer the count—1…2…NO! He kicks out, and it is still apparent that Sebastian Redditch has a lot left in his tank.

Mike Fisher: First Sebastian Redditch dominating, and now Rixton Ruin. This could really go either way Scott.

Scott James: What did you expect?

Thoroughly in control, we now see Rixton Ruin pull his adversary to his feet and once again knee him in the midsection. Rixton Ruin takes the arm of Sebastian Redditch and puts it over his head, before hitting him with a vertical suplex. Keeping the arm locked, we see Rixton Ruin gyrate his hips and we immediately know what he is going for. Rixton Ruin uses momentum to get himself and Sebastian Redditch back up, hitting a second vertical suplex, we see Rixton Ruin immediately shake and wiggle and get back up. Going for a third vertical suplex, to complete the Three Amigos trifecta, we see Sebastian Redditch block. Sebastian Redditch then tries to lift Rixton Ruin over for a vertical suplex, but now it’s Rixton Ruin who roots himself down. Rixton Ruin then uses muscle to heave him up and over, connecting with the third vertical suplex. Sebastian Redditch is holding his back on the mat as Rixton Ruin gets on top of him and goes for another cover. Screaming for the referee we see him slide into place and administer the count—1…2…NO! Sebastian Redditch kicks out and now we can see Rixton Ruin start to show some signs of frustration.

Mike Fisher: Not to many people have beaten Sebastian Redditch Scott, I can only wonder how deep Rixton Ruin is going to have to dig to beat his opponent here.

Scott James: I hate your face

Mike Fisher: What?

Scott James: I’m sorry, impulse.

Rixton Ruin, standing up to his feet, tapping his head and getting a grin on his face, we see him look down at Sebastian Redditch and once again pull him to his feet. Trying to continue his domination, we see Rixton Ruin leap up and go for a dropkick, but Sebastian Redditch smacks his legs away and moves as Rixton Ruin falls to the mat. Rixton Ruin immediately springs back up and charges towards Sebastian Redditch, it looked almost as if he was going for a spear, but Sebastian Redditch is able to partially counter it and he has Rixton Ruin in a modified front face lock. Moving further up, we see Sebastian Redditch have a gut wrench on Rixton Ruin. Lifting his opponent up, we see Sebastian Redditch drill Rixton Ruin into the mat with a power bomb. The sound of Rixton Ruin’s body smacking into the mat, not only knocks the wind out of him, but also causes a few of the fans in the front row to wince. Sebastian Redditch then drops down and bear hugs around Rixton Ruin’s chest before pulling him to his feet. Sebastian Redditch then contorts his body and slams Rixton Ruin back down onto the mat with a belly to belly suplex before dropping down and going for another cover. It only takes the referee a moment to slide in and start to make the count—1…2…NO! Rixton Ruin kicks out and Sebastian Redditch wastes no time as he pulls Rixton Ruin up to his feet. Sebastian Redditch once again blatantly defies the rules as he thumbs Rixton Ruin in the eye before hooking him and slamming Rixton Ruin down and over his knee with a backbreaker. Rixton Ruin flops around on the mat, and Sebastian Redditch immediately gets back up before throwing his hands in the air and screaming defiantly. The fans boo him for some reason, but the negative reaction only seems to make Sebastian Redditch smile as he goes towards the corner and slaps his leg. It looks as if Sebastian Redditch is gearing up to go for the end and put this match away. Letting another howl escape from his midsection, we see Sebastian Redditch charge as Rixton Ruin gets back to his feet. Lifting his leg, we see the champ go for a running kick, but Rixton Ruin is able to counter and kick Sebastian Redditch hard in the stomach. Seizing what may be his only chance to finish this, Rixton Ruin immediately hooks Sebastian Redditch and slams him into the mat with a brain buster. But Rixton Ruin is still hurt, and he is unable to go for the cover right away. It takes him a couple of seconds to go for the cover, and when he finally does, the referee makes the quick count—1…2...............NO!!!! Sebastian Redditch is able to lift his shoulder off the mat. The fans in the arena are starting to clap at the battle being fought between these two gladiators. We can see Rixton Ruin clearly utter some vulgarities as he hooks the legs of Sebastian Redditch and go for a second cover—1……2……..NO!!!!!!

Looking towards the top rope, we see Rixton Ruin get a gleam in his eyes as he climbs onto the apron and starts to climb to the top rope. But Rixton Ruin, still weary from the damage caused is slow to get to the top rope. The extra time causes Sebastian Redditch to roll over and see what Rixton Ruin is going for. Finally Rixton Ruin stands tall on the top rope and panders to the crowd, leaping off we see him go for a frog splash. But in an amazing display of quickness, and in a move straight out of the Matrix, as Rixton Ruin flips through the air and comes down, we see Sebastian Redditch spring up and catch Rixton Ruin on his shoulders and slam him into the mat with an Attitude Adjustment as he lands and smacks the mat hard. A few fans try and get a holy shit chant started, as Sebastian Redditch shakes his head and drops down and goes for the cover. The referee slides in and makes the count—1…..2……..NO!!! Now it’s Rixton Ruin’s turn to kick out, and we can see Sebastian Redditch scream and curse. Punching Rixton Ruin in the head three times we see Sebastian Redditch go for another cover—1…….2……NO!!!!! Rixton Ruin kicks out. Not wasting any time, Sebastian Redditch tries a third time to go for the cover—1…….2…….NO!!!! Rixton Ruin kicks out and it is apparent that Rixton Ruin still has much fight left.

Sebastian Redditch stands up and awaits for Rixton Ruin to get back to his feet. It takes Rixton Ruin a few moments to use the ropes to get back to his feet, once again we see Sebastian Redditch charge and grab Rixton Ruin for another Attitude Adjustment, but Rixton Ruin is able to use his instincts and sidestep again. Rixton Ruin then grabs Sebastian Redditch and tries to use his own momentum against him and go for a Back Stabber. But Sebastian Redditch is able to counter and muscle Rixton Ruin up and into position for the Attitude Adjustment. Realizing the spot that he is in, Rixton Ruin flops around and fights for dear life. Knowing that he needs to hit the move before he loses it, Sebastian Redditch flings a still wriggling Rixton Ruin forward. Rixton Ruin lands at a sick angle on the mat as his neck hits first stiffly and his body folds backwards. Jesus Christ, that could be a broken neck. Rixton Ruin’s body crumples in a heap and he lies still, folded on the mat. We can see Sebastian Redditch, apparently shocked himself for a moment, force Rixton Ruin over onto his back and the referee slides into position and once again makes the count. Does Rixton Ruin have the heart in him to kick out? Is he able to kick out? 1………….2………KICK OUT....

Mike Fisher - I can't believe he did that?

Sebastian is going crazy, he grabs Rixton and goes for a DDT, but Rixton reverse it into a sunset pin.....1....2..KICKOUT... Sebastian jumps back up pumped up he runs and bounces the ropes he comes back but Rixton ducks, Sebastian bounces back Rixton grabs him..BAD DAY!!!!!!

Rixton exhautedly falls ontop of Sebastian as the ref counts


Melanie Jackson - YOUR WINNER...RIXTON RUIN!