IIW Starts with Osh Vaughan in the ring

Osh: I have an announcement concerning the person that will be helping me keep all of these ladies in line a assisting we with running this division. She is one of the leading sports agents in the business and has run talent relations for many organizations throughout her career. She a no nonsense kinda woman and personal friend. I’m so proud to be making her the GM of the IIW Women Division. Ladies and Gentlemen I introduce to you Blythe Emmmsssworrrth!!

“Empire State of Mind (feat. Alicia Keys)” by Jay-Z begins to play as Blythe Emsworth walks out on the stage wearing her trademark black attire. This time it’s a very professional looking dress that stops at the knee. She walks to the ring with purpose and is met at the ropes by Osh who opens that first and second ones so she can enter modestly. Osh hands he a mic.

Blythe: Hello IIW universe! For those who do not know who I am, my name is Blythe Emsworth and I’m your new Woman’s Division General Manager. It’s a pleasure to finally get to work with the hottest brand in sports entertainment the Intense International Wrestling. I’ve been working long and hard for a few weeks with Osh to bring you the talent you see before you today. Now, ladies I will be your point of contact and I will be running the division effective now. If you ever need anything from me don’t hesitate to contact me. Let’s make this division great ladies! We have a very exciting crop of talent including many world champions for all over the world in many different combat sports. And we kick this new look to the division of right at Make or Break with a title match between the two most senior members of the division. They happen to be a couple both in and outside the ring, they are the leader of the most exciting team in the IIW Dawn of the New Age and just happened to be represented my agency the Emsworth Firm. They call themselves RYZZY... Izzy Van Doren and Ryleigh Ruin!! Ladies please come forward and pose for the IIW universe.

Both Izzy and Ryleigh on cue come before Blythe and give the classic square up pose and staredown. Lexi May uninterested in the two women she hates exits the ring in a huff. The crowd chants “Ryzzy” at a deafening volume as Blythe stands behind Ryzzy and continues to hype the match as the broadcast fades to commercial.

"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and urges the crowd to get louder, as they do

Melanie Jackson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, already in the ring, weighing 235 pounds, Logan Bateeesss! And the opponent, making his way to the ring, from Providence, Rhode Island, weighing in at 250 pounds, Ryan McCaaannnn!

Ryan McCann climbs the apron and gets in the ring and taunts towards the crowd. The bell rings and the match is underway! Logan quickly charges for a clothesline, McCann ducks it, he catches him!

James: MyCannical! Oh my god he dropped him with his finisher already!

Fisher: He doesn’t get paid by the hour apparently!

McCann doesn’t even bother going for a traditional pin instead, he puts one finger on Bates chest.




Ryan beats his chest and taunts to the fans again. Logan rolls out of the ring and tries to recover from the speedy win from his opponent.

Fisher: Two quick wins tonight by two big time IIW legends!

James: Really showing these young bucks around here that you always gotta get your stuff in line or these vets will crush you!

The camera opens and we already see Malcom Freebird standing in the ring, waiting for his opponent to show.

The crowd erupt as they hear Push Em by Yelawolf & Travis Barker. Adam Bradley walks out with the intent to hurt!

Melanie Jackson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Introducing first, already in the ring, weighing 210 pounds, Malcom Freebirrrrrd! And the opponent, making his way to the ring, from Manchester, England, weighing in at 205 pounds, Adam Bradleeey!

Adam slides into the ring and doesn’t even take time to take off his entrance gear before the bell rings! He starts pummeling Malcom to the ground. He looks out at the audience cheering him on. A smile comes across his face as he looks at Malcom trying to get up from the sudden attack. He picks Malcom up and sets him up for his finisher already! BAM!

Fisher: Pride Before the Fall! It’s over already folks!

Adam covers him…




Adam quickly gets back up and goes to the corner to stand on the middle rope. He raises his arms and motions a title around his waist. He points at the camera and repeats his motion. Adam quickly leaves.

The scene shows up in the IIW VIP Room.

Osh is there with Ryleigh and Izzy

Osh – Well I hope you gals enjoy the freebar here as a way of me apologizing for not booking you on the show today, I hope you guys enjoy yourselfs and make sure you have a great match at Make or Break in 2 weeks time!

Fisher: Welcome back to Mayhem IIW universe. The next match should be an interesting one.

James: Well… That’s an understatement Adam the Monster is in this one.

“Phenomenal” begins to play as the lights in the arena go dark. Right as the music sounds like an explosion, out walks Justice wearing a black judge’s robe as pyro explodes from both sides of the stage.
The lights suddenly come back on as Justice stands for a few seconds eyeing the crowd before he makes his slow walk towards the ring. Once inside he unzips the robe to reveal his wrestling gear.

Melanie Jackson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall! Making his way to the ring from Baton Rouge, Louisiana. He is “The Phenomenal One” Justiiiice Reeeigns!

Justice then calls for his music to cease as he prepares for the match.

What's that coming over the hill
Is it a monster? Is it a monster!!

Melanie Jackson: And the opponent, accompanied to the ring by Colin Atcher. This is Adam. The. Monsteeeeeer!!!!!

Adam walks down to the ring like a monster. He climbs into the ring, looking very mean, and roars loudly.

Justice stares down Adam from opposite sides of the ring and the referee rings the bell! Adam is staring at Reigns like he wants to eat him.

Justice squares up like he’s ready for a collar and elbow tie up, but Adam doesn’t really know what he’s trying to. Adam looks to Colin for guidance, but he just ends up getting told to “Go Wrestle!”. Adam raises his colossal arms and copies Justice, but Justice ducks and grabs ahold of Adam with a rear waist lock. Adam has no idea what’s going on. Justice struggles to bring The Monster down to the mat, but he eventually does. Adam is lying down with his face on the mat and Justice mounting his back. Justice paintbrushes the back of Adam’s head. He slides off. Adam looks embarrassed and charges straight for Justice. Justice ducks… Pele Kick!

Fisher: The Eyes of Justice sends the big monster out of the ring.

James: Yeah but he’s still on his feet, Fisher. And now here comes Atcher to help The Monster focus.

Colin runs over the Adam and comforts him a bit while telling him to smash Justice. As Adam gets up Justice rushes towards the ropes and does a suicide dive right into the Monster, he kinda just bounces off him. Justice climbs back in the ring allows Adam to get back in, but Adam quickly gets the upper hand and shoves Reigns back down on the mat. Huge slam after slam just taking more and more out of Justice. Adam raises his arms and roars at the audience.

James: You see that?! That’s the dominant Monster we all know and love!

Fisher: I hope he doesn’t eat him… I kinda like Justice.

Adam picks Justice up by his face. He looks to Colin like “Can I eat him?” and procedes to try and eat Justice Reigns whole! Justice sensing danger quickly stomps on Adam’s toes and The Monster’s death grip is lost! Adam falls back into the corner. Reigns charges missile dropkick, back into the opposite corner, another running missile dropkick to Adam, Reigns runs to the corner for another one, but before he can charge for another one, Adam meets him in the middle for a thunderous chop that makes Reigns stop in his tracks and crumble. Adam roars again, but we hear song Monster Mash come over the PA system. Out comes Eva!


Fisher: I think that’s a woman?


Fisher: Well Adam seems to enjoy what he’s seeing!

Adam is staring at Eva longingly when Justice surprises Adam with a roll up!




Justice can’t believe it! He beat Adam!!

In the gorilla area backstage Ryzzy is still talking to some of the producers when they notice that Eva is about to get in the ring and attack Justice. They’ve had their eye in Reigns for a few weeks now so they decide to rush to the ring and help him out. Ryleigh gets herself between the woman that is twice as tall as she is and Izzy helps Justice to the ramp. Ryleigh slide out of the ring as well and the three safely return to the back. Colin and Eva comfort Adam as he realizes that he’s lost both his snack and the match.

Krysta Ling appears at the top of the ramp with a microphone in hand. She looks around the arena to the cheers of the crowd.

Krysta: Thank you for your attendance ladies and gentlemen, I have the pleasure to introduce to you this evening a woman we are all so lucky to have her in Intense International Wrestling. To be honest, she could be working anywhere in the world but she chosen to be here with us. She The Heart of Japan or as she is called in her home land, Kanojo wa rekishi-jō saikōdesu, which translates to “She is the best in history”. She’s my client, I’m her interrupter and YOUR future champion... ERI INOUE!!!

The crowd explodes as “World Is Mine” by Hatsune Miku starts and the lights in the venue dim slowly until the room is completely dark. One spotlight appears beside Kysta and Eri can be seen in the darkness walking towards the light. When she becomes bathed in the white light and the screen behind them shows a blue haired anime style girl starts singing the song. Cherry blossoms are falling and her name appears in a script font on the display. The two women start to walk down the ramp and real cherry blossoms do begin to fall throughout the arena. Eri and Krysta interact the crowd on their way down the ramp. When they reach the end, Krysta
approaches the stairs while Eri jumps onto the apron turns back towards the crowd and bows. She runs to the corner climbs to the second turnbuckle blows kisses and bows once again. She proceeds to hold on to the top ropes and does a front handspring into the ring. The two of the woman make their way to the middle of the ring where Eri raises her arms into as the air while the crowd showers them with streamers bowing a final time.

Coach Bombay: The next woman we signed at a tryout in Chicago. She is accompanied by her her friend with benefits Trystan Sour, she’s Little Miss Sunshine Lexi May!

Lexi walks up to Coach Bombay and gives him a big hug. He hands her the mic and she lets out a couple nervous laughs on the mic. She brings the mic up.

Lexi: First off, thank you Coach Bombay and Osh Vaughan for the amazing opportunity to finally sign with a major wrestling federation! You guys helped this dream come true! I‘ve had a long hard road to the IIW, but now I’m finally here to stay! I’m so excited to finally be reunited with my best friend in the whole world Izzy Van Doren! (Izzy runs up to her and gives her a huge hug.) And I’m so excited to also meet her new friend, Ryleigh Ruin! (Lexi cutely waves at Ryleigh who isn’t too enthusiastic about waving back. Lexi looks back at the audience.) I mean Ryleigh and I basically look like sisters, right? We’re both blondes, we’re both petite, we both have great asses and we’re really good at manipulating the people around us. I just know that me… and her… we’re gonna be the best of friends… I’m just so excited...(Lexi’s expression changes suddenly from intense happiness to just plain intensity and hatred.) Except I’m not, not even a little! (Ryleigh and Izzy cock their heads to the side.) You see I cut my teeth in the same place as Izzy, hell we were champions together! We fought together, we won together and we held gold together! And the thanks that I get for that hard work was denied when I wanted to come here with Izzy. And now I come here and see that not only is Izzy already a part of another tag team, she’s me! Except take the part where I can actually wrestle and just replace it with money for trainers... So you know what, Ryleigh? As far as I’m concerned you’re nothing more than the Oompa Loompa version of me, colored hair and all! (Ryleigh takes a swipe at Lexi but Coach Bombay stops her.) And you Izzy! My “best friend”... The only reason I’m excited to see you again is because I get to kick your ass again! Just like I did when I sent you up here…

Trystan Sour claps in the background. Izzy’s jaw drops.

Lexi: And you… Eri… I like you… you haven’t wronged me yet so I have nothing to base you off of besides when I beat you in the CWC Classic. So we’re cool… And you are too... really freakishly tall lady… Yeah good luck here! So yeah, Izzy I hoped to come here and get my friend back… But that can’t happen now because you’re nothing but a gold... digging... slut… (Izzy looks away trying to hide that she’s really hurt. The crowd and everyone in the ring except Izzy and Ryleigh lets out an “Ooooo”. Lexi flashes a smile and turns all cute and sweet again.) And I hate you and that bitch's guts! (She points at Izzy then Ryleigh.) Here ya go Coach! (She hands the mic back to him as Ryleigh be heard saying “Who’s she calling bitch?”.)

Trystan is ecstatic as Lexi returns to his side as they have the fakest looking embrace ever.

Entrance Description The light go dark except for a white spot light on the stage
and as the opening riffs to Drowning pools "Step up" begin and we hear:
1, 2, 3 - Go!
a explosion of fireworks erupts from the stage and we see Andre Clayton standing in the spot light wearing a long leather trench coat his head tilted back and arms spread out wide basking in the spotlight for a few seconds as the crowd boos loudly before he makes his way down the ramp as the song continues

Andre then makes his way down the ramp always followed by the spotlight and comes to the ring slides under the bottom rope quickly rebounds to his feet and then makes his way to the bottom left turn buckle and climbs up and once again throws his arms out wide and tilts his head back and stands there for a few seconds and then leaps down, takes off his trench coat hands it off to a stage hands and moves to the middle of the ring.
Back in Black by AC/DC hits the PA as the fans begin to boo for Donny Allen….but he doesn’t appear…. It plays again and again… but there is no sign of him as Andre looks on the ring

The Fan’s really increase their booing as the match looks to be going to a non-contest

Harold Bishop – This match is going to be a no contest due to the lack of appearance from Donny Allen!

Ryleigh and Izzy are enjoying the free bar as Curtis Vaughan storms in

Ryleigh and Izzy don’t look too happy to see him

Ryleigh – I think you’ll find this is a female only party! Osh isn’t paying for any males, especially not his illegitimate son!

Curtis “slurring his words” – Oi…. I’m not even booked this week either, since it came out about me not being Osh’s son I’ve been discarded and no one cares about me!!! Well you know what we’re starting the ERA OF CURTIS!!! …. Girls…. TEQUILA!!!!

The two guys look at each other then cheers as the bartender lines up 3 Tequilas… the 3 of them knock them back as they chant ironically THANKS TO OUR AMAZING BOSS OSH

TV Title No.1 Contenders

"Burn" by GraveSend hits the PA system as the music gets an immediate reaction from the crowd. Mason LeBeau comes out from behind the curtain in his fur leather jacket with a smirk on his face as he has a dead stare that gets the crowd on their feet. He takes his time as he makes his way to the ring with his arms spread apart as he takes all the emotions in from the fans. As soon as he gets in to the ring, Mason stops in the middle of the ring and gets down on both of his knees as he yells "Who's the man!?" As the fans throw streamers at Mason as he smiles wide as he awaits his opponent.

A lone trumpet begins to play as the fans look round unsure of what’s going on… till there is a loud boo as out walks Michael Hunter followed by Stabby Joe and PC McGhee who is playing the trumpet.

Mason and Hunter both go straight to the center of the ring where they tie up. Hunter slips down and behind Mason, picking him up and slamming him down on his stomach to the mat. He slips around and applies a front facelock on Mason. Mason manages to get to his feet, but Hunter keeps the hold, and knees Mason in the stomach repeatedly, before releasing the hold, running to the ropes, and hitting Mason with a swinging neckbreaker. Hunter smirks and spreads his arms wide, showboating. Mason gets to his feet, and as Hunter turns around, he runs forward with a big boot, but Hunter surges forward, trapping Mason's leg on his shoulder, grabbing him and throwing him overhead with a capture suplex.

Mike Fisher: Well, there is no ring rust at all here!

Scott James: An impressive start for Hunter over the undefeated Intercontinental Champion, lets see if Mason can rebound from this early setback.

Hunter brings Lebeau to his feet, whips him to the ropes, and catches Mason as he comes rebounding off, lifting him into the air and turning a half circle, planting him with a double A spinebuster. He goes for a quick cover.



The referee notices Hunter's feet on the ropes, and admonises him. Hunter simply grins, holding his hands up in mock innocence. He picks up Lebeau, and gets a quick, sharp thumb to the eye, followed by a standing dropkick.

Mike Fisher: Why do I get the feeling that this match is going to be as dirty as your dark alley experiences?

Scott James: Shut up.

Hunter gets to his feet, and Mason immediately wraps his arms around him, and throws him overhead with a belly to belly suplex. Now it is Mason's turn to showboat, holding his arms out wide with a smirk. Hunter gets to his feet, and Mason swings at him, and Hunter ducks, slipping behind Mason and grabbing him around the waist for a german suplex. The referee seems however to miss the upraised leg from behind in classic Ric Flair style, low blowing his opponent. Hunter holds his groin in pain, and Mason bounces off the ropes, runs forward and gives Hunter a swinging neckbreaker, followed by a pin.




Mason shrugs and gets to his feet, lifting Hunter's leg and dropping two consecutive elbows on it. Once he brings him to his feet, Lebeau whips him to the corner, and charges in, but Hunter lifts his foot into the air, hitting Mason square in the jaw and staggering him. Hunter hops onto the second rope and jumps off with a double axehandle, but Mason moves out of the way and catches him with a fist to the gut, doubling him over. Lebeau runs forward and plants Hunter with a bulldog, and goes for the cover, but Hunter kicks out. Mason picks up Hunter and goes to whip him to the corner, but Hunter reverses, sending Mason to crash hard into the turnbuckles. Hunter runs forward and spears Mason into the corner, then lifts him up onto the top turnbuckle. Hunter climbs aswell, and sets him up for what looks to be a superplex, but Lebeau headbutts him repeatedly until Hunter falls down to the mat. Lebeau grins, seeing his opportunity, and leaps off the top rope with a flying headbutt, but at the last moment Hunter rolls out of the way.

Mike Fisher: Ouch!

Scott James: This could be a turning point in the match!

Hunter gets to his feet and picks up a groggy Mason Lebeau, picking him up, moving to the corner, and dropping Lebeau face first into the turnbuckles, giving him a good old fashioned snake eyes, then quickly rolls him up. Lebeau kicks out at two and a half, and Hunter argues with the referee about the call, who does not budge in his stance. Hunter grumbles and picks up Lebeau, putting him back into the corner and nailing him with a few hard rights. He grabs his arm and pulls him forward, lashing out with a hard lariat, but Lebeau ducks, managing to switch the grip on the arm, and brings the arm behind Hunter in a hammerlock. Before Hunter can respond, Lebeau uses his other arm to lift Hunter, and hits a nasty backbreaker with his arm behind his back. Not letting him fall to the mat, he picks him up again, and hits a back suplex, and quickly covers.

Hunter yells at the referee to do his job, giving Lebeau time to gather some wits, and he low blows Hunter, the ref never seeing it. Lebeau gets up, hooks Hunter's arms and drops him with the SUBSTANCE ABUSE. Lebeau lays on his back, and he groggily drapes his arm over Hunter.



Melanie Jackson – Your winner and no.1 contender for the TV title……MASON LEBEAU!

Monday Night Mayhem Results Part 2