Osh is sat in his office as Mayhem is about to begin and suddenly Curtis storms in..

Curtis storms up to Osh and grabs him by the collar and pins him against the wall

Curtis – Right, I’ve been trying to get hold of you for the past few weeks… what is going on? WHO AM I???? WHO ARE YOU??? Why won’t you return my calls? I am your son god damn it!

Osh gathers himself

Osh Vaughan – Put me down Curtis… You are not my responsibility anymore… as Charlie Schmidt has proven, you are not my son, you are Jonny C’s… to be fair… I wasn’t really fond of you anyway!


Osh Vaughan – Get a grip of yourself Curtis, you’re a grown man…. Yes one without a proper father, I’d hardly call Jonny C the father figure type.


Osh Vaughan – Well Curtis…. You can do it for yourself all you want… as my son I provided you a lot of security and a few extra privledges. Now you’re nothing but an employee to me, don’t expect the same… and don’t you ever lay your hands on me… I look forward to Sahib getting his hands on you later this evening!

Curtis throws Osh’s table across the room before leaving and slamming the door

Na Na Na" kicks on and Izzy rushes onto the stage as the intro ends, she goes to each side staring at all the fans. She moshes around a bit She pumps herself up by bouncing to the music, points at the ring, and runs towards. She slides in and she pops up her head ip and runs towards the sides of the ring, slides her head between the top and middle to look at the fans, and throws up the horns.

Run The World - Beyonce plays out as The Queen B, Bell Letrice makes her way out to the ring sporting her tiara and long robes, she struts out too a chorus of boos before gracefully getting into the ring and posing to the crowd as we head to a commercial break

Mayhem comes back from a commercial break. Izzy and Bell are in the ring as the ref checks them both and he calls for the bell. Straight on the off Izzy takes out Bell with a running close line. Izzy jumps to her feet and starts to stomp her boot to the gut of Bell. Bell grabs her boot and she twists Izzy’s ankle and makes her fall to the mat. Bell now has Izzy in an ankle lock in the middle of the ring.*

Mike Fisher – “This could be over already.”

Scott James – “Don’t ever count out Izzy until the bell rings.”

*Izzy rolls under Bell and throws her into the ropes. Izzy stands up grasping her ankle. Bell runs over and starts to stomp on the injured ankle. She drags Izzy over to a bottom rope and she raises Izzy’s ankle onto the rope and Bell jumps up and lands her body onto the middle of the ankle. Izzy rolls round the ring in agony. Bell picks up Izzy and she lifts her up for a snap suplex and goes for a quick pin.*



*Izzy just manages to get out of the count. Bell drags Izzy by the hair to the ropes and she hangs her over the middle rope. Bell runs to the opposite side and runs back and lands on the back of Izzy crushing her between the rope and herself. Izzy falls out of the ring as Bell plays to the crowds BOO’s. From the top of the ramp Ryleigh appears and he runs to check if Izzy is ok. she helps her up and gives her some words of encouragement before helping her into the ring. The ref allows Izzy to enter the ring and keeps Bell at bay until Izzy is ready.Ryleigh Makes her way back to the backstage area. The ref allows Bell free and she goes on the attack, Luckily Izzy is ready for it and she moves out of the way and Bell runs straight into the turnbuckle and Izzy rolls her up for a pin.*


*Izzy jumps to her feet still with a slight wobble due to her injured ankle. She climbs the turnbuckle and waits for Bell to get to her feet and she flying crossbody’s her straight back to the mat. Izzy the rolls straight off her opponent and she bounces off the ropes while Bell stands up and Izzy runs back at her and delivers a Bulldog.*

Mike Fisher – “Izzy is back on the offensive.”

Scott James – “See I told you so.”

*Izzy now picks up Bell and Izzy grabs her in a headlock, waves bye to the fans, and drives her opponents head down into the mat. Straddles the Bell for the cover, puts the horns up and pumps each time the referee counts. Adios Amigos!

Melanie:Your winner… Izzy Van Doren!

Bad Boy For Life begins to play as Osh makes his way out to the ring

Osh Vaughan – Well you want compettion Izzy… Youv’e won.. I think that clearly makes you the number one contender for the womens title…. Yes it is against your bubblegum bestie, or whatever she calls herself…. So I make it official for Make or Break


Melanie Jackson: The following contest is scheduled for one fall!

Crowd: One fall!

The light go dark except for a white spot light on the stage and as the opening riffs to Drowning pools "Step up" begin and we hear: “1, 2, 3 - Go!”
An explosion of fireworks erupts from the stage and we see Andre Clayton standing in the spotlight wearing a long leather trench coat his head tilted back and arms spread out wide basking in the spotlight for a few seconds as the crowd boos loudly before he makes his way down the ramp as the song continues...

Melanie: Making his way to the ring, from Pittsburgh, PA, weighing 248 lbs, Andre Claaaaaytoooon!!!!

Andre then makes his way down the ramp always followed by the spotlight and comes to the ring slides under the bottom rope quickly rebounds to his feet and then makes his way to the bottom left turnbuckle and climbs up and once again throws his arms out wide and tilts his head back and stands there for a few seconds and then leaps down, takes off his trench coat hands it off to a stage hands and moves to the middle of the ring.

Melanie: And his opponent…

"Burn" by GraveSend hits the PA system as the music gets an immediate reaction from the crowd. Mason LeBeau comes out from behind the curtain in his fur leather jacket with a smirk on his face as he has a dead stare that gets the crowd on their feet.

Melanie: Making his IIW debut, from Lafayette, Louisiana, weighing 225 lbs… Masooooon LeBeauuuuuu!!!!

He takes his time as he makes his way to the ring with his arms spread apart as he takes all the emotions in from the fans. As soon as he gets into the ring, Mason stops in the middle of the ring and gets down on both of his knees as he yells "Who's the man!?" As the fans throw streamers at Mason as he smiles wide as he awaits his opponent.

Fisher: This is the first of two matches for Andre Clayton tonight.

James: An extremely stupid decision on Andre’s behalf. On one hand, he has a new young talent he knows next to nothing about and at the end of the night he’s got the tag team champions! One of whom is our World Champion!

Mason is pacing around the ring like he’s been in the IIW for ten years as the the referee signals for the bell. Both men walk around the ring feeling each other out for a bit before Mason goes for a tie up. Andre slips under it and gets Mason in a waist lock. Mason annoyed with being bested by Andre gives him a back elbow to break the hold. Andre steps back a few steps and bounces of the ropes towards Mason Andre with a shoulder bump sending Mason to the mat, Andre runs and springs off the middle rope and scores with a beautiful lionsault! Cover!




Fisher: Holy crackers! That escalated quickly. How does someone go for one of their finishing as their first move?

James : Apparently Andre Clayton. That was shocking!

Mason raises his shoulder defiantly off the mat. Andre picks him up and sends him into the corner. Clayton begins to rains down chops and jabs to the body of LeBeau. Andre steps back and charges at Mason, but he moves leaving Andre to runs right into the ring post. Mason pulls Andre out from between and begins to starts to return the favor with a few chops of his own. Mason pulls Andre out of the corner and hits him with a reverse atomic drop, Andre falls down, and Mason attempts to go for a LeBeauShooter, but gets kicked off by Clayton. The two men lying on the mat get to their feet and charge at one another. Double clothesline lays both men out.

James: These two are going at it like there’s a title on the line.

Andre lazily puts an arm on Mason’s chest. Pinfall attempt!




Mason gets his shoulder up in the nick of time. He’s barely stirring. Meanwhile, Andre is furious.

James: How can he put this kid away?

He begins to argue with the referee. LeBeau with a school boy!




Andre rolls out of the ring to get away for Mason. As he regroups, Mason gets up a shoots himself off of the far ropes and launches over the top rope into a layout front flip right onto Clayton.

Fisher: I know we’re in France, but as they say in Mexico, Tope Con Hilo from Mason LeBeau!

James: A very LeBeau-tiful dive if you will.

Lebeau rises from the ground and pumps his fist to the fans. Momentum is in his favor as IIW goes to a commercial break.

Back from commercial and we see Andre has Mason locked in a chinlock. Mason tries to get support from the fans as he breaks himself from the hold. Elbows to the midsection. Andre bounces off the ropes, and a big dropkick from LeBeau. Mason rallies the fans behind him as he picks Andre backup. He backs him into the ropes, irish whip, but gets caught with a kick to the face when he attempts a back body drop. The two men dazed begin to trade chops in the middle of the ring. One after the other, almost reaching five minutes of just nonstop chopping each other.

Fisher: Look at the welts beginning to form on both of the these men’s chests!

Clayton with a chop, LeBeau attempts a kick but gets caught, Clayton spins him out, Andre with a rear waist lock, he runs Mason chest first into the turnbuckle, O’ Connor roll, Mason uses the momentum rolls through into his own O’ Connor roll, he hooks Andre’s arms, and plants him with the S.A. to the shock of everyone in the building! Mason with the pin!




Mason picks up a win on his first night in IIW. Mason listens to the fans cheer his name. He helps Andre back up to his feet. Mason raises Clayton’s hand. After, he shakes his hand.

Fisher: A nice show of respect for our boys from the winner tonight, Mr. Mason LeBeau. Can’t wait to see this new talent-

As he’s shaking his hand, he smiles as he looks him in the eyes and kicks him right between the legs!

James: Ohoho man! That really crushed Clayton’s jewels! I thought I wasn’t gonna like this kid, but now I love him!

The crowd begin to boo Mason’s lack of respect for IIW roster members. Mason runs to the corner jumps on the second ropes and screams "Who's the man!?". He then rolls out of the ring and smirks and walks back up the ramp still the victor shouting "The drug of professional wrestling and now the IIW."

International Title Tournament

To the stage comes a full marching band. Beginging with the trumpets they launch into “La Marseillaise” as the french fans on hand stand for their national anthem. As they play to the left side of the stage comes a military jeep bearing the colors of the French Foreign Legion. In the jeep driven by a french soldier rides Bob Mitchell, dressed in military dress greens with large sunglasses. On the right side of the stage pulls out and armoured personnel carrier, pulled in backwards.

From the front of the personnel carrier come two soldiers who run around to the back and lower a rap to the ground. Over in the jeep Bob Mitchell steps out, microphone in hand as the French National Anthem draws to a close.

Bob Mitchell - Mesdames et Messieurs, beautiful people of France, it is my esteemed pleasure to re-introduce to you a man who has fought and bled for your country and earned his citizenship by spilling his own blood in it's defense, a man who has earned his place here, even though he's London born...

The mention of London alone draws heat from the crowd as a corus of boos rain out.

Bob – But despite that, I give to you, now fighting out of Pont-Saint-Espirit, France, I give you the NEXT IIW International Champion... THE COMANDERRRRRR!!!

Don't Move
Don't Whisper
Don't Even Breathe

'Another Body Murdered' hits the PA as The Commander bursts from the back of the personnel carrier to a massive wave of cheers from the French audience. His dressed in white MMA style shorts with red and green piping, the sort issued by his former unit with the striping on the right leg denoting his rank, an OD green t-shirt with the same ranking insignia with the phrase 'The Commander' worked in, and the same green beret he wore during active duty. With Bob Mitchell in tow he marches to the ring with a purpose of malice before rolling under the ropes and making a threatening gesture to the crowd as they again explode in a wave of adulation.

We come back from commercial break to hear “Freak” by Silverchair and see Sean Raines climbing in the ring staring at his opponent The Commander standing on the other side of the ring flanked by his manager, Bob Mitchell. The Commander looks most uninterested with his opponent while waiting for his time to bring the pain to Raines. The ref makes sure the two men are ready and calls for the bell.

The Commander immediately rushes into Sean’s corner and hits a body avalanche, making Sean crumble into the corner. The Commander pulls him back up to his feet and hits a reverse STO into the turnbuckle.

Fisher: Oh my good word Scott, The Commander is wasting no time here on Raines.

The Commander turns to the crowd and gloats while his manager admires and cheers him.

James: The Bob Mitchell controls the two meanest superstars on the roster Mike.

Sean tries to catch his breath in the corner, but The Commander is right there to stop his momentum with a flurry of strikes that show off his brawling background. Raines once again falls to the ground in the corner. The Commander does let he rest for even a second when he pick up Raines and whips him across the ring to the opposite corner so hard that Sean doesn’t even bounce of he just falls into a heap again.

Fisher: This is kinda hard to watch folks. The Commander is just having his way with Raines.

James: I don’t even think Sean has gotten a blow in yet Fisher.

The Commander stands Sean back up in the corner and looks out into the crowd. Sean with a sneaky School Boy roll up!


Kick out!

The Commander shoots right back up and puts the boots to Sean.

James: That was probably Raines’ only shot at winning the match… and The Commander kicked out at one...

The Commander has had enough and picks Sean back up immediately hits him with The Final Commandment. Not stopping his momentum, The Commander picks him up and hits Raines with a german suplex, then a dragon suplex, and then a straight jacket suplex that he calls le Sang Versé .

Fisher: Le Sang Versé! This one is over!




The Commander stands tall in victory after making extremely quick work of Sean Raines. Bob Mitchell climbs into the ring and raises his client’s hand. They both kick Sean out of the ring and stand in the ring alone.

Fisher: The Commander advances in the tournament and with a performance like that, who is going to stop this man’s momentum?

As Raines is about to get up and start to make the walk of shame, The Commander jumps out of the ring and begins to just pummel Raines to the ground. The Commander shoves Raines into the steel steps outside it forces the top part off. Bob Mitchell starts to grin as his wheels begin to turn. He tells The Commander to “Cripple him!”. The Commander stands with a wild look in his eye and stands Sean back up on his feet. He lifts Sean, Uranage on the exposed steps followed by running senton crushing the chest of Raines. Sean can be seen coughing and at the end he is cough up blood. At the sight of this, Bob Mitchell intervenes and stops the brutality before his client kills Raines. The two admire their handy work of The Commander as the paramedics come to help Sean Raines.

Fisher: I think The Commander went a little too far there James I hope Sean Raines is okay.

James: The Commander has shown he’s back to being the brutal monster he used to be. This was a statement to the roster and the world.

The Commander and Mitchell walk past the gruesome and bloody scene with smiles on their faces and hands held high on the ramp as "Another Body Murdered" by Faith No More ft Boo-Yaa T.R.I.B.E. plays.

The Mayhem broadcast goes to commercial break the IIW medical staff is tending to Raines.

"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and urges the crowd to get louder, as they do

Ryan – Yes that’s right Ryan McCann is back, I’ve had a bit of time away to really find myself and find my true calling in the IIW… It’s one of joy and happiness! Gone are the old negatives ways, I’ve really found myself now and It’s to bring the IIW the freedom to enjoy themselves… look at the amaing talent we have out here! With that we can easily progress and really enjoy what we have here!

No where else in the world will you find talent as good as the IIW… look at the backstage roster… Jonny C…. Donny Allen… Jason Fenix… the list goes on these boys have been entertaining for years for you the fans! It’s time we kicked back and enjoyed it as I take you on the McCann Experience in the I…..


There is a pause as the crowd turn to face the entrance and there he stands… IIW’s latest recruit…

Logan Bates – I am here to HURT and INJURE everyone on the IIW roster!

You see I am a broken man… I am not here to make friends… I am here to get my revenge… Everyone in my life has betrayed me… now it’s time for me to have it my way… and guess what Ryan McCann…..


Ryan looks at the entrance and signals for Logan to come to the ring but Logan just smirks and heads to the back.

And we're back as “We will Rock You” is playing throughout the arena.

Fisher: And welcome back to Mayhem where we are waiting on Apollo Cain to take on Sebastian Redditch, already in the ring.

James: You know your careers going well when they start putting your entrance during the commercial breaks...

Jackson: The following contest is scheduled for 1 fall and is an International Title tournament match! In the ring, weighing in 220lbs, Sebastian Redditch!

A man whispers over the melodic bells of "Virginia" by the Clipse. When the bass drops the curtain ruffles and out walks Apollo Cain, shirtless and looking like a hungry Black Bear. He bows his head and pats his chest over his heart twice and raises his head and outstretches his arm and gives the middle finger to the crowd to a chorus of boos.

Jackson: His opponent, making his way to the ring, weighing in at 283lbs.. Apollo Cain!

He strolls to the ring shouting insults and curses to the members of the crowd.

James: Cain endearing himself to the fans as always.

Fisher: But coming alone... he must really be confident not to have any of DNA with him!

James: He probably thinks he doesn't need them Mike!

Fisher: Literally what I just said...

The bell rings and we are underway. Both men circle each other waiting for their opponent to make the first move. They lock in a collar and elbow tie up, each man trying to force the other into a corner.

Fisher: A test of strength here from 2 men who put a lot of emphasis on physical conditioning.

Cain eventually gets the upper hand and forces Redditch into the corner, and lands some huge body blows.

Fisher: Apollo's size and weight advantage coming into play here

James: No kidding! He just knocked the wind right out of Seb there!

Redditch covers up and Cain continues to lay in blows, forcing Sebastian into an almost seated position in the corner. Eventually the referee has to intervene and makes Apollo back up out of the corner but not without a lot of threats and curses from the big man...

Fisher: Cain wants to be careful here, threatening our head referee risks a DQ...

James: It's old Bish that wants to be careful Mike, he may just get knocked out!

Apollo eventually pushes past the referee and charges the corner, but Sebastian has him scouted and using the ropes for leverage kicks out from the seated position, striking Cain right in the knee!

Cain stumbles backwards into a kneeling position, shakes his head clear and goes for another charge but this time Sebastian EXPLODES out of the corner with a leaping clothesline!

Fisher: BIG move from Redditch here!

James: That's how you counter the size and weight difference Mike right there!

Sebastian looks to capitalise and goes for a quick pin but Cain kicks out at 1. Redditch immediately goes into a headlock and rains down blows on Cain's chest with his free arm, strike after strike until Cain is on his back and Sebastian goes for another quick cover.

Another kick out at 1.

Fisher: Redditch is trying to get this one over early!

James: Yeah but all he's doing is pissing Cain off with those pointless covers! He needs a better gameplan than that!

Redditch locks another headlock straight after the kick out but this time it's a sleeper hold! Cain struggles to get free but Redditch has it sinched in!

Fisher: Apollo Cain is fading, this could be it!

The referee checks on Cain who looks like he could be ready to pass out but with one huge effort he forces himself to his feet, hitting Redditch with 3 elbows to the gut to release the hold

James: Where the hell did he get that?!

Apollo goes for a standing clothesline but Redditch ducks, runs the ropes and WHACK runs straight into a huge shoulder block from Cain! Apollo hits a running elbow drop then goes for the cover..


Fisher: I was certain Redditch was knocked out then!

James: Cain hit him right the face with his shoulder! How did he kick out of that?

Fisher: It's a basic move, but when you're that big it can be deadly!

Apollo picks up Redditch and hits STREET JUSTICE!!

James: It's over!

Cain looks round at the audience as the boos fill the arena and he's loving it. Suddenly he is distracted by someone walking down the entrance way applauding him.

Fisher: Oh here we go, What's Ryleigh Ruin doing out here?

James: I don't normally do this but I agree. Apollo Cain doesn't need her help he's about to win this thing!

Ryleigh motions to Redditch and Apollo makes the cover



Both Ryleigh and Cain start to argue with the ref. Neither can believe there was a kickout!

Fisher: That was Ryleigh's fault, she gave Redditch too much time to build up strength for a kickout! She just may have cost Apollo Cain this match!

In a fit of rage Cain starts to stomp the life out of Redditch before picking him up and throwing him into the turnbuckle and raining down standing clotheslines on Redditch in the corner.

The ref starts to count. 1...2....3....4... Apollo stops before the 5. He backs off with his hands held up but quickly turns to charge the corner...

At the last second redditch dodges a huge corner splash from Cain but pulls the ref in his way instead!

Fisher: Bishop's out of it!

Sebastian, sensing opportunity grabs a steel chair from outside the ring.

James: Here we go.

He lines up the dazed Apollo Cain and hits a HUGE running chair shot right to the head! Seeing the prone ref he doesn't go for the cover but instead begs Cain to get back to his feet..

Fisher: I think we know what's coming!

James: He's going for the Locked In Mike!

Sebastian grabs Cain into the tombstone position but a hand grabs Cain's boot, tipping him over and reversing the hold!

Fisher: It's that damn Ryleigh again!

Cain switches the hold, literally turning him in mid air to set him up for ANOTHER STREET JUSTICE! He goes for the cover but the referee is out cold!

Ryleigh starts to shake the referee awake as Cain motions to the booing crowd before locking in The Ghetto! Redditch, already nearly unconscious lasts a mere seconds before passing out and the referee weakly motions for the bell!

James: It's over! He did it!

Fisher: With a little help...

James: He didn't need that help, you said so yourself!

Fisher: Well we may never know what might have been!

The music plays as Apollo and Ryleigh celebrate his win to a mercilessly booing crowd

Jackson: Here is your winner... Apollo Cain!

Ryleigh leaves the ring, and motions for Cain to join her but he is soaking in the boos from the crowd.

Fisher: Oh he's just loving this isn't he!

James: Well he did just wi- Wait a minute!!

Suddenly the boos turn to cheers as a figure runs through the crowd and slides into the ring behind Cain...

Fisher: It's Shawn Taylor!

James: I wondered when he'd show up...

Ryleigh panickingly geasticulates at Cain shouting for him to get out of there, pointing in Shawn's direction. Shawn grins broadly as a confused Cain turns around and WHACK!

Fisher: Exclamation Point! Shawn owed him that!

James: Owed him what?! A cheap shot?!

Fisher: An eye for an eye....

Shawn's music plays as he flips Apollo Cain the bird before exiting the ring, right next to Ryleigh who immediately gets right in his face looking up at him screaming and shouting. Shawn just laughs and goes to walk away but Ryleigh pulls him back round and hits a HUGE bitchslap!

Fisher: Oh dear...

Shawn reels for a second, rubbing his cheek slowly. Ryleigh laughs and stands in her signature arrogant way, shouting “what you gonna do about it huh?” Shawn continues to rub his cheek...

James: He's thinking about it Mike... I'm telling you he's no good!

Shawn slowly turns to the ringside barrier to a fan with a cup of beer. Shawn gestures to him as if to say “can I have that?” The fan gives him the beer and he simply stands there, taking a sip and looking at Ryleigh as if pondering his next move when suddenly, he throws the entire pint over her head!

Fisher: Oh my God....

James: He didn't...

Shawn nearly falls over laughing as Ryleigh screams in a tantrum over what has just happened. Shawn celebrates with the crowd pointing and laughing occasionally as we head to break...

Monday Night Mayhem Results Part 2