Bad boy for life begins to play out as the IIW Owner makes his way out to the ring.

Osh stands in the centre of the ring, soaking up the response from the IIW fans

Osh Vaughan - Thankyou very much, yes I am alright!, so yes if you've seen Charlie Schmidt's blog mid-week he has nicely spoiled my big announcement... The IIW is going on tour!

Mayhem 10th July - Paris, France
Mayhem 24th July - Berlin, Germany
Make or Break 6th August - Rome, Italy
Mayhem - 21st August - Prague, Czech Republic
Mayhem - 4th September - Brussels, Belgium
Mayhem - 18th September - Madrid, Spain
Mayhem - 2nd October - Amsterdam, Holland
Redemption - 16th October - Wembley, London, England

We were lucky to get a gig in Rome on the 6th of August, a federation that usually has a show there looks like it's gone out the window, so their loss is our Legacy!

So seems as Charlie Schmidt ruined that announcement i'm going to bring out another one... first of lets roll the footage.

Dan DiStoner is strolling through the car park as he’s just arrived to the IIW arena walking with his brand new IIW Hardcore title, where out of nowhere Sean Raines appears and attacks him from behind with a lead pipe, hitting him in the back as he drops to the ground, Sean picks him up and rams him into a limo that is close by, opening the boot and throwing him in there. He shuts the lid on his a few times before pulling him out….he picks him up and DEAD SOUL onto the boot of the limo… he rolls him off and pins him 1…2….3


Osh - so yes, there's been a lot of attacks going on with this Hardcore title, but the days of 24/7 are now over, this title will now be decidedly defended whenever I, or the current Hardcore title owner decides!... and even then that was my limo! The damage that was done in the name of IIW wasn’t worth this time… so with more controlled environment…ha ha ha. … the hardcore title will live on!

Last Chance Saloon

“Phenomenal” begins to play as the lights in the arena go dark. Right as the music sounds like an explosion, out walks Justice wearing a black judge’s robe as pyro explodes from both sides of the stage.
The lights suddenly come back on as Justice stands for a few seconds eyeing the crowd before he makes his slow walk towards the ring. Once inside he unzips the robe to reveal his wrestling gear. Justice then calls for his music to cease as he prepares for the match.

We Will Rock You – Queen plays as Sebastian Redditch makes his way to the ring

Mike Fisher – Lance Lewis has not been spotted and therefore has forfeited this match in advance.

Justice Reigns runs towards as soon as the bell is rung and right off the bat delivers a big clothesline and smashes Sebastian to the mat he then lets out an animalistic roar, pumping his fists to either side as he stares down at Redditch, screaming at him to get up. Redditch slowly begins to rise, but as soon as he reaches a vertical base... Justice Reigns dives forward to try and take his head clear off of his shoulders with a charging clothesline… but Redditch duck. Both men spin around to face each other, and a very determined looScott James Redditch promptly smashes his fist into the jaw of Justice Reigns. Justice Reigns staggers from the shot, but doesn't fall back... prompting Redditch to step forward and deliver another strike, and another. BacScott James him back towards the center of the ring, Sebastian keeps laying into him with punches, before grabbing him by his head...

Mike Fisher: Sebastian Redditch starting to take action now after that early assault by Justice Reigns.

Scott James: This just goes to show how terrible Sebastian really is getting, he’s really out of shape.

Justice Reigns topples to the mat clutching at his nose as Redditch stands overhead, breathing heavily with a fire in his own eyes. He then quickly grabs Justice Reigns by his head and forces him back up to his feet, drilling him with knees to the midsection, before shoving him back into the turnbuckle. Redditch then pulls himself up onto the middle turnbuckle and starts raining down on the top of Justice Reigns’s head with punch after punch. Just as the punch-count reaches nine, however, something entirely unexpected happens… Justice Reigns hunkers down and grabs Redditch by the legs, the crowd rising in volume as the seemingly impossible feat is done and he then drills him to the mat with a powerbomb.

Scott James: Just look at the sad excuse of an existence that a man.

Mike Fisher: He’s been known to take punishment before though Scott James

Chris, obviously in pain and in a daze, tries to roll back up to his knees while clutching at his head. Justice Reigns walks over and grabs Redditch’s head, pulling him to his feet as he glances around the ring, trying to scout his next move. Growing ever-more determined, Justice Reigns archs Redditch's head back and rears his free hand, before delivering a hard open palm strike to Redditch's chest, letting go of him and sending him staggering back, clutching at his chest in pain. Justice Reigns steps in for Redditch once more and delivers a hard boot to the gut, before setting him up for a suplex.

Scott James: And now Justice Reigns is making Redditch look like a Jobber. I hate to say this

Mike Fisher: but I think I told you so.

Mike Fisher: Well it’s still early in the match Scott James.

However, just as Justice Reigns goes to lift Redditch...Redditch hooks his foot under the rope, stopping him. Frustrated, Justice Reigns tries to pull him up again, only to have Redditch pound away at his stomach, trying to break free! Sebastian frantically keeps swinging away at Justice Reigns' gut, when one swing goes sideways in advertantly catches Justice Reigns with a punch to the liver! Justice Reigns's eyes bug out as his grip quickly loosens on Redditch, allowing him to instead force Justice Reigns up into the air, reversing the suplex into one of his own. Gritting his teeth from the effort, Sebastian turns around with Justice Reigns to face the outside of the ring. The fans grow in volume as they realize Chris's plans, the challenger advancing to the ropes before leaning forward, looking to launch Justice Reigns clear out of the ring! Once again, however, somehow despite everything that's came against him... Justice Reigns not only lands on the ropes, but holds on for dear life to not break the hold with Chris! The fans erupt into cheers as Justice Reigns begins throwing weak shots at Chris's mid-section with his knees, trying desperately to get him softened up in the hold. With a roar of effort, however, Sebastian rips Justice Reigns up off the apron and falls back, dropping Justice Reigns with a suplex back into the ring. Indeed, both men remain on the mat as Sebastian wipes the sweat from his eyes, gritting his teeth as he rolls over. By now, the knee Justice Reigns targeted earlier is beginning to act up a little, and Sebastian shakes his leg a bit and slaps at the knee to try and loosen it up some. Shaking his head, Sebastian starts to try and pull himself back up to his feet, all the while Justice Reigns struggles just to make it to the ropes for support. Both men slowly but surely stagger back to their feet, both barely able to stand on their own weight after the grueling match they've held on through! Redditch quickly tries to take back control, putting everything he has into it as he swings for a clothesline! But Justice Reigns ducks underneath and grabs him in a waist lock, obviously looking for a German suplex; however, Redditch battles back with a series of elbow shots to the side of the head, loosening his opponent’s grip before then reaching backwards and taking him over with a headlock takedown. Sebastian then picks him up and then delivers a kick to the gut as he signals for the Pay Off. As Sebastian holds Justice Reigns over his head and maneuvers towards the corner so he can finish the move, Justice Reigns starts to pump up in Super Power Mode. Justice Reigns is now back on his feet as he does a little juke and jive to the side. Sebastian then turns around and Justice Reigns picks up Sebastian and drops him square in the face with The Guilty as Charged. The foot lands flush on the chin and Sebastian falls as Justice Reigns happily drops down and hooks the leg. The referee then makes the count...




Rixton: He’s here! (We see him smile with joy.)

There’s a knock at the door and as it opens we see Apollo Cain standing in the door frame, taking up most of it.

Ryleigh: Holy crap Rix, you said he was big but DAMN!

Rixton: (He gets up to greet his friend.) Wow bro, have you gotten bigger?

Apollo: I hope so with all the damn push-ups I've been doing. Truthfully, you just look a lil scrawny.

Apollo gives a slight chuckle as he ribs his old friend.

Rixton: Hey my friend that’s all good, I haven’t been able to-.

Apollo raises a hand cutting him off mid sentence. Rixton shakes his head at Apollo, it’s not the first time he’s done that to Rix.

Apollo: How about you properly introduce me to your sister here…

Ryleigh: Who wittle old me? (She stands to greet Apollo, It’s almost comical how much larger he is than she.) Thank you for accepting this meeting. And this is my love Izzy Van Doren. (Izzy rises to shake Apollo’s had as well.)

Apollo takes a step back and raises an eyebrow. He points a finger to and from Izzy and Ryleigh.

Apollo: Well goddamn. I like it.

Apollo nods his head and smirks.

Apollo: I kinda owe this meeting to your brother truth be told. A couple Crown and Cokes and you might get to hear the story.

Apollo gives Izzy a dainty handshake, but when she releases he tugs her into a hug. He whispers into her ear.

Apollo: Loyalty is earned...and so is respect. We're gonna step right past all that bullshit and follow one another to the end because I trust Rix and Ryleigh trusts you.

Apollo releases Izzy with a wink, no one else seemed to hear the sidebar. Izzy a bit taken aback only responds with a nod as she goes and sits back in her chair.

Ryleigh: Wait no hug for me? What kinda shit is that. (She looks disappointed to not get an embrace from the mountain of a man.)

Apollo laughs before engulfing Ryleigh in Black Hulk.

Apollo: You sound just like your brother you know. I'm gonna tell you the same thing I tell him. There's only one type of shit. Funky!!

Ryleigh: (The whole room erupts into laughter.) Well we are both Ruin’s, so I guess that makes sense? But, wow, you are rather intimidating! I like that, would you take a seat Apollo? (Apollo does what the little woman asks.) So Apollo I know the other two in the room know the plan we have here. But I’d like to lay it out so there are no questions about this Stable we’re getting together. But first do you have any questions?

Apollo: Blood doesn't make either of you ladies squeamish does it?

Ryleigh: (She looks at Izzy and smiles.) Ummm, nope we bleed every month? (She giggles.)


Apollo stammers for something to say.

Ryleigh: I WIN! So anyways, blood is not an issue dude. But I digress, so here it is, the three of us are going to be making a stable of top new talent and my brother here recommended you for our last spot. We will be a force to be reckoned with and have the goal of holding all of the singles title at the same time. Kinda like the NWO back in the nineties?

Apollo: Ry, you don't have to be all official with me. I just did 3 long ass years, and you'll see my mouth kept me in the hole. Your brother, is a real...I'm not even gonna say it, but I'm sure you get the idea. I left it all before I went in, the fame, the gold, the lifestyle, but you know what I miss most. The DOMINATION!

Ryleigh: He’s a real PAIN IN THE ASS! But i’m sure that not where you were going with that. (She giggles hard.)

Rixton: Come on Sis, I thought we were past that shit?

Ryleigh: We are Rix, I am allowed to bust your balls, right? (Rixton just shakes his head a laughs.)

Apollo: If Rix is fighting. I'm fighting. If someone has a problem with him, his sister, his friend, the friend of sister, the sister of the friend of the sister, I'm fighting. That's what I bring.

Ryleigh looks at room and everyone is smiling like it’s christmas morning and you got everything you wanted. She gets up and puts her hand on Rixton’s shoulder.

Ryleigh: Well you made that really easy Mr. Cain. I have something for you. (She walks over to where Apollo is sitting and reaches into the back pocket of the jeans she’s wearing and pulls out an envelope. It is overstuffed and sealed. She hands it to Apollo.) Now, as Izzy has learned there are some major advantages to being aligned with the Ruin’s.

Apollo takes the envelope with a curious look on his face. He opens it and finds ten thousand dollars inside.

Apollo: this for my birthday?

Cain looks at Ry and Rixton quizzically.

Rixton: Is it your birthday today?

Apollo: Better a smart-ass than a dumbass huh?

Rixton: That’s what we always said! (The two men have a laugh.)

Ryleigh: [color=#FF007C] Apollo, it’s just a gesture to show the commitment we are ready to put into the monster of the most dominant Stable in the IIW, the Dawn of the New Age or DNA for short. I hope you don’t find it to forward?

Apollo: Where I'm from that's called hush money, so who’s getting killed?

Ryleigh: Well all of them sweetie? (Ryleigh scrunches her nose and give him a wink.)

Apollo gives a look to Rixton.

Apollo: I like the way she thinks.

Ryleigh: I told you bro, She's the most beastly person I know. You're physically enormous, but this one right here is twelve feet tall inside. Don’t let her five foot frame fool you! (Rix and Izzy are shaking their heads.)

Izzy: Apollo she asked me to marry her after five days. She's rather aggressive when she sees what she wants. Lucky you?

Apollo: I'm appreciative most def Ry. DNA will do more than you can imagine with a group like this.

Ryleigh: Are you sure? My imagination is pretty vast!

The whole room explodes into laughter.

Ryleigh: So I guess we have a Stable?

Apollo: No, we have a family…

Ryleigh: And you’re now our brother from another mother! Welcome to the Ruin family, my MONSTER! (She pats Apollo’s baseball mit sized hands that are clutching the money.) Now, as I’m sure you probably already know Rix has to guess referee the Hunter and Fenix match and I have Lilah O'Reilly for the title tonight. How’s about after I beat that bitch for the title we show the world DNA?

The entire room agrees with the plan as the shot fades away...

"Bring the Rain" hits and Heavy riffs fill the PA System as the arena momentarily goes black. Then strobes fill the arena (much like Finn Balor's current entrance...only while the rifts get heavier)

"We are setting the fires
that light the way
and as the flames burn
they blind us from the pain
but this path leads only
to our darkest days
so give me something to believe in
and I’ll bring the rain!"

Pyros explode from the stage as Hunter makes his entrance with Lucien Banks in tow. They stand at the ramp as Hunter's music plays just staring at the ring.

"I don’t need to escape from this maze
cause I’m about to set it all a blaze
it’s time to face my fears
the past is gone I’m still standing here!
I’m still standing here!"

Hunter scans the crowd then proceeds a slow, but steady walk down the ramp to the ring. He uses the steps to enter through the ropes into the ring.

"I’m looking for a match if you couldn’t tell
I won’t shy away from RAISING HELL!"

The heavy riffs filled with lyrics keep playing as Hunter seems completely focused and ready to inflict any necessary damage needed

Hunter stands with an angry look on his face and a moment later the arena is flooded in red and yellow lights as “American Capitalist” by Five Finger Death Punch begins to boom over the speakers. The crowd erupts and cheers. After a few moments, Jason Fenix strolls out very nonchalant, still dressed in a tailored grey suit and dress shoes.

Mike Fisher: Jason Fenix making his way to the IIW ring for the first time in years but doesn’t seem to be ready to wrestle

Scott James: Did anyone let him know that he has a match tonight?

Jason continues to stroll down the ramp looking at Michael with a very passive look. He gets up to the apron and climbs into the ring as his music fades down. As soon as Jason gets in the ring, Michael steps up in his face and starts screaming at him. Jason turns his head to the side and looks away as Hunter continues yelling. Rixton steps up to the two but only stands close, not interferring. Hunter continues yelling for a few moments and then pokes Jason in the chest. Jason turns and gives a slight nod to Rixton and Rixton calls for the bell. A split second after the bell rings, Jason suddenly superkicks Hunter, lightning fast, dropping him to the mat.

Mike Fisher: Oh my god! Hunter is out cold!

Scott James: Superkick out of nowhere! That was amazing!
Rixton looks suprised, turning to look back and forth between Fenix calmly straightening his suit back out and Hunter layed out cold on the mat. Jason walks over and rests a foot on Hunters shoulder. Rixton laughs before dropping to the mat and counting…




The bell rings and Rixton stands back up. As soon as Rixton gets to his feet, Jason starts to storm towards him. Rixton instinctively backs himself up but runs into a corner. Jason grabs the ropes on either side of Rixton and leans in with a scowl.

Jason: You keep things nice and warm around here. I want you to achieve everything you have ever dreamed of, because I’m the man who is going to burn it down around you!!!

Rixton: You really think so? You think you’re Jason Fenix, please, you’re right buddy I’m going to win all of the things while you sit at home and watch! Nice one night stand!

Jason snarls and leans in once more.

Jason: I will always be watching….

Rixton shoves Jason back. Jason steps back up to Rixton and at that moment, Shawn Taylor’s music hits.

the lights go dark, the familiar drums hit and the crowd go wild as Shawn Taylor's music hits, lit only by a spotlight and some flashing blue lights.

Shawn steps out onto the stage, grinning and looking at the crowd. As soon as the chorus starts Shawn outstretches his arms and a shower of pyro comes from the top of the stage behind him, as he does this the house lights come up a bit, with blue spots roaming the arena.

Shawn walks down the ramp, clapping hands with the fans smiling from ear to ear. He walks up the steps, and launches himself into the ring over the top rope. Quickly followed by Michael Morrison

He is quick you step over the still laid out Michael Hunter

Michael Morison – Shawn, it looks like Michael Hunter has lost, what are your thoughts?

Shawn – Well then Hunty… Looks like another failure in your abject abortion of a life! You’ve been pinned…. But how about we play one of my favourite games from my childhood… Family fortunes (feud for you americans)

We asked 100 IIW Fans to name someone competing for the IIW World title at Make Or Break.

Shawn - Any suggestions?

The crowd start shouting out names….


Michael Morrison – Survey sez Eh-OR

Well that’s a little bit awkward… what about Shawn Taylor?

Shawn – Wait… who didn’t say my name???? Anyway moving on, yes now Hunty has lost his spot… It’s only fair we don’t keep the fans waiting for a big monumental match at Make Or Break… it’s only 2 shows away! …. So how about we choose… YOU!

The Camera spins round to Shawn Taylor pointing at Rixton

A smile forms on Rixton’s face as he looks at the belt

Shawn Taylor – But Rixton… I really need to know you want this… you see the IIW World title isn’t an after thought of a title… It’s the be and end all of IIW Titles, the pinnacle… If you want this shot, I want your concentration on this… and nothing but! So the shots yours…. On one condition…. You relinquish the IIW International Title belt….What do you say?

Rixton looks at Shawn Taylor with a look of shock and gratitude. He is holding the International Championship in his right hand, he stands there uncomfortably long thinking about the answer. He doesn’t want to give up the belt, but he also feels that he should be the World Champ right now. He looks to the crowd and nods to them.

Rixton: Shawn Taylor, I really don’t understand why I have to give up my title. You have two so why can’t I? Well who cares, of course I accept! I should be the champ right now if it wasn't for that piece of crap! (He points at Hunter who is still knocked from the super kick.) I only have one demand, I will relinquish this title for yours if...

Rixton holds up the International Championship. It appears the he is going to say something else when we hear a different voice.

Ryleigh: Oh my freaking god, is this real?

She walks on to the stage with Izzy hand in hand as they make their way to the ring.

Ryleigh: Is this really true, Morrison? I’m sorry Rixton, but you know my patience level is very small. (Ryzzy enters the ring and they walk right over to Rixton, Ryleigh gives him a wink.) You wanna know something Morrison? As exciting as this announcement is for my family and for the IIW Universe, because Rix is right he should be the champ right fucking now! The thing is that we knew he’d get a shot in time but damn that was quick and seeing that the rule of the day is quick I, ummm I mean WE have something to say.

The crowd starts to buzz and Ryleigh seems to look in about the same spot as Rixton did and also gives a nod.

Ryleigh: So, WE (She points to herself, Izzy and Rixton.) have come up with a concept that hasn’t been done here in the New Era or, like we like to call it, the New Age. The impossible has happened because of this gem of a woman. (She gestures towards Izzy. Izzy comically smiles and bats her eyes.) Rixton and Ryleigh Ruin are on the same page and that means nothing but trouble for the entire IIW roster, male or female!

Morrison: What are you saying Ryleigh?

Ryleigh: Didn’t I tell you to evaporate a few weeks ago? (She walks right up to him.)

Morrison: Well yes you d-


The crowd explodes with a evaporate tall person chant. Michael Morrison begins to exit the ring.

Ryleigh: Actually, hold up just a second journalist. I’ll answer you question. You see Me, My Brother and My love have decided that the IIW needs a real Stable around here! Because to be honest, the Calidus idiots never really had their shit together. So this is what’s happening, WE are called the Dawn of the New Age and WE are here to run this place… Period! And there isn’t anyone in the IIW that can change that. Not in the back, not in the offices and certainly not in the ring that can do anything about it. (She stares straight at Taylor.) So if there are any others that might want to prove their worth we’re taking applications for future associates.

Just then, you see Ryleigh nod to the same place for the second time.

Ryleigh: So Morrison, it’s really great that the IIW is fixing the mistakes of Michael Hunter and giving Rixton a shot at the title the real news is that DNA is here and we’re gonna make a statement!

The crowd gasps as the largest athlete on the IIW roster, Apollo Cain is now standing behind Shawn Taylor.

Ryleigh: You see we only have one spot left in this “A Team” because I, sorry I mean WE have a MONSTER! Look Champ he staring at you?

Taylor turns around to see the largest man he's probably ever seen. Apollo pulls him and hits Shawn with one punch that knocks him out followed by a move he calls Street Justice! Shawn Taylor is looks to be unconscious! The four stand over his body, Ryleigh tells Rixton and Apollo to start stomping the life out of him. They finally lay off and look at Ryleigh. Izzy, Apollo, and Rixton stand behind Ryleigh as she gets on the mic.

Ryleigh: Welcome to the Dawn of the New Age everyone. You're welcome!

It looks as if the men in DNA are going to continue to work on Taylor when Jonny C's music hits and like a shot he hits the ring to save his Tag Team partner. There is a very intense stare down as Ryleigh reaches for Izzy’s hand while motioning to the group to exit. Rixton and Apollo walk to where the ladies have already started up the ramp.

Ryleigh: Oh and about the demand, Rix will give the title back, but OUR MONSTER is the first entrant in the International Championship Tournament. Good luck with that fellas!!!

Ryleigh drops the microphone on the ground and “Out of the Black” by Royal Blood begins to play as Rixton throws the International title in the ring. The four of them look very proud of themselves as the most powerful force in the IIW leave the stage.

DR: Alright Dillan, look at this image and tell me what you see?

Dillan Singh: Um…It looks like a butterfly…wait no, it look’s like two women sitting back to back…or wait no, it’s two vases. Yeah, two vases with a butterfly pattern on it!

DR: *chuckles* Alright, just remember to say the first thing that comes to your mind Dillan. Let’s try another one. Look at this image and tell me what you see.

Dillan Singh: Oh! I know! That’s 2 children playing in a playground! Or…wait, um…it’s 3 children. Where’s the parents? Shouldn’t these kids be being supervised? What if there is danger nearby?! Wait! What if…


The doctor swiftly hits the red button to his left that sends a mild shock down Dillan’s spine, as he winces mildly and freezes.

DR: Deep breaths Dillan. Remember, there is no right or wrong answer. We are just trying to see where your head space is and if you have made enough progress for us to release you to your obligor. Let’s try a different activity.

As the doctor shuffles within his briefcase the camera focuses their attention on Dillan. There is something peculiar about his presentation. Although it may be the pale blue jumpsuit he is wearing, or the fact that his arms are restrained to the table, something still seems off. He hazel eyes staring blankly at the doctor, he sits motionless, seemingly distant.

DR: In this next activity, I am going to show you a series of pictures. These pictures will be of a scene, your goal is to tell me what is going on in this scene. Make a story for me. Again, remember there are no right or wrong answers we just want to see where you are in your rehabilitation process.

The doctor shows Dillan an image of an old lady standing next to a hospital bed with a young woman laying in the bed. The older woman looks distraught.

DR: What can you tell me about this picture?

Dillan Singh: Okay, so. Um. This old woman is this younger woman’s mother. The younger woman has been hospitalized because um…she had an accident. Yeah…an accident.

DR: Can you tell me more about this accident?

Dillan Singh: Well, um…she had an argument with her husband at home. Things got heated, and they escalated out of control…um…and then…she had an accident. Yeah. Uh…she had an accident, she got into her car after the argument and wasn’t paying attention and got into a car accident.

Dillan lets out an exasperated sigh, however his fists remain clenched as a bead of sweat trickles down his face. The doctor quickly scribbles down the response with a pleasant look on his face, unaware of Dillan’s discomfort. The doctor finally finishes his notes and looks up at Dillan. Dillan’s expression immediately changes from discomfort back to the look of absence.

DR: Well Dillan, as per the terms of your obligor my assessment has deemed you within one standard deviation of your previous baseline. Do you know what that means?

Dillan Singh: …No?

DR: Long story short, that means you can go home again!

Dillan Singh: Home?

DR: Your obligor has signed for you and says that he will keep a close eye on you and report back to the institute on a regular basis. This is the first big step in your road to recovery Dillan and we are so very proud to see you take this step.

With these words, the doctor gets up and unlocks Dillan’s hands from the desk. As the doctor heads to open the door, Dillan looks down at his hands and realizes that he is bleeding, perhaps from clenching his fist too hard. He runs his fingers slowly over the gash as a dastardly look appears over his face. Suddenly, he lunges at the doctor!

DR: Whoa! Are you okay Dillan?!

Dillan goes crashing into the wall as the doctor pulls the door open.

Dillan Singh: Yeah…um…I just tripped…

The doctor chuckles and shakes his head as he leads Dillan down the hallway towards the discharge office. As they arrive in the office the nurse gives the doctor an odd look suggesting that this discharge seems peculiar.

DR: Alright, Dillan all you need to do is sign right here next to the signature of your obligor and we will release you into his custody on the other side of this door.

Dillan looks down at the paper and sees an unfamiliar signature next to his name. He pauses for a moment, confused at what is transpiring with him. He swiftly signs his name and the doctor leads him towards the exit.

As the door opens Dillan sees who has signed for his rights. The doctor leads Dillan to the familiar face, it is none other than IIW owner Osh Vaughan.

Dillan’s breathing has become aggravated now, his fists are clenched as he comes face to face with the man who put him in the asylum in the first place. Osh leans in towards Dillan’s ear and whispers something.

DR: Here you are Mr. Vaughan. Dillan scored extremely well on the tests we administered today, and has been showing fantastic progress. I wish you all the best Dillan.

The doctor reaches out to shake Dillan’s hand. As they shake hands the doctor realizes that Dillan’s blood is now smeared on his palm. He looks up at Dillan bemused.

DR: What the…

In one swift motion Dillan let’s out a blood-curdling scream and tosses the doctor head first into the concrete staircase splitting his head open. Dillan smirks sadistically as he rushes over to the lifeless body. He reaches down and runs his hand through the blood gushing out of the doctor’s head and smears it on his face. Dillan’s eyes dart over to Osh who is also smiling villainously now.

Osh Vaughan: Perfect.

Non Title Match

Waiting for Starr in the middle of the ring, Donny simply looks at him as Starr walks up and the two of them stare each other down before Starr simply gets a smug grin on his face. Donny responds by smacking him hard in the face and the two of them lock up as Starr drives his elbow into the side Donny’s head which causes him to stagger backward. Starr then charges at him and clotheslines him down to the mat, following up by pulling him up and executing a beautiful looking pump-handle suplex on Donny.

Mike Fisher: Starr is definitely fighting like he has something to prove here Scott James.

Scott James: Don’t count Donny out yet Mike Fisher.

Starr now pulls Donny to his feet and he drives a forearm into his head. Donny staggers backward, and Starr hits him with a dropkick. Starr pulls him up once more now and he sets him up for a basic vertical suplex. Out of instinct, Donny blocks it and he reverses it into a surprise vertical suplex of his own and Donny follows it up with a leg drop. He now pulls Starr up and Irish whips him into the corner. Starr however, immediately charges out of the corner with a clothesline attempt of his own. Donny ducks before it connects and he drop kicks Starr in the back which sends him stumbling into the corner. Donny then charges towards Starr and clotheslines him over the top rope, the momentum carries both men to the floor and the referee starts the obligatory ten count--1…2...Donny grabs Starr and slams him face-first into the ring apron, then follows up by clothes lining him down to the floor and hitting him with another leg drop--3…4…5…Starr struggles back to his feet but Donny applies an arm wrench. Despite the hold, Starr fights to get back to his feet and he hits Donny with a forearm to the face…6…Starr now drives Donny's head into the guardrail and then throws him into the steps at ringside. Starr now grabs him and he drapes him over the apron. Starr kicks him right in the ribs which cause Donny to crumble to the floor. Starr then grabs him and he throws him back into the ring to the stop the referees count. Much to Starr’s surprise though, Donny is on his feet when Starr returns to the ring. Donny fires off a knife edge chop to Starr, but Starr responds with a chop of his own. Donny returns the favor back and so does Starr. The two men exchange chops in the center of the ring until Starr surprises Donny by dropping him with a short am clothesline and then hitting him with a standing moon sault before hooking his leg and going for a cover—1…2…NO! Donny kicks out and Starr smacks the mat one time in frustration. Starr picks up Donny and Donny begins to come back with a few right punches. Donny is making a comeback as he runs into the ropes and hits a flying cross body. Donny and Starr on the ground, the crowd cheering suddenly Donny POPS up! The volume increases as Donny picks up Starr and scoops slams him. 1.........2…KICK OUT
Donny starts complaining to the referee that that was a 3 count!
He turns around and gets taken down with a DDT out of nowhere. Starr makes the cover but only gets, about one and a half. Donny gets up and stalks Starr who rises to his feet. Donny with a hard right hand followed by a boot to the midsection. He looks for a suplex but Starr counters with one of his own. Starr heads up to the top and comes off, right into a dropkick to the face. Donny with a cover but misses the three count. He sends Starr into the corner and runs in after him. He hits the knee in the corner and looks to flip him back from off the ropes. Starr counters shoving Allen away. He jumps after him but gets caught by a jawbreaker. Starr holds under his chin as Donny hits the ropes. He nearly shatters the jaw with a clothesline. Cover gets three, but not before Starr is in the ropes.

Scott James: Damn, that was close!

Frustrated, Allen rolls out of the ring and looks at a chair. He gets a warning from the official as Starr gets to his feet. He hits Donny with a baseball slide and unloads with some rights on the outside. Starr runs Donny into the barricade before rolling back to the ring to break the count at 7. He then goes to toss Allen in but takes a thumb to the eye. Starr gets tossed into the ring.

"Judas" by Fozzy hits as the lights go out completely. A single spotlight illuminates the entrance ramp as Dillan wanders out chair in hand, he makes his way down to the ring.
Mike Fisher – Here comes Dillan, he has some payback instore for Donny after sending him to the mental home!

Dillan slides into the ring and goes straight for Starr!!! He smashes him over the head with the steel chair as Starr’s body crumples and hits the floor, Donny stares at Dillan Singh while the bell rings in the background.

Melanie Jackson – Your winner by Disqualification….STARR

Donny shakes his head at Dillan, he grabs the chair off him

Mike Fisher – Did Dillan Singh just get Donny disqualified on purpose????

Scott James – Here we go!!!!

Donny smashes the chair onto the back of the fallen Starr as he drops it to the ground, he picks up Starr and WELCOME TO NEW JERSEY!..... Dillan Singh picks Starr up and CANADIAN CHAOS!!!!

Scott James – What is this!!!!

Bad Boy For Life begins to play again as Osh Vaughan steps out onto the stage smiling again.

Osh Vaughan – Welcome to the rebirth of The Ascension!

Dillan and Donny stand in the ring chair raised high as we go to commercial.

"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and urges the crowd to get louder, as they do

Push Em - Yelawolf & Travis Barker plays as Adam Bradley makes his way to the ring

We straight fast we can see Ryan catch Adam with a right hand and drop him down to the mat. Knowing better, we see the referee step to the side and motion for the bell to be rung. Adam gets up quickly and we see Ryan jump and throw a nice looking dropkick. Adam hits the mat once again and we see Ryan go down and quickly hook the right leg for a cover. The referee goes down and starts to administer the three count—1…NO!

Adam kicks out. Ryan pulls Adam up to his feet and stings his chest with a knife edge chop. The force of the blow sends Adam backwards, Ryan follows up with several more knife edge chops until Adam is backed up into the corner. Starting to feel more confident, we see Ryan stop for a moment as he gets ready to hit another chop. But the momentary pause gives Adam all the time that he needs as he grabs Ryan and tosses him in the corner as he starts to unload on him with a rapid fire barrage of punches and kicks.

Mike Fisher: Just a moment is all you need and the tide of the match can switch.

Scott James: Switch, just like we’re gonna be at the end of the n-

Mike Fisher: It could go either way Scott.

The kicks turn into a mudhole stomping from Adam which goes on unanswered for a few moments until the referee steps in and forcibly pushes Adam away and threatens a disqualification if he keeps it up. Adam nods and just moves the official to the side while he waits for Ryan to get to his feet. When Ryan does, we see Adam stalk behind him and cinch in a sleeper. Ryan’s arms flail wildly as he tries to fight off the effects of the sleeper, just as his face starts to turn blue from lack of oxygen…we can see Ryan get an arm around the back of Adam as he lifts him up and connects with a belly to back suplex. Ryan flips over onto his stomach to try and catch his breath while Adam holds his neck and back from the pain of the move. The two men start to make their way up around the same time and they bounce off the ropes and charge towards each other. We can see Adam and Ryan hit each other with a double clothesline which knocks the two of them back down to the mat. With both men not moving, we can see the referee start to administer the obligatory ten count—1…2…3…we see Ryan start to pull himself up…4…5…Adam starts to make his way back to his feet…6…7…the both of them are now back on their feet and standing nose to nose in the center of the ring.

Mike Fisher: We almost saw a disqualification there Scott James…what a match this has been so far?

In the ring we can see Ryan challenge Adam to a test of strength in the middle of the ring. Adam reaches at first, but then we see him kick Ryan in the stomach which doubles him over. Adam then takes a couple of steps back before charging forward and kicking Ryan in the face. Following up with a pair of elbow drops, we see Adam hook Ryan’s right leg and motion for the referee to come in and administer the count—1…2…NO! Ryan kicks out. So far this match has been evenly contested, with neither man really getting a sizeable advantage over the other. Adam pulls Ryan up to his feet as he hooks his arm overhead and lifts him up for a vertical suplex. Stalling for a moment while holding Ryan in the air, we can see Ryan start to wriggle frantically like a fish out of water. The movement is enough to give Ryan the chance to drop down and behind Adam…quickly wrapping his arms around Adam’s stomach…we see Ryan drive Adam neck first into the mat with a German Suplex. Not even bothering to make the cover, we instead see Ryan look towards the top rope and get an idea. Going out on the apron, we can see Ryan climb onto the top rope and scream for Adam to get to his feet. As Adam does, we see Ryan leap off and go for a cross body…he connects with the move but as Adam falls backward he’s able to roll through and shock Ryan with a cradle roll up…the referee slides in to make the count—1…2…3!

Mike Fisher - Adam wins this hard fought battle, but it certainly wasn’t easy.

Womens Title

Melanie: The following contest is scheduled for one fall…

Crowd: ONE FALL!!!

Melanie: ...and is for the IIW Women's Championship!

“Bubblegum Bitch” plays over the speakers and Ryleigh walks out from the curtain and stands center stage. Popping out from behind her is the always energetic Izzy Van Doren. Izzy dances around in time to the music and stops when she meets Ryleigh in the middle of the stage. They both laugh and lock hands and begin walking down the ramp.

Melanie: Introducing first, the challenger. From Seattle, Washington, and accompanied tonight by Izzy Van Doren, she is the Bubblegum Armbreaker, Ryleeeeeigh Ruuuuuin!!!!

Izzy slides into the ring while Ryleigh steps onto the apron and climbs through the ropes with her spin move. They both pose for the fans at the same time. They join together in an embrace and wait for Ryleigh’s opposition.

"Blood" by Dropkick Murphy's starts playing on the arena PA system as a multitude of black, green, and white strobes fill the arena to the rifts of the music. Lilah appears on the stage through a cloud of smoke and vapors as lyrics sound off. Lilah makes a slow walk down the ramp.

Melanie: And introducing next, she is the IIW Women's Champion. From Dublin, Ireland; she is The Celtic Fury, Lilaaaah OOOO’Reillllyyyy!!!!

Lilah makes a walk around the entire ring staring into the ring at her opponent. Lilah walks up the steel steps and enters the middle of the ring as her music comes to a stop .

Fisher: This match is happening folks because after injuries sustained in the Women's Invitational, Bell Letrice was unable to compete here tonight.

James: Yeah, and they decide to replace The Queen with the girl version of Bilbo. Look at the size difference between these two! How Ruin even expects to win is beyond me.

Fisher: Ryleigh’s no stranger to competition, partner. She's a six time Brazilian Jiu-Jitsu World Champion and I’m not so sure you’d call her a Hobbit to her face?

Ryleigh and Lilah lock up and the larger woman wins the battle of strength. She backs Ryleigh into the corner forcing a break. Ryleigh seems to be getting a feel for her opponent. Ryleigh tries for another collar and elbow tie up, but gets shoved off again by Lilah.

Fisher: Dominant display already the champion here already.

James: Well when you have a half of a foot of height advantage, it's almost expected.

Ryleigh springs back up fakes another collar and elbow but goes behind and locks in a rear waist lock. Ryleigh takes Lilah down with a textbook Judo Throw and begins just her grappling knowledge to use. Lilah is stunned but does manage to scramble to the bottom before anything major happens.

James; Good! Very good! This is why she's the champ, Fisher.

Fisher: The first minute of this match has gone by and these two are still trying to get a hold on each other's styles.

Ryleigh uses her stature and quick grapple skills against Lilah and takes her down again. She looks to wear down Lilah’s arm for her submission. Ryleigh has Lilah caught in a grounded Cravate. Lilah yelps out each time Ryleigh cranks the hold.

Fisher: Ladies and Gentlemen we will continue this amazing action after this commercial break.

When we come back from the commercial break we find that Lilah has reversed the ground game to her advantage. Lilah maintains her control over Ryleigh and manages to get her in a surfboard stretch. Izzy tries to will her partner on by slapping the mat and getting the crowd to clap along. Ryleigh wills herself out of the surfboard and breaks the hold. The two women are worn out and try to catch their breath. As the get to their feet Ryleigh runs for the ropes and hits Lilah with a clothesline, but the champion doesn't go down. Ryleigh repeats it, and Lilah still doesn't go down. As soon Ryleigh pops off the ropes for a third attempt to Lilah knock off of her feet, Lilah Yakuza kicks Ryleigh to the outside right in front of Izzy. Lilah tells Izzy to back off and she listens and backs away, but not before checking on Ryleigh and making sure she can continue. Lilah tosses Ryleigh back in and tells Izzy that she's next. Ryleigh springs up and small packages Lilah.



Kick out.

Ryleigh tries to continue her offense but is stopped when Lilah bursts towards Ryleigh forcing her into a corner. The champion begins to rain down punches and doesn't stop until the referee interferes and asks for a five count break. Lilah backs off and Ryleigh rushes toward her and is met the same headbutt that knocked out Kirsten. Lilah picks up the smaller woman with almost no effort at all, when she to her feet Lilah slams Ryleigh with an Exploder Suplex. She goes for the cover!


At the last possible moment Ryleigh kicks out.

Fisher: I thought that was it Scott. But the leader of the Dawn of the New Age is one tough cookie?

James: You’re damn straight Fisher, well she not! Oh, I made that weird…

Ryleigh rolls towards the outside of the ring and Izzy helps her out. While Izzy is tending to her girlfriend she forget to keep an eye on Lilah. Lilah rushes towards Izzy with a thunderous straight kick right to the head knocking Izzy completely out.

As Ryleigh start too comes too sees Lilah standing over Izzy’s lifeless body on the ground. This sight almost instantly forces Ryleigh to regain all of her wits about her. Lilah now having taken out both members of Ryzzy she returns her attention back to the woman she has to beat, Ryleigh. Ryleigh knows that if she jumps up and attacks Lilah she will lose any advantage she’s gained by Lilah’s need to hurt both members of Ryzzy. Lilah rolls Ryleigh back in the ring as the ref counts reaches eight.

James: This has got to be it here Fisher this has to be where the Irish Car Bomb ends this match? Lilah has shown that she is the most...Oh my word!

As Lilah bends over to pick Ryleigh up the Bubblegum Armbreaker for the start of the Car Bomb, but Ryleigh wraps her leg around Lilah’s neck and with the momentum of Lilah standing up Ryleigh spins herself around Lilah into The Excruciation Situation.

Fisher: You’re right James it looked like Ryleigh was dead to rites! But now she has her in the The Excruciation Situation! Let’s hope Ryleigh doesn’t what she promised?

Ryleigh wrenches on Lilah’s arm using all of the training and know how of a lifetime of BJJ master. Ryleigh begins tell the Ref to tell her to tapout. The referee hears Ryleigh and keeps asking Lilah if she is going to tap as both women scream in joy and pain. When it is apparent that Lilah is to pigheaded to save her body against the arm break that Ryleigh promised and without Izzy’s senseabilities to stop her, Ryleigh uses all of her strength and makes good on her promise and breaks Lilah’s arm and shoulder region. The sound of the arm breaking is hard to hear, but the sound that Lilah makes is even harder. Lilah falls on her back into a pinning situation and the ref has no choice to make the count because Ryleigh has her shoulder on the mat.




James: I’m not sure if Lilah was too stupid or too proud but Ryleigh did exactly as she said she would. Lilah needs medical attention Fisher, she’s hurt, she’s hurt bad!

Fisher: Well Ryleigh said she’d do it if Lilah didn’t tap and she delivered on that promise. But you’re right James, Lilah’s hurt really bad here. I hope she’ll be okay.

Ryleigh pops up with the joy one should after winning the title.

Melanie: And your winner and NEW IIW Women’s Champion, Ryleeeeeigh Ruuuuuin!!!!

The ref hands Ryleigh the belt and raises her hand, but only for a moment so he can tend to the former champion who is writhing in pain. The IIW medical staff rushes to the ring along with the paramedics to help Lilah. Ryleigh to where the love of her life was sprawled out on the ground and she finds Izzy on her knees with the strangest look on her face. It’s both extreme happiness that Ryleigh won the match and title. But also extreme sadness for the way Ryleigh did it. The Ryzzy’s music hits as Ryleigh slides under the the bottom rope and shares the moment with the person that means the most to her in the whole world. They exit as Izzy looks over her shoulder a few times at Lilah to check on Lilah situation on their way up the ramp. Ryleigh appears unaffected by the damage she created to another human being.

Tag Team Titles no.1 Contenders

Sean Raines and Andre Clayton kick off proceedings for their respective teams as the chime of the ringside bell reverberates around the stands, signalling the beginning of the contest. Both men look eager to start the match off strong and advance the centre of the ring, where they participate in a lock-up, which Clayton wins, pushing Raines into the corner.

Mike Fisher: Good strength there from Clayton.

Raines is trapped by his stronger opponent, and just as the referee is about to intervene, he receives some help from his new partner, Drayden, who knees Clayton down low!

Clayton is noticeably irked by the tactics of Drayden, and spins around with a clenched fist raised, but Drayden Fields jumps off the apron and allows the referee to restrain Clayton, giving Raines a window to go on the offensive.

Mike Fisher: Well it looks like those, “underhanded” –in the literal sense of the word- tactics, are paying dividends for team Raines-Fields!

Scott James: Raines-Fields? Really? I saw you trying to think of a name on your notepad when the arrived, and that’s the best you can do? You disappoint me “Mikey-boy”.

Raines immediately takes the advantage by driving his knee into the stomach of Clayton sharply, who keels over for a moment and, distracted by the sudden angst in his gut, he fails to resist an irish whip from Sean Raines.

Mike Fisher: Irish whip from Sean Raines…

Scott James: He’s at his best in a fast-paced match, Mike.

As Clayton comes flying back, Raines hits a sweetly timed dropkick on Clayton, who collapses onto the mat, but fortunately for him, flops over and lands close enough to his corner to tag in Geeno Steels. The slap of their hands rings out clearly, so there’s no mistake that Steels is the legal man, but Clayton remains in the ring and performs a double clothesline on Raines with his partner.

Mike Fisher: Oh come on!

Scott James: What the ref doesn’t see doesn’t hurt him, haha!

Mike Fisher: But he DID see that!

Scott James: Do I ever tell you that you talk too much?

Mike Fisher: I could say the same…..

Scott James: Talk is cheap, in fact it’s free; that’s why I do it so much!

Back inside the ring, the referee is reprimanding Clayton while Steels goes to work on Raines, who is still dazed by the double clothesline and eats several heavy shots to the body before Steels lifts up his lighter opponent and slams him heavily on to the unremitting canvas. Raines sits up in pain, with his face contorted as he rubs his sore back, but he is denied any convalescence from Steels, as he is roughly pulled back up to his feet.

Scott James: Look at the fire in Steels’s eyes; this is my kind of guy, Don!

Once Raines is back up, Steels performs an irish whip on Raines, and as he hits the ropes, Drayden performs a blind tag.

Mike Fisher: Tag there from the Drayden Fields.

As Raines comes back, he ducks underneath the clothesline and carries on past K. Steels, who turns around after Raines, forgetting about Drayden. As Raines comes back, he hits a devastating clothesline while Drayden performs a chop block, sending Steels crashing to the mat in a heap.

Scott James: Oh! That’s how you put someone down!

Once the poor referee turns around, he hasn’t realised that Drayden tagged in, and therefore is the legal man, so he sends the Drayden back to the canvas.

Mike Fisher: That referee is struggling to keep control in there!

Scott James: If I know that captain, he’ll use this to his advantage.

Drayden and Geeno Steels slap hands and then as Geeno tries a clothesline, we see Drayden duck and club Geeno Steels down with a clothesline of his own. Drayden pounces on Geeno and starts to club him with a barrage of closed-fisted right hands which sees the referee to immediately interject and push Drayden off of Geeno. Drayden starts to argue with the referee who screams at him back to keep it fair or he will disqualify his team. Amidst the distraction we can see Geeno Steels leap up and hit Drayden with a dropkick. Going for a cover right away, we see Drayden kick out at before even a count of one. Standing up we see Geeno ready himself and Drayden pop up, Geeno stings the chest of Drayden with a chop and we see Drayden hit him with a right hand. We see Geeno hit another chop, and then another as he ducks a Drayden punch. Backing up we see Geeno kick Drayden in the stomach, but then he stops as we see Andre Clayong cease his beat down of Sean Raines and roll back into the ring and sting Drayden with a jumping reverse DDT.

Geeno shakes his head inside of the ring and tags Andre for a second time, now making himself the legal man and gets out of the ring, allowing Drayden into the ring.

Drayden’s first course of action is to mount the turnbuckle and leap backwards into the air, performing his signature moonsault on Steels!

Mike Fisher: He hit it! Moonsault!

Drayden hooks the leg of Steels, but there’s no count because the referee is arguing with Sean Raines on the outside about who the legal man is!

Scott James: Haha! How do you like a taste of you own medicine, boys?

As the referee’s back is turned, Mason Lebeau appears at the entrance grabbing the attention of Andre Clayton.

Andre quickly slides out and moves towards Mason as Geeno shouts out

Geeno – Where you going??? GET BACK HERE NOW!!!

Andre ignores Geeno as he heads up to Mason where Mason is talking smack to him….Andre swings for him but Mason ducks it and S.A!!! Substance Abuse! As he lays out Andrew Clayton on the metal ramp!

Mike Fisher- Andre is out of it!

Mason stands above Andre and poses before leaving to the back

Scott James – this is going to be a 2on1 for Sean and Drayden, this should be very easy for them to pick apart Geeno now…

Drayden grabs Geeno and drops him with a hard DDT as he stands above Geeno, Sean Raines slides out and grabs the hardcore title and a microphone….


Scott James – WHAT?!!!

Sean Raines hits Drayden over the head with the Hardcore Title, he then picks him up and delivers the DEAD SOUL onto the hardcore title. Picking him up he locks in the LIGHTS OUT as he chokes out Drayden…

The Referee checks on Drayden….he lifts his arm 3 times before counting out Drayden


Geeno sat up In the corner now looks on in shock of what’s happening as Sean picks up the lifeless Drayden and drops him once more with the DEAD SOUL before exiting the ring with his hardcore title….

Geeno quickly scurries over to Drayden making the pin


Melanie Jackson – Your winners and No.1 Contenders for the Tag Team Titles …. ANDRE CLAYTON AND GEENO STEELS!