The Scene shows up and Charlie is reading a letter

Dear Dr Jan. Itor, we have examined your evidence and we can conclusively say that yes this is a match would you like us to go any further with it?

Charlie Schmidt – I KNEW IT!

There has been something fishy going around ever since I got here and good old professional clever here has figured it out… This isn’t going to be pretty but the Janitor has a massive announcement for this coming Mayhem.

So yeah it’s that time of the month again where I’m contractually obliged to write some schmuck for you guys to read, maybe not even read, I found someone had printed out my blog and tried to use it to clean up the after party of a rather particularly sticking no.2.

Luckily it was nothing Kaz couldn’t solve…or was he Stan.. I don’t know… Either way, I’ve installed camera’s in the toilets, Kurt Stevens wouldn’t quite give me permission though until I explained to him that they were only going up in the female toilets, then he seemed quite keen on the idea but only if he could review the evidence first, no idea, but not seen him since I passed him the first few tapes with Ryleigh and Izzy on them.

So yeah I see Osh is back and he’s going on about a big announcement he’s going to make, well luckily I know a guy who knows a guy who mugged a guy who knows what Osh’s secret is and It’s a nice announcement, I won’t spoil it for you guys apart from to say it’s to do with the IIW going on a European tour….wait…oops….Well that’s awkward…

Janitor Out

Just remember

Don’t make litter or trash or you’ll end up with a broom up your ass!