As Mayhem comes back from a commercial break, the ring is decked out in red carpet and a podium is set up in the middle of the ring.

Mike Fisher: I'm not quite sure what this is about Scott…

Scott James: I don't see anything on my agenda about this. I don't know what this is.

‘I’m No Superman’ starts to play and Charlie Schmidt, the lead janitor, comes walking out to a mixed reaction from the crowd. He starts making his way down to the ring as he waves to the fans.

James: Wait, Charlie Schmidt is coming out here?

Fisher: Looks like he has something to say here, Scott.

James: So, we're rolling out the red carpet for the lead janitor now?!

Fisher: I guess, I mean, I dunno…

Charlie makes his way to the ring, climbing in between the ropes and making his way to the podium as he looks around, still waving to all the fans. Charlie very ceremoniously and overdramatically clears his throat as he approaches the podium.

Charlie: Ladies and Gentleman, I'm proud to be out here for such a momentous occasion! Over the last few weeks, we have seen some of the greatest names in IIW History get inducted into the IIW Hall of Fame! This year, we saw Donny Allen and Jake E Dangerously take their place amongst such legends as Heat and Rob Owens!

The crowd cheers loudly and starts chanting for each legend respectively.

Charlie: Normally, I am just as much of a fan as anyone when it comes time for Hall of Fame ceremonies. This year, however, I have been very disappointed. I’m disappointed that one man, who clearly stood out from all the rest, was not given HIS rightful place amongst the IIW Immortals!

James: This is nonsense! There were only two entries this year.

Fisher: I think that's what he’s saying…

James: He’s the frickin’ janitor for goodness sake! What makes him think he can make this call?!

Charlie: *clearing his throat* This is a man, who at one point or another in his career, held every title the IIW has had! This is a man who consistently went above and beyond, match after match! A man who made such a dominating impact that his name is permanently etched into IIW history! Yet, this man's name still is not called to its rightful home! Well, that will be no more!

Charlie reaches under the podium and pulls out a cheap, poorly-made trophy.

Charlie: I have been granted the honor to officially come out here tonight and induct this man into the IIW Hall of Fame, and I could not be prouder. Ladies and Gentleman, Mr. Jason Fenix!!!

James: What?!

Fisher: Oh my god!

“American Capitalist” by Five Finger Death Punch starts to boom through the arena and the crowd explodes. After a few moments, Jason Fenix comes walking out from behind the curtain dressed in a grey suit, a confused look on his face, and a microphone in his hand. Charlie stands in the ring clapping with a huge grin on his face. The fans cheer for a while longer before Fenix motions for them to quiet down. He looks at Charlie with a puzzled look for a moment before speaking.

Fenix: Charlie, what are you doing?

Charlie looks confused and goes back to his podium.

Charlie: I’m inducting you into the Hall of Fame….

Fenix: Yeah, that's great and all, but there's just so much here that's wrong…

Charlie seems even more confused now

Charlie: What are you talking about?

Fenix: Look, first off, I really appreciate the gesture, but that trophy. Dude, that is not fooling anyone.

Charlie looks down at the trophy, but doesn't seem to get what Jason is saying.

Fenix: Secondly, I’ve never held every title.

Charlie: What? Are you sure?

Fenix: I feel like I would remember my own career. World Title, Tag Title, that was it.

Charlie: But wasn't there that one time when you…

Fenix: No, there wasn’t...Third, and probably the most damning piece of evidence, is that I know for a fact that you didn't get authorization for this. I know you didn't, because I just signed a new contract, man. I’m back in.

The crowd explodes again and Charlie's face drops in disappointment quite a bit.

Fisher: Huge announcement here from Jason Fenix!

James: This is major, Mike. This could change a lot of things! Who in the hell is that?!

Suddenly a hooded figure can be seen rushing to where the newest former member of the golden era of the IIW is standing… The man clocks Fenix in the side of the head with what looks like a title belt. Jason drops to the ground like a ton of bricks smashing his face directly into the ramp. The hooded figure climbs on top of the prone man and proceeds to pummel Fenix in the back of the head with the title. As the beating continues Fenix rolls over and tries to defend himself, but to no avail.

Fisher: Holy crap, that has to be Michael Hunter!

James: Yeah Mike, he’s been looking for him for days now!

The savage beating continues until the belt that is being used as a weapon is covered completely in blood. Jason Fenix lies motionless on the ramp while the hooded man stands over his beaten body. It can be seen that the title used is the IIW International Championship.

Fisher: Uhhh, James is that the International Championship?

The hooded man takes the bloody title by the end and sticks it in his mouth, letting it drape down his body. He unzips the hoodie and reveals that it is not Michael Hunter, but the International Champion himself, Rixton Ruin. Ruin places his foot on Fenix’s chest and receives chorus of boos just as he wanted.

James: Why would he do that? I don’t even think he knows who Jason Fenix is?

Fisher: Well there was a V:1 spray painted on the mat after the match between he and Hunter earlier this evening!

Rix takes off the hoodie normally worn by Hunter and reaches behind him.

Hunter steps out from behind the curtain in sweatpants and a muscle shirt as he slowly claps and walks up behind Ruin. Hunter grabs the hoodie from Rix’s hand and tucks it under his arm. He walks up and stands next to Rix, staring down at Fenix’s body. He grabs Rixton’s arm and holds it up as the crowd continues to boo. Medics come rushing out and they push the two back quickly trying to render aid to Jason Fenix. Michael Hunter laughs as he and Rixton back away from the group, then disappear behind the curtain.

-Donny made his big return at the PPV returning after 7 years away from the IIW, why did he return? IS he set to avenge the brutal attack Osh Vaughan took at the PPV?

Back in Black by AC/DC hits the PA and a few seconds later Donny Allen comes out from behind the curtain and stands at the top of the ramp smiling smugly. As he walks down the entrance way we taunts the fans. When he gets to the ring he slides in, goes to the nearest turnbuckle, and taunts the fans a little more.

"Judas" by Fozzy hits as the lights go out completely. A single spotlight illuminates the entrance ramp as Dillan wanders out. He is supporting his traditional Aladdin style pants with the cloth belt knotted on the left side. He is also wearing a red and black Canada varsity jacket. He continues to venture down the rampway, the sole spotlight still illuminating his path. He stops at the bottom of the ramp way and nods softly looking around at the IIW universe. He slides into the ring and crawls into the corner, resting the back of his head on the second turnbuckle and draping his arms on the ropes awaiting his opponent.


The match gets underway and the two men grapple. The heavier Dillan gets the upper hand and gets Donny in a headlock. Donny fights out of it by numerous punches to the midsection. Donny takes advantage as Dillan is winded and begins to hit him with chops and kicks. Eventually Dillan is forced into the corner, however Allen wont let up. Ref begins the count

1! ........ 2! ......... 3! ........ 4!

Donny backs off throwing his hands in the air, with his back turned to Dillan. This is a mistake as when he turns, Dillan hits him with an elbow. Donny is tangled in the ropes and Michael clotheslines him out of the ring. He looks up, only to see Dillan flying thru the ropes.

Scott James: Suicide Dive! What a move by Dillan!

Dillan is first to his feet and he drags Allen back in the ring. He grabs him around the ribs and hits him with his signature bell to belly suplex. He goes for the cover. However Allen kicks out at 1!
Dillan gets up and begins to show off to the crowd. When his back is turned, Allen gets up, grabs him by the head and executes the Bulldog to perfection.

He goes for a quick cover..... Singh also kicks out at one. Both men are struggling; they get up at the same time. They begin going back and forth with lefts and rights. Dillan gets the upper hand and Allen hits the deck.

Dillan grabs his opponent by his hair with his muscular hands. He climbs to the top rope, placing Allen in front of him.

Scott: Oh wait a second, Dillan taking Donny up top, we’ve seen this before. Fisherman DDT from the top rope!!! What impact!

Mike: Oh its over Scott!

Scott: COVER!

3. ...NO! Donny kicked out!
Scott James: They are going at it aren't they?

Mike Fisher: They are pretty evenly matched right now, but I think Donny.'s experience will ruin Dillan's night All those battles Dillan has not been in over the years and surviving will be his downfall here tonight.

Donny. smirks as he goes to stomp on Dillan, but he rolls away just in time and gets back to his feet . The two lock up and struggle for the advantage once again. Donny. tries to knee Dillan in the gut but Dillan blocks it and lands his own and follows with a Snap DDT, sending Donny. to the mat. Dillan runs and bounces off the ropes and drops an elbow into Donny.'s chest and spins back up to his feet as the crowd cheer his agility completing the move .

Donny. brings Dillan up off the mat and goes to whip him into the ropes, he reverses it and sends Donny. in. He rebounds back and Dillan grabs him and tries to hit a Spinebuster, but Donny. is able to counter the attempt and lands a hard right to Dillan's head. Dillan shakes it off and clocks Donny. with one of his own, and then whips him into the corner hard....

Mike Fisher: Nice reversal by Dillan there....

Scott James: Yeah it was ......Uh oh! Low bridge DILLAN!

Dillan gains advantage with a well placed leg to the quads of Donny, taking him down. Singh seizes the chance and begins to keep Donny on an uneven footing. Whenever Donny looks to be getting to his feet, Singh lashes out with a kick to the back of the legs.

Or an elbow to the spine.

Scott James: Nice tatics Singh is using!

Mike Fisher: I agree!

Singh continues this domination until, from nowhere, Donny charges at Singh and brings him down with a spear right into the turnbuckle, whiplashing Singh. Danny goes for the win.


Scott James: That was close! Singh almost lost twice in a row hehe.

Mike Fisher: Donny is doing great right now.

Donny has lifted up Singh. Donny looks pleased with himself as he hoists Singh to his feet. But Singh lashes out at Donny and out of nowhere connects with a Superkick, Singh falls on Donny!


Scott James: It's over! He can't kick out…


Both men slowly make it to their feet…Dillan runs in for a clothesline but Donny. ducks under it and as Dillan hits the turnbuckle, Donny. grabs him around the waist and hits a belly to back suplex. Donny. is able to bridge himself up forcing Dillan's shoulders down into the mat harder as the referee counts.

1.......2........DILLAN gets a foot in the rope as the referee's hand is coming down for the three. Both men work to make it to their feet. Donny is first to his feet, and he goes for the F.U. just as he lifts Dillan off his shoulders, Dillan does a flip, and comes down on his feet. He spins Donny. around, and sets up for the CANADIAN DESTROYER!...

BUT NO.. Donny Reverses it….. WELCOME TO NEW JERSEY!

He covers 1 . . . . . 2 . . . . . 3 . . . merely a quarter second after the three Dillan Singh kicks out.

Melanie Jackson – YOUR WINNER…. DONNY ALLEN!

Just then as Donny is celebrating on the main stage

A man whispers over the melodic bells of "Virginia" by the Clipse. When the bass drops the curtain ruffles and out walks Apollo Cain, shirtless and looking like a hungry Black Bear. He bows his head and pats his chest over his heart twice and raises his head and outstretches his arm and gives the middle finger to the crowd to a chorus of boos.

Mike Fisher - OH MY GOD That's IIWs latest signing Apollo Cain.... what's he doing here?

Apollo looks round at the crowd who are looking on shocked. an evil smile comes on his face as he stares down Donny Allen in the ring as the IIW Logo plays and we fade to black