Non Title
- These two colossals are on a warpath, both have started on fire with Rixton claiming the International title at the PPV...Hunter meanwhile has a shot at the World title if he can avoid being pinned in his next 4 matches

"Bring the Rain" hits and heavy riffs fill the PA System as the arena momentarily goes black. Black and white strobes fill the arena

"We are setting the fires
that light the way
and as the flames burn
they blind us from the pain
but this path leads only
to our darkest days
so give me something to believe in
and I’ll bring the rain!"

Pyros explode from the stage as Hunter makes his entrance with Lucien Banks in tow. They stand at the ramp as Hunter's music plays just staring at the ring. Hunter pats Banks on the chest a couple of times and motions for him to go to the back. Banks nods in agreement and disappears back behind the curtain.

"I don’t need to escape from this maze
cause I’m about to set it all a blaze
it’s time to face my fears
the past is gone I’m still standing here!
I’m still standing here!"

Melanie Jackson: The following contest is for one fall…


Jackson: Making his way to the ring from San Antonio, Texas...weighing in at 243 lbs...He is The Blueprint For Destruction, Michaeeeeelll Huunnttteeerrr!

Hunter scans the crowd then proceeds a slow, but steady walk down the ramp to the ring. He uses the steps to enter through the ropes into the ring.

"I’m looking for a match if you couldn’t tell
I won’t shy away from RAISING HELL!"

The heavy riffs filled with lyrics keep playing as Hunter seems completely focused and ready to inflict any necessary damage needed to take out his opponent.

The venues lights suddenly turn off and “Come to Daddy” begins. Riffs of music play until the beat drops in total darkness. Then nothing but red light is shown.

Jackson: And his challenger, making his way to the ring from Seattle, Washington…weighing in at 237 lbs... He is your International Champion, The Anti-Hero Rixtonnnn Ruuuiiiinnn

Rixton walks out on the stage very slowly as his name appears on the titantron. Then suddenly it turns into running blood. He makes his way down the ramp not making eye contact with the crowd at all. A few feet from the ring he makes a dash and slides head first under the bottom rope. Rix crawls to the middle of the ring and sits cross-legged while his music fades, bathed only in the red light. Still, he never makes full eye contact with a soul.

Rixton looks even more uninterested in his surroundings than usual. He is laser focused on Hunter as he reenters the ring.

James: Here we go Mike! I am so pumped up for this match. Two powerhouses on a collision course as of late, finally making it into the squared circle together.

Fisher: Yeah James, this is an amazing way to kick off Mayhem this evening. With all of the drama in these men’s lives I expect for this to be a clash to remember.

James: And the bell sounds! Let’s see who strikes first and takes control.

Fisher: And let's be reminded of something Scott. Remember that the collective minds of Mr. Vaughan and Mr. Stevens have give a special stipulation to Michael Hunter’s next four matches.

James: That is absolutely right Mike! Simple as this. Hunter has to avoid losing by pinfall in those matches. You know what that means?

Fisher: Hunter theoretically could lose a match by any other means than pinfall and still be able to move on to face Shawn Taylor at Make or Break Pay-Per-View, coming your way July 30th, exclusively on the IIW Network!

Rixton charges at Hunter, but Hunter wastes no time dropping to the canvas and doing a roll out to the outside of the ring. Rixton stops near the ropes as Hunter points at Rixton and laughs condescendingly. Hunter starts walking around the ring as the official starts a ten count.



Hunter slides into the ring just enough to break the official’s count and slides back out as soon as Rixton gets close again. Rixton is done with the games as he slides out of the ring meeting Hunter face to face.

Fisher: Rixton has had all he can take with the games!

James: Both men stand face to face right in front of us ready to go at it!

Both Hunter and Rixton then exchange blows back and forth as Hunter lands a hard elbow to Rixton’s mid-section making him wince over in pain. Hunter grabs Rixton’s head and slams it down onto the announcement table. Meanwhile, the new count from the official has already begun.



Hunter slams Rixton’s head into the announcement table repeatedly until he reaches the ninth time. Rixton is staggering as Hunter raises his hands in the air looking for a reaction from the crowd. The crowd erupts in joy as the official’s count can still be heard...



Hunter slams Rixton’s head into the announcement table now for the tenth time as his head catches the corner of one of the teleprompters busting him wide open. Hunter rolls a bloody Rixton into the ring and slides in right behind him breaking the official’s count at nine.

The official pushes Hunter back as he checks on Rixton, making sure that he can continue. Hunter backs up in the corner as Rixton brings himself to his knees while letting the official know he is good to go. Hunter watches as Rixton stumbles to his feet and makes it over to the opposite corner of the ring.

Hunter and Rixton move in and walk around the ring giving one another steady glares. They move towards each other into the center of the ring and lock-up. Rixton immediately wraps Hunter into a headlock, then transitions to a standing wristlock.

Rixton uses his own weight to force Hunter down to the mat quickly. Once Hunter is down Rixton targets the left side of Hunter’s body and starts repeatedly attacking the ribs and side with knee strikes.

James: Rixton has finally gained some control after the early onslaught from Hunter!

Hunter winces in pain as he quickly rolls out of the way avoiding any more punishment. Hunter makes it back to his feet. Both men charge at one another again and start trading blows back and forth with Rixton gaining the upper-hand as he lands blows to Hunter’s jaw with several left and right jabs. Rixton then Irish-whips Hunter into the ropes. Hunter ducks a clothesline attempt from Rixton as he brings his momentum to the opposite side ropes. Rixton follows and lands the clothesline on Hunter for the second attempt knocking him backwards over the top rope. Hunter’s legs buckle and he collapses to floor. Rixton finds that he has a bit of an edge on Hunter as he proceeds to give him a classic strong style striking combo as Hunter drops to the ground. Rix picks up the downed Hunter and rolls him onto the announcement table. Hunter is in a complete daze as Rixton slides into the ring and climbs the turnbuckles to the top rope.

Fisher: Oh no Scott! What is Ruin going to do here?! He’s not going to do what I think he is, is he?!

James: Dear God Mike, I sure hope not!

Rixton balances himself as he launches from the top rope landing a perfect Coup de Grâce on Hunter, completely destroying the announcement table as both men crash through it to the floor.

Fisher: Oh my God! Oh my God Scott! No! He just broke Hunter in half!

Rixton slowly collects himself as he brings himself to stand and looks down at the carnage he created including a dazed over Michael Hunter. Then he hears a count from the official that has already reached the number seven. Not wanting the match to end by count-out or ending too soon...Rixton wisely runs and slides into the ring and immediately doing a drop onto his back and sliding back out not only to break the count, but to make sure it starts it over again. Rixton stalks his downed opponent like a jungle cat that just found it’s prey. He looks at the man that Kurt Stevens has asked him to demolish, and he knows that he must pin Hunter in order to complete the goal on hand. Rixton scoops up a near lifeless Hunter, rolling him into the ring and goes for the count.



At the very last second, Hunter kicks out and shocks everyone in the entire building.

Fisher: I can’t believe Hunter is still alive, much less be able to even kick out! I’m really concerned for Michael Hunter at this point Scott!

Rixton is just as surprised as everyone else is and goes for the pin again.


Hunter kicks out once again.

In utter disbelief that Hunter is able to move after the carnage, Rixton gets up and pulls Hunter to his feet and signals for A Bad Day. As he puts Hunter into the pump-handle position he pushes Rixton away from him and delivers a low superkick to Ruin’s midsection. When Rixton doubles over in pain, Hunter uses this as an advantage to hit the Falcon Arrow on Rix. Hunter holds him down for a pin attempt.


Rixton kicks out almost immediately.

Fisher: That sure was a desperation move on Hunter’s part!

James: These guys are giving it everything they’ve got tonight!

Hunter gets to his feet as fast as he can and brings Rixton to his feet as well. Hunter Irish-whips Ruin into the ropes and lands a thunderous big boot to his jaw. Rixton stands stunned for a moment before collapsing to the mat. Hunter backs into the corner farthest from Rixton and holds onto the ropes on both sides planting a firm foot forward while he wait for Rix to slowly rise. Just as Rixton gets to his knees, Hunter bails out of the corner full speed landing a massive Punt Kick to the side of Ruin’s head spinning his body around like a top as he falls on his back. Hunter raises his arms in the air and screams as loud as he can signaling to the entire arena that it is time.

James: Oh my God! He’s got him in his sights! This is it!

Hunter picks Rixton’s exhausted body up off the mat. He lifts Rixton up onto his shoulders into a Fireman’s Carry.

Fisher: This is it! If Hunter lands this it is over!

Hunter flips Ruin off his shoulders and lands The Destroyer perfectly as Rixton falls to the mat. Hunter rolls him over and goes for the pin.



Rixton just barely gets a shoulder off the mat right before the official counts three. The crowd erupts in a mixture of cheers and boos as a look of disbelief falls upon Hunter’s face. Hunter is staring down at a seemingly lifeless and bloody Rixton Ruin. Covered in blood himself, he frustratingly gets to his feet bringing Ruin with him. Hunter looks Rixton in the face as he yells at him…


Hunter disrespectfully slaps Rixton across the face right before lifting him up into another Fireman’s Carry. Hunter begins to spin Rixton around when he lands on his feet behind Hunter. Rixton clubs Hunter in the back of the head with a forearm strike. When Hunter bends forward Rixton places him in the pump-handle position for the second time. Ruin lifts Hunter into the air and delivers a Flatliner to Hunter giving him A Bad Day. Knowing this will be his only chance to score a pinfall victory, he sets himself up to deliver The End to Hunter. He climbs to the top rope and gets into a squatted position waiting for Hunter to get back on his feet.

Suddenly, the entire arena goes completely dark. The only light available comes from the cellphones of people attending the event. Shadows can be seen moving around the ring as loud booming noises echo throughout the building. None of the dark shadowed figures can be made out. Moments later, the lights come back on in the arena. Michael Hunter and Rixton Ruin are laid out in the middle of the ring with a huge V:1 spray painted on the canvas between their two bodies.

James: What in the hell just happened?!

Fisher: Both Hunter and Rixton are out cold Scott!

James: that a V:1 spray painted on the mat?! Does that mean what I think it means?

Fisher: God help us if it does…

Medics and other officials make their way out to the ring as Mayhem cuts to a commercial break.

The screen flashes up and we are in Italy as Adam is sat in an Italian restuarant with a spaghetti dish infront of him

Adam - Spaghetti....

He looks to the left and there is a passed out waiter with the top of his head cut off

Adam - Brains

He looks back at the bowl

Adam - Spaghetti...

The camera pans out and the restuarant is now deserted it looks like the people left very quickly

Adam - Come on Adam, you can do this make the right the Spaghetti not the brains... hmm but the brains are so delicious.. but this spaghetti with sauce..yum yum yum...but it's no brains... ok it's the brains

Adam scoffs down the brains

Adam - Delicious!

A net is suddenly thrown over Adam as he begins to squabble

Colin - Time to come home Adam! No point struggling you're not getting out of here... You gonna come quietly?

Adam looks at the empty skull he's just devoured the brain from

Adam - Guess.. like this guy here... It's a no brainer

Colin - Excellent BACK TO THE IIW WE GO!

- Corey Steele feels debutant Blade Alexander was the man who cost him the title at the PPV, Blade hasn't had anything to say on the subject, we will find out why he came out to 'Save' Rixton Ruin at the PPV

'Runaway' by Kanye West as Blade Alexander makes his way to the ring accompanied by his manager Bob Mitchell

Mike Fisher – Blades been making headlines since he came here Scott… but this is first match here in the IIW

Scott James – looking forward to this. As you say I’ve heard good things!

Cigarettes and Alcohol begins playing as Corey Steele walks out from behind the curtain wearing a blue Fila jacket over his ring gear, he’s nodding his head to the music as Mark Steele follows him, they walk down the ramp with Corey getting in fans faces, whilst Mark shakes his head and attempts to get Corey to behave. Corey just laughs at Mark and climbs up the ring steps, he points at a woman on the front row and begins to grind the ring post whilst looking at her, all this gets him is a slap around the head from Mark who tells him to get in the ring.

Corey jumps over the top rope before taking off his jacket, throwing it in Mark’s face and then climbing onto the second turnbuckle and grabs his crotch whilst looking at the female fan again, this causes the crowd to erupt in another wave of boos and insults. Corey motions them to quiet down whilst laughing to himself. He jumps down and is backed into a corner by Mark who is berating him but Corey isn’t paying attention as the music dies down.

The bell rings, and Blade and Corey walk up to each other. They trash talk for a bit, before Corey slaps Blade in the face. Blade backs up, before tackling Corey. The two men fight on the ground for a little bit.

Corey manages to get away from Blade for a second. Blade stands as well, and both men lock up. Corey manages to lock in a headlock. Both men stay in this position for a moment, but Blade manages to push Corey off into the ropes.

Corey bounces off of the ropes, and is met with a clothesline from Blade. Corey goes down, and Blade turns and hits a leg drop. He goes down in an early pin.


Corey kicks out, and Blade is angry. He picks up Corey by his hair, but Corey won't have any of it and hits a low blow. Blade clutches his nuts, and Corey hits a punch on Blade. He builds up steam, punch after punching landing down on Blade's head.

Corey gets off for a second, before bouncing off of the ropes and jumping into the air and landing a hard knee on Blade's skull. Corey pins.


Corey is pissed off, as he stands, hits the ropes, and does another hard knee to Blade's skull. He stands for a second, thinking, before smirking. He lifts up Blade's legs, and locks in a sharpshooter.

Blade is in agony, as he repeatedly lifts his hands up, almost tapping, but not. Corey puts even more pressure on, and Blade comes closer than ever to tapping. However, he plants his hands down, and lifts up. There's a bit of a struggle, but Blade manages to break out.

He stumbles up, and hits Corey with a huge right. Corey is sent reeling, and Blade takes Corey's legs up. He puts on his own sharpshooter.

At first, Corey is shocked this is happening. However the shock is soon turned into pain, as Blade locks in. Corey struggles, attempting to crawl towards the ropes. But Blade tightens his grip, and Corey is stuck in the center of the ring.

Blade puts all of his power into it, straining his back….Corey doesn’t submit so Blade stops… he walks over to the other side of the ring as he awaits Corey to get to his feet…. Corey slowly getes to his feet as Blade stomps his foot…. ORIGINAL SIN!!!!

Mike Fisher – What a move… That looks like it almost took Coreys face off!

Blade stands up tall ontop of Corey putting one foot on his chest as he counts along with Bob Mitchell ringsinde



Melanie Jackson – Your winner … Blade Alexander!

Womens Invitational

-Back from commercial break, we see Kurt Stevens holding the new IIW Women’s championship in his hands. He stands alone in the ring, microphone in hand. -

Kurt Stevens: Ladies and Gentlemen, look at what you’ve caused! Tonight is an introduction to the fabulous women that are here in IIW and they are ready to fight! -he hands the mic over to Melanie Jackson.-

Melanie Jackson: The following contest is an open invitational to crown the first ever IIW Women’s championship!!!

Melanie: Introducing first, from Seattle, Washington, she is “The First of Her Kind”... Ryleigh!

-The arena is bathed with a bubble gum pink light "Shatter Me (NopeNah & Epique Trap Remix)" by Lindsey Stirling ft. Lzzy Hale begins to play. On the video board shows Lindsey playing the violin and dancing around the screen as "Small but Fierce" displays. Ryleigh walks out as her name invades the led's followed by "5ft of sass and ass". She struts to the ring with the confidence of a multi time world champion should have. Slapping fives and interacting with the crowd the whole way to the ring. She walks to the side of the ring sits on the apron with her legs crossed. Ryleigh proceeds to sit in the bottom rope and spins herself in to the ring. Stands on the second rope a leans towards the crowd blowing kisses.-

And the opponents, from Paris France she is the “The Queen B”... Bell Letrice!

-Run The World - Beyonce plays out as The Queen B, Bell Letrice makes her way out to the ring sporting her tiara and long robes, she struts out too a chorus of boos before gracefully getting into the ring and posing to the crowd.-

Melanie: From Manchester, England... “The Queen of Mean” Kirsten Steele!

-Bad Reputation starts as Kirsten Steele bursts out from behind the curtains wearing her ring gear along with a black leather jacket with the words “Queen of Mean” painted on the back in white. She is walking to the ring with intent at a quick pace at the tempo of the music, she climbs up onto the apron, jumps over the top rope and begins pacing around the ring, shouting “Come On” repeatedly showing she’s ready for a fight.-

From Chicago, IL, “Chicago’s Favorite Gal”... Izzy Van Doren!!

-Astro Zombies kicks on and Izzy rushes onto the stage, goes to each side staring at all the fans. She pumps herself up by bouncing to the music, points at the ring, and runs towards. When she gets there she pops up and runs towards the sides of the ring, slides her head between the top and middle to look at the fans, and throws up the horns.-

And the final participant in the invitational The Celtic Fury! Lilah O’Reilly!!
-"Blood" by Dropkick Murphy's starts playing on the arena PA system as a multitude of black, green, and white strobes fill the arena to the rifts of the music. Lilah appears on the stage through a cloud of smoke and vapors as lyrics sound off.

"Trouble underground in Kenmore Square
You'd better watch out, you'd better beware
It's time to go, goodbye good luck
They said people like you screw everything up"

Lilah makes a slow walk down the ramp giving a few high fives to the young children as the music plays on. Lilah makes a walk around the entire ring still high-fiving kids as the music plays on. Lilah walks up the steel steps and enters the middle of the ring as her music comes to a stop and looks at the opponents surrounding her. -

The bell rings and our contest is underway!
Lilah and Kirsten toss Ryleigh out of the ring with authority. Meanwhile, Bell toss Izzy in the corner and rams her shoulder into the post.

“The most dominant women are the one’s who strike first, Fisher.”

Kirsten and Lilah begin eyeing up the tallest female in the match. They nod to each other and begin to pummel The Queen B.

“Early alliances already forming in this match…”
“Don’t expect it to last long.”

They kick Bell out of the ring and celebrate, Kirsten tries to throw Lilah out, but she breaks free.

“Like I said…”

-Ryleigh slides in, pulls Kirsten off of Lilah, and starts to beat Lilah down! Kirsten frustrated, grabs Ryleigh by the back of her neck and flings her into the turnbuckle. Kirsten picks Lilah up and dumps her out of the ring. Kirsten stands there and celebrates like she’s already won the match. Ryleigh sprints and rains down some forearms on her opponent backing her into a corner. The Queen counters with a hard knee right into the abdomen of the smaller opponent. Ryleigh runs at her and wraps herself around Kirsten’s body. She locks in the Excruciation Situation!

“Ryleigh has Lilah in the submission, she could tap and become Women’s champion already.”

Bell slides in and yakuza kicks Ryleigh off. Kirsten rolls out of the ring.

“The Queen B putting those long legs to use and breaking up the hold.”

Bell grabs Ryleigh by the face, and picks up her lifeless body and taunts her. Ryleigh springs back to life and puts Bell in the Excruciation Situation! She peels the arm back.

“Ryleigh just taking that torque to new heights!”

Izzy slides in and hits her Rolling Scythe Kick to the face of Bell! Bell goes limp! She’s out cold!

“Oh my god! That was disgusting! Those two had to have planned that to take Bell out!”

Izzy and Ryleigh look at each other smile and run past each other, stereo dives to the outside. Ryleigh with a suicide dive onto Kirsten. Izzy with a Suicidal Tendencies DDT on Lilah. They pop back up and eye each other from across the ring. They each get in slowly. They both meet in the center of the ring. Izzy extends her hand out to Ryleigh. Ryleigh looks down at Izzy’s hand, back up at Izzy’s face almost questioning why she shows sportsmanship in the middle of a battle royal, nevertheless, Ryleigh shrugs and shakes Izzy’s hand!
Kirsten crawls back into the ring and charges at the two with a double clothesline. They both duck and Izzy counters with a rolling elbow, and Ryleigh follows up with a cravate suplex. Kirsten rolls out for safety. Ryleigh out of breath crouches down in the corner, Izzy checks on her crouching down too.

“T-These two are working better than most of the tag teams I’ve seen! And they’re complete opposites!!”

Lilah pulls herself up using the corner turnbuckle. Izzy sees this, and motions to Ryleigh, “hey watch this!” Izzy runs towards Lilah and successfully lands a jumping clothesline, she peels Lilah from the corner, and Ryleigh is there to hit a cravate stunner sending Lilah back into the corner seated. Izzy slithers her way through the ropes and onto the apron. She jumps up and over the ropes… corner dropkick!

“These two have insane chemistry and they just met! This place is going crazy!”
Izzy turns to look back at the only woman left in the ring, Ryleigh… The two lock eyes, Izzy’s face says she realizes they can’t keep beating everybody else up and that one of them has to win…

Just then Bob Mitchell wanders down ringside accompanied by The Commander

Mike Fisher – What’s he doing here?

Scott James – I assume he’s here to scout more talent

Mike Fisher – Exactly, this is meant to be about the women not him! He already has The Commander and Blade Alexander in his posse

Izzy shakes off the cobwebs. Collar and elbow tie up, Izzy gets the advantage with a headlock, Izzy kicks her leg out she’s going for the headlock driver, but Ryleigh pushes her off. Izzy smiles and looks at Ryleigh. Izzy tries for another handshake, this time Ryleigh drop toe holds her and tries transition into a submission, but Izzy scrambles away. Ryleigh motions to her “you were that close”.

“These two… somehow know each other! It’s like they’ve been fighting for years and know what they’re gonna do.”
“It’s like they finish each other’s…”
“Each other’s what?”

Izzy tackles and pushes Ryleigh into the corner, repeated shoulder tackles, Izzy gets up to her feet and headbutts Ryleigh. This dazes both of them, Izzy walks back into the center of the ring, but runs back and hits a forearm and peels Ryleigh out of the corner. She smacks the top turnbuckle signalling for something.

“What is this maniac doing?”
“Anything she wants to it seems, Taylor. Van Doren is getting on the top turnbuckle.”

Kirsten slides in and walks to Bell. The two queens stand toe to toe. Kirsten looks back at Ryleigh sitting in the corner and holding her ribs. Kirsten walks over to her and picks her up and throws her body into Bell. Bell stands her up. Kirsten winds up and hits a superkick to the back of Ryleigh’s head sending her forward. Bell follows that up by hitting a running yakuza kick to Ryleigh.

“Ryleigh has to be done after that! She has no energy left and can barely stand.”

Kirsten is on the ropes and Lilah charges at her and hits a clothesline so hard it sends them both over but they don’t hit the ground as both of them held onto the top rope. They each pull themselves up onto the apron. Kirsten starts hitting some strong, stiff strikes on Lilah. Lilah retorts with a boot to the midsection. Kirsten pulls back. KS Kick on the apron.

“What a move! Lilah is teetering! She’s holding on by one hand!”

Kirsten sees red and charges toward Lilah when CRACK!


Kirsten now unsteady as she is eliminated over the top rope by Bell!

Scott James – we have our first person out of here!!!!!

Mike Fisher – This is a great introduction to the Womens division!

Ryleigh stands up and is immediately hit with another vicious big boot by Bell Letrice. She’s not happy after Izzy and Ryleigh knocked her out.

“Ryleigh is going to pay for what she did!”
“It’s like they say, Fisher, ‘Don’t piss off the queen.”

Bell starts raining fists down on her small opponent.

“Bell is tearing Ryleigh apart!”

Bell celebrates her re-entrance into the match, and goes back to pick Ryleigh up by her hair. Ryleigh breaks her hold and starts low roundhouse kicking her thigh, trying to chop Bell down. It works as Bell is now on one knee and Ryleigh is still raining roundhouse kicks. Bell finally catches one and shoves Ryleigh off. Ryleigh lays flat on the mat struggling to stand up after the beating she’s taken. Bell stands up, looks at the crowd, and points at herself and motions the belt around her waist. “My match, my championship…”

She grabs Ryleigh and sends her flying out of the ring as well

RYLEIGH has been eliminated!

Bell jumps up and down in celebration as Izzy Van Doren comes next and tries to eliminate her while she’s celebrating but Bell is ready and drops a drop toe hold. She grabs Izzy and slaps her hard as the fans react in shock at how hard she hit her.

Bell goes for another slap but is stopped by Izzy this time who shakes her head, she picks her up and drops her with a Falcon Arrow.

Izzy grabs Bell and lifts her up to the cheers of the crowd and throws her over the top rope

Mike Fisher – BELL IS ELIM…..

Scott James – no…

The Commander catches Bell as she’s falling to the ground and rolls her back into the ring.

Izzy hasn’t realised what’s gone off and is looking for Lilah as Bell comes back behind her and throws her over the top rope


Lilah is quickly back in on the attack taking advantage grabbing Bell by the head IRISH CAR BOMB!!!!

Mike Fisher – Wow…Bell got sent flying across the ring….

Lilah is quickly on her again… setting her up for another Irish Car Bomb…. But this time she plants her feet shooting Bell into the air and over the top rope… Bell crashes into the ring guard and isn’t moving….

Mike Fisher – OH MY GOD… is she ok???

Scott James – I’m not sure…. But we have a winner

Melanie Jackson – Winner and FIRST EVER… IIW WOMENS champion…. LILAH O’REILLY!!!!

The EMTs are quick out to check on Bell as she still hasn’t moved….

Scott James – this isn’t looking good….

Mike Fisher – Hmmm…

The EMTS strap up Bell to a Stretcher as she is taken out as Lilah poses with the Womens title.

NODQ TV Title Match

-Starr and Sean Raines went to DQ at the PPV so we are having a Non DQ match but also including no.1 contender Drayden Fields, will the title change hands?
The house lights start flashing as Drayden makes his way onto the stage. He stops on the stage and raises one arm before moving down the ramp. Ignoring everyone on the way, he rolls into the ring and sits in the corner, emotionless waiting for the bell to ring.

”Saturnz Barz" blasts through the arena as the lights go down in the crowd and strobing on the smoke rising from the stage. Starr comes out of the curtain arms spread out and back first through the smoke. He turns to face the the audience and smirks.The strobing spotlight follows Starr down the ramp. He makes his way to ringside and jumps up to the apron hard cam side and holds arms out. He hops over the top rope and jumps up onto the middle rope far camera side.

Freak by Silverchair plays as Sean Raines makes his way out to the ring

Melanie Jackson - Coming to the ring now... The IIW Television champion... SEAN RAINES!!!!

Mike Fisher - This match is going to be NODQ here with Drayden Fields thrown into the mix as well

Scott James - It was a great match at the PPV between Sean and Starr, be interested to see what they come up with here.

Sean Raines charges towards Drayden Fields, attempting to capitalize on the momentum; Raines charges forward with a shoulder thrust that plants him into the turnbuckle. Sean Raines continues with the assault to Drayden Fields with more shoulder thrusts. He connects with a third and fourth shoulder thrust. After the fifth shoulder thrust Sean Raines strides towards the center of the ring and gets into a crouching position. He launches himself towards Drayden Fields, attempting a spear. But Leftoot dodges it and Sean Raines tumbles into the ropes. Drayden wiggles his toe as Sean Raines does a double take. This time he takes a different approach and charges towards Fields and elbows him into the gut. Sean Raines continues to deliver elbow after elbow until Fields’s gut until Drayden Fields’s resolve begins to diminish. Sean Raines takes this moment and capitalizes on it by assaulting him with left and right hooks to Fields’s gut. Fields staggers backwards and Raines capitalizes by launching himself with a huge clothesline that send the both of them to the canvas with Sean Raines landing on top. Sean Raines gathers his strength and stands back up dragging his downed opponent back to his feet. Sean Raines then connects Drayden Fields with a DDT, and goes for a pin... in which Starr finally slides into the ring and starts beating away at Sean Raines. He hits a lowblow on Sean Raines to take away all his momentum

Scott James: And it’s moves like that that get him in trouble every time, he motivates his opponent to want to beat him just that much more!

Starr irish whips Ranies and out of nowhere Drayden catches Ranies in his tracks and connects with a jumping drop kick. Ranies falls and Drayden is now back on his feet. Starr reaches for Drayden but Drayden moves out of the way and kicks Starr in the gut.

Mike Fisher: Nice quickness shown by Drayden Fields!

Alexander gains advantage with a well placed leg to the quads of Starr, taking him down. Drayden seizes the chance and begins to keep the him on an uneven footing. Whenever Starr looks to be getting to his feet, Drayden lashes out with a kick to the back of the legs.

Or an elbow to the spine.

Alexander continues this domination until, from nowhere, Ranies charges at Drayden and brings him down with a spear right into the turnbuckle, whiplashing Drayden .

Scott James: Ranies is still in this Mike. Take your eyes off of him and you might just lose the match.

Mike Fisher: Starr is the biggest man in the ring and he finds himself on the ground in pain!

Ranies picks up Drayden and places him the the turnbuckle. Climbing up with him Ranies places him in a suplex. The fans are on their feet as Ranies is about to super plex the newcomer Drayden Fields.

Scott James: This could be dangerous Mike!

Mike Fisher: No shit.

But out of nowhere, Starr rushes at both of them. Placing Ranies on his shoulders and falls backwards. Raines hit’s the ground and does Drayden Fields.

Mike - Drayden could had broken his neck!

Showing some surprisingly impressive teamwork and athleticism we can see Sean and Drayden continue the attack as Drayden drop kicks Starr low in the knee as he was trying to get back to his feet, we see Sean bounce off the ropes and go to kick Starr, but he gets grabbed by the throat. Starr then stands up to his feet and we see Drayden simply stand by and chuckle as Starr lifts Sean up and slams him into the mat with a sidewalk slam. As Starr steps forward, we see Drayden pounce, but he also gets thrown towards the mat. Starr then spikes Drayden into the mat with takedown.

He pins Drayden


Sean Raines meanwhile has slid out the ring and decided now is time to go hardcore. he brings a Steel chair back into the ring, he slides behind Starr who is still concentrating on Drayden and smashes him across the head as he drops to the floor.

He sets the chair up in the middle of the ring as he picks up Drayden and whips him into the ropes.. drop toe hold... ONTO the chair!

Draydens head bounces off it and Sean quickly goes for the pin

1..2...KICK OUT

Sean Raines shakes his head as he sits Drayden back up and hits a dropkick with the chair once again to Drayden knocking him back, he pins him again


Mike Fisher - This young kid won't stay down?

As Sean Raines gets off Drayden from the pin we can see that Drayden has been cut open. Sean looks down in disgust as he places the chair in the middle of the ring.

He picks up Drayden...DEAD SOUL!!

Mike Fisher - This has to be it

1...2...........KICK OUT!

Sean Raines rolls over in Shock as Drayden just manages to lift his shoulder one last time. Sean gets up and stands behind the fallen Drayden signaling it's time for the LAST LIGHT....

Raines stands there as Drayden gets up but then SMASH... A Chair is hit across the back of Sean Raines as Starr is back in the ring he drops down to the floor and Starr follows it up with a Bulldog as Raines rolls to the outside and drops to the floor...Starr turns around and STARRSTRUCK to the barely standing Drayden.... he goes for the pin


Winner and New Television Champion....STARR!!!

Starr grabs the title and hightails it out of the ring as Sean Raines quickly slides back in to try and catch him... Sean looks on as Starr stands on the ramp holding the TV title up... he looks down at Drayden Fields bleeding perfusely on the ground.

He shakes his head at him

Mike Fisher - Starr takes the title but the story here is the amount of punishment Drayden was able to take

Sean looks down at Drayden who's trying to get to his feet, he offers out his hand to pick him up helping him to his feet... Drayden looks up at Sean a small smile across his bloodied face...then Sean picks him up and DEAD SOUL!!!! as he smashes Drayden back into the ring again before rolling out and slowly heading to the back

International Title No.1 Contenders

- Impressive displays for these guys at the PPV has meant they have a chance at the International Title


Push Em - Yelawolf & Travis Barker plays as Adam Bradley makes his way out to great cheers

Scott James – This is a big opportunity for Adam… if he makes it out of this match alive he will be inline for his shot at his first ever International Title championship! What a true underdog story this would be!

“Phenomenal” begins to play as the lights in the arena go dark. Right as the music sounds like an explosion, out walks Justice wearing a black judge’s robe as pyro explodes from both sides of the stage.
The lights suddenly come back on as Justice stands for a few seconds eyeing the crowd before he makes his slow walk towards the ring. Once inside he unzips the robe to reveal his wrestling gear. Justice then calls for his music to cease as he prepares for the match.

Lights go out the stobe lights all around until the chorus drops when he appears. He walks down the ring to extend a hand to a kid then sikes him out and puts his hand in his pocket then pulls out 10k and starts to count it on the way to the ring. He rolls under the rope into the ring then gets on the middle rope fakes like hes going to throw the money into the crowd and says, yeah right then puts the cash back in his pocket and jumps off the second rope.

The Referee signals the bell and immediately Geeno Steels rolls out the ring

Geeno – Enough with this mandem!

Geeno walks to the back as the referee looks on, he is quickly urged by the other two to count


Melanie Jackson – Geeno Steels has been eliminated!


Adam Bradley and Justice Reigns turn their attention to each other, they being to square off exchanging lefts and rights with Adam quickly getting the advantage, he dodges a right arm from Justice sliding behind and hits a German Suplex…. Holding on he manages to deliver another one… he goes for a 3rd one with the fans chanting 3….. but Justice breaks it with a strong elbow.

Justice brings Bradley to his feet again, but Bradley quickly sidesteps and takes Justice down with a snapmare, and he follows it up with a chinlock on the seated Justice Hart. He applies pressure, but Justice works his way to his feet, slips behind Bradley, and lifts him up for a back suplex. Bradley kicks his feet into the air, and manages to use the momentum to push himself forward, slamming Hart's face into the canvas with a bulldog. Adam backs up a few steps and waits for Justice to get to his feet, and just as he does Bradley nails him with a superkick, sending Justice staggering backwards and falling through the ropes to the outside.

Justice drags himself up, getting his arms onto the ring apron trying to pull himself up, but Bradley is there, running full speed and knocking Justice back with a baseball slide kick, sending him thudding into the announcers table. Bradley leaps up and springboards himself off the top ropes as Justice gets up, but Justice moves out of the way.

Scott James: This is going to end badly!

Mike Fisher: Move out of the way!

Scott and Mike slide their chairs away, but surprisingly Bradley manages to catch himself, landing feet first onto the table which does not break. Bradley takes a quick look back then leaps backwards with an elbow that crashes into Justice. Both men lay on the outside for a moment, but Bradley, who used Justice to cushion his fall, picks him up and rolls him into the ring. Justice begins to climb to his feet, his body in severe pain, but his fighting spirit willing his body to continue. Bradley runs to the other side of the ring, bounces off the ropes, and leaps into the air.

Mike Fisher: Bradley going for the Quick Impact DDT!

Scott James: What a counter!

Just as Bradley is about to drop down with the DDT, Justice hooks his hands under the back of Adam's kneecaps, and pulls, slamming Adam down with a thunderous spinebuster. Still holding the legs, Justice steps one through, crosses them, and flips Bradley over, locking in a Boston Crab

Scott James: Bradley's caught in the Boston Crab

Mike Fisher: Brilliant instincts by the Justice there, and it is locked in tight! The Underdog is in trouble

Adam screams out as the nerves in his body begin to explode with agonizing pain. His hand hovers above the mat, his body telling him to give in, anything to make this excruciating pain stop.

Scott James: He's going to tap!

Bradley's hand turns into a fist as he grits his teeth. Justice yells out, pulling back even harder, trying to finish his opponent off as he has so many men in the past with this move.

Mike Fisher: He's going to break him in half!

Bradley begins to claw his way to the ropes, his hands desperately reaching, getting closer and closer to his salvation. Just inches away, inches away from the relief of the pain and the bitter taste of defeat. Just need to make one last lunge....

Scott James: So close!

Mike Fisher: He's going to- oh man, now he has no choice but to tap

Justice drags Bradley back to the center of the ring, and quickly reapplies the tight grip. Bradley's vision begins to swim, his eyes glazed over as all the lights of the arena, the faces of the fans, begin to swim around into an undefinable blur. He cannot give up, he cannot lose...but the world around him begins to fade to black.

Suddenly the hold is broken as the fans start chanting mental… Dan DiStoner is here!!!!

Dan grabs Justice and delivers the 420!!!!

He places Adam Bradley ontop for the pin…..



Melanie Jackson - Winner and no.1 contender for the International title ADAM BRADLEY

Adam gets up and looks at Dan Distoner, he offershis hand out to shake, Dan grabs it… and delivers a IMPACT DDT as he laughs and leaves the ring….

The scene opens in the back inside one of the training rooms. Rixton is sitting on one of the tables as a medic finishes suturing up the last stitch of five that he received on his forehead as the result of the match that kicked off Mayhem. Also in pretty bad shape, Hunter approaches Rixton with his ribs heavily wrapped up and slightly limping.

Hunter: Damn Rix, you look like I need a fucking drink!

[Hunter lifts a bottle of Jameson up and chugs a couple shots worth before offering the bottle up to Rixton. Rixton sits up, takes to bottle and downs a good amount of it contents.]

Rixton: Thanks for the drink, but what the fuck do you want?

Hunter: Just wanted to thank the man in person that is responsible for three bruised ribs. And see how that hard head of yours is holding up.

Rixton: Well after five stitches and a hit of this bottle I’m okay. You should have bruised ribs after the jump I took towards you. But you didn’t answer my question, what do you want Hunter.

[Rix pounds another swig of the bottle and hands it back to Hunter. Hunter grabs the bottle and takes a couple swigs of his own and sits it on the table opposite of him.]

Hunter: Okay, you got me. As much as I don’t mind shooting the bones and drinking a couple bottles of whiskey in the process, my intentions are so much more. These bruised ribs are nothing Rix. I’ve had broken bones and still won title matches. Those stitches on your head may leave a small scar, but even that wound they are closing up will heal. What isn’t sitting with me well, is coming to in the middle of a ring surrounded by tons of officials and medics to the smell of blood and spray paint. What I’m not kosher with Rix is finally standing up realizing why I smell spray paint is because there is a huge V:1 on the mat.

Rixton: Yeah, one of the Osh’s lackeys showed me the footage. Does that V:1 mean something to you?

Hunter: On the worst level possible Rix.

Rixton: Alright Hunter, I don’t have time for your cryptic crap right now, bro. I have no idea what that shit means and if you do just spill it!

Hunter: I’m going to make this really fuckin’ simple man. That V:1 means so much more than just a letter and a number. It’s the first version. The very first of its kind. Something that is in IIW history as one of the most dominating factions ever.

Rixton: Is this more of that “glory days” crap? I understand that I’m new here and you know I was a bit busy for the five years before joining up with this company. So just tell me or get the hell out of my face!

Hunter: Whoa, whoa, whoa there killer. Easy now. As of this moment, the differences between you and I...they are on hold for a future date. I know damn well you didn’t join this company without checking out some of its history Rix. I know you’re a lot smarter than you pretend to be around here. I personally know Rixton Ruin wouldn’t make any moves without covering every single track option available. You’ve been that way for a long time Rix...a very...long...time. But, what I am saying is by now you must have heard of The Franchise V:1. And that means you should also know I was one half of that team. Do you have any idea who that other half was Rix? Come on man...I know you know his name.

Rixton: I’ve been watching tapes bro. I’m aware of the Car you used to ride in and who Held The Keys. But what does that have to do with me? Cause I had you beat bro...Period! I’m kinda sick of everyone sticking their nose in my business. Now the funny thing is that everytime someone is in my business it has something to do with you. Tell me why that is Hunter.

[Rixton stands up just incase he has to defend himself.]

Hunter: Here man. [Hunter grabs the bottle of Jameson and hands it back to Rix.] Take a rip man. Its cool. [Rix grabs the bottle and chugs some down keeping the bottle.] Rix, I’m not saying I don’t understand you completely. Because, I certainly do. I’ve been there on numerous occasions. This thing between you and me. It ain’t finished. We can discuss that later this week. But for now, business is business. And our business got fucked over tonight. Now, I can’t say you had that match won, but I can say my ass was hurting in a way it hasn’t in a very long time. Here’s the why to your question “Bro”. That one that “Held the Keys” as you so eloquently put it...well he’s back Rix. And he has no problem sticking his nose in anybody’s business so long as he makes a point. His big idea I’m sure was to make an entrance and continue to play his messed up mind games. This time it affected you. Not only did I eat it...but you obviously caught the raw end of a finishing move I’m sure didn’t feel so good. So, with your why now answered...I’m here one pissed off som’ bitch to another...asking for your help with something.

Rixton: If you don’t think The End was coming to that match you’re as crazy as most say. But, whatever, now that Fe...He has shown up does that mean you’ll be strike up the band again? Cause most say you hate him more than life itself. And what do I gain by helping you? [Rixton polishes off the bottle and hands it back to Hunter empty.]

Hunter: [Hunter grabs the empty bottle and looks angrily at Rixton as he chucks the bottle into a nearby trashcan. Then he smiles as he opens the bag he brought with him that has been by his feet the entire time and pulls out another bottle cracking it open.] Always come prepared I say! [He chugs a few shots worth and hands it back to Rixton.] I sure hope you can handle your whiskey dude. Anyway, so strike up the band you ask? That band broke up a long time ago Rix. Words can’t even describe the hate I have for that guy. I’ll put it to you like this. I’m the new Kingpin in this city. My only mission is to light his city on fire and watch that fucker burn straight to Hell sending him down with it into the flames. As far as what you gain...its simple. One word comes to mind. Payback. And the Rixton Ruin I know...finds complete satisfaction in him getting retribution. Look man...hear me out. I have a plan where we both win in this situation. [Hunter looks around and makes sure that only he and Rixton are in the listening area at this time]

Rixton: I kinda like flames, Hunter. But, you know what happened to the Kingpin in the comics right? Daredevil always fucks him up as well as all of his buddies right alongside him. So, if I help you, don’t you think that you can hang something over me. Cause that ain’t gonna happen. Let’s hear that plan of yours and if I find value in it I’ll be willing help. But hurry bro, I got a flight to catch!

[Rix and Hunter are seen talking about said plan as the scene closes.]

- Newbie Sandman looks to make his mark facing Andre Clayton and Lance Lewis who are both looking to fight back after a loss at the PPV

The light go dark except for a white spot light on the stage
and as the opening riffs to Drowning pools "Step up" begin and we hear:
1, 2, 3 - Go!
a explosion of fireworks erupts from the stage and we see Andre Clayton standing in the spot light wearing a long leather trench coat his head tilted back and arms spread out wide basking in the spotlight for a few seconds as the crowd boos loudly before he makes his way down the ramp as the song continues

Yeah, you've been living on the edge of a broken dream.
Yeah, that's the only thing you'll ever take away from me.

I'm never gonna stop,
I'm never gonna drop,
Ain't no different than it was before.

So take some good advice,
You better stop and think twice,
Before you take your first step,
Out that door.

If you wanna step up (step up),
You're gonna get knocked down (knocked down).
If you wanna step up (step up),
You're gonna get knocked down.

You had your chance to walk away.
Live to see another day.

If you wanna step up (step up),
You're gonna get knocked down (knocked down).
You're gonna get knocked down...

Andre then makes his way down the ramp always followed by the spotlight and comes to the ring slides under the bottom rope quickly rebounds to his feet and then makes his way to the bottom left turn buckle and climbs up and once again throws his arms out wide and tilts his head back and stands there for a few seconds and then leaps down, takes off his trench coat hands it off to a stage hands and moves to the middle of the ring.

Lance Lewis walks out in a boxing style coat down to the ring, jumps upon the apron ledge and flings himself into the ring with a front flip followed up with multiple front headstand handsprings, a corner backflip( Daniel Bryan/ Tiger Mask style) sticking the landing in the center of the ring.

Burn It Down - Avenged Sevenfold plays as the Sandman walks out to the ring.

Mike Fisher – Andre Clayton looks pumped up here Scott!

The Bell rings and Andre launches himself at Lance Lewis taking him down with a Spear as Sandman backs off

Andre gets back to his feet staring down Sandmand who rushes Andre, Andre ducks him and PELE KICK…. Both men on the floor now Andre looks at them… he piles them up one ontop of the other as he heads to the top rope…

Scott James- he’s not going to try this is he?

Mike Fisher – no way!!!

Andre stands on the top rope and CRAZY BASTARD!

Mike Fisher- That moves lives up to his name as Andre flips up and lands on both his opponents

Andre writhes in pain before sprawling his arms across both men as the referee counts



Just then... MONSTER by Automatic plays and out storms Adam The Monster followed by Colin Atcher

Colin Atcher - This is your return gift Adam!!! I hope you're hungry...

They charge the ring facing off against Andre Clayton...he quickly slides out of the ring and stands behind the commentary desk as he watches on...

Adam gets in the ring and sizes up the Sandman.....he takes a deep breathe in and...SWALLOWS SANDMAN WHOLE!!!

Mike Fisher - OMG...Adam The Monster is back... he literally has eaten the Sandman!!


Crowd and Adam - TASTES!



Adam's music hits as they head to the backs

Tag Team Titles

-Calidus couldn't get the job done at the PPV in any of their matches, they will be seeking blood here, Curtis has obviously pulled strings with his MIA dad to get the Tag Titles put on the line here against two familiar foes in Jonny C and Shawn Taylor, will they be able to coincide?

the lights in the arena dim then flash blue and green.

HERE'S JONNY blares over the pa system. Pretty Fly for a white guy starts as Jonny C bursts through the curtain onto the ramp. He holds his arms out and yells I'M BETTER THEN YOU.

He laughs and walks to the ramp jaw jacking with the fans. He slides under the bottom rope and runs and climbs the ropes yelling I know I'm your hero. He jumps down and bounces on the ropes a few times.

The lights do dark, the familiar drums hit and the crowd go wild as Shawn Taylor's music hits, lit only by a spotlight and some flashing blue lights. Shawn steps out onto the stage, grinning and looking at the crowd.

As soon as the chorus starts Shawn outstretches his arms and a shower of pyro comes from the top of the stage behind him, as he does this the house lights come up a bit, with blue spots roaming the arena. Shawn walks down the ramp, clapping hands with the fans smiling from ear to ear.

He walks up the steps, and launches himself into the ring over the top rope. Once in the ring Shawn goes straight to a turnbuckle, climbs it and cockily Outstretches his arms, Randy Orton-esque, and does the same on the opposite turnbuckle before climbing down and removing his shirt, to some cheers from the female fans, as he waits for his opponent..

Chase comes through the curtain slowly as the screaming starts in his entrance music. He is wearing a hooded zipup and MMA shorts. He walks slowly to the ring without revealing his face, because the fans don't deserve to see it until he wants to show it. He jumps on the ring apron, climbs the turnbuckle and slowly removes his hood. He closes his eyes and soaks in the deafening boos.

He jumps into the ring and immediately sits in his corner waiting for his opponent or waiting for the match to begin.

"Faith" by Limp Bizkit as Curtis Vaughan steps out onto the ramp wearing a red and white hoody that says Legacy on the back of it. Curtis raises his arms as fireworks shoot up from the ramp, before heading to the ring, as he dives under the bottom ropes, into the ring and poses to the mixed reaction of the crowd.

Jonny and Shawn immediately get into a shoving match. They get right into each other’s faces and have a stare down neither man flinching then they begin to laugh. Both men want to start the match so they settle on rock paper scissors. Shawn throws rock Jonny throws the finger both me laugh and Jonny steps out onto the apron. Shawn points to Chase and yells I want you let’s do this.

Chase steps out onto the apron saying not yet. Curtis charges at Shawn hits a spear and begins laying punches into Shawn’s face. Jonny jumps into the right and kicks Curtis in the head and shoves him off of Shawn. Jonny steps back out of the ring as Shawn gets to his feet. Shawn picks up Curtis whips him into the corner then hits a big boot sending Curtis to the mat.

Shawn points to Jonny and says that’s how its done. Jonny laughs and yells back I will show you how its done when I get in there. Curtis hits a low blow then immediately school boys Shawn.
1 Kick out

Curtis gets to his feet picks up Shawn and does a fireman’s carry followed but a quick elbow drop. Curtis tags in Chase. Chase walks over and picks up Shawn; Shawn grabs Chase and shoves him out of the ring. Shawn runs and bounces off the rope runs across the ring jumps to the top rope and jumps high into the air as Chase is getting up hitting a huge cross body. Shawn rolls into the ring.

Chase barley makes it to the ring for the ten count. Shawn tags in Jonny and Jonny yells for Curtis to make the tag. Right as Chase is about to make the tag Jonny grabs his boot and pulls his away. Jonny drops an elbow to his spine. Jonny jumps to his feet pointing to his brain. Jonny walks over to Curtis yelling at him. Curtis punches Jonny hard.

Jonny stumbles back into a drop kick by Chase. Jonny hits the corner Chase climbs Jonny and starts punching him in the head. Chase jumps down and Jonny falls to the mat. Chase climbs the ropes to celebrate. A man in a black hood jumps the security barrier with a chair and slides into the ring. He smashes chase in the back with the chair chance falls off the ropes right in front of Curtis. The man pulls the hood off its Sebastian Redditch. Curtis tags himself in. Sebastian jumps out of the ring.

Curtis is looking at Chase Jonny takes advantage of the situation and grabs Curtis and his a German suplex. Chase gets to his feet and jumps out of the ring and chances after Sebastian leaving Curtis alone in the ring. Jonny tags Shawn. Jonny picks up Curtis and holds him Shawn climbs the ropes and dropkicks Curtis out of Jonny’s hands.

Shawn picks up Curtis and does a vicious DDT and makes a cover

Shawn cannot believe it. Jonny runs into the ring and grabs the ref yelling are you blind. Both men are throwing a fit. This gives Curtis enough time to get to his feet. Jonny lets the ref go both men turn to see Curtis charging them and delivers a huge double clothesline. Curtis puts both men’s feet on the middle rope and puts them both in headlock and stands up. Double middle rope ddt. Curtis pins Jonny. The ref yells Jonny isn’t the legal man. Curtis punches the mat then covers Shawn.
Kick out
Curtis picks up Shawn delivers a sit down power bomb. Jonny attempts to sneak attack Curtis but Curtis ducks and super kicks Jonny. Jonny rolls out of the ring. Curtis picks up Shawn and attempts another power bomb but Shawn keeps going and rolls up Curtis but doesn’t hold it for the pin. Both men get to their feet and lock up. Shawn hip tosses Curtis.

Curtis gets back up and they lock up again. Curtis spins it to a side headlock and rakes it.

Shawn grabs Curtis around the waist and suplexs him. Both men get to their feet and Jonny climbs back onto the apron. Shawn Tags Jonny in and tells him to finish it....


Jonny waits for Curtis and F'N POINT!!!!

He pins as the crowd count along


Shawn and Jonny stand in the ring as the referee hands Shawn his World title Belt and the pair of them their new Tag Team Titles.

Shawn almost immediately grabs a microphone for him and for Jonny and gestures to the ring announcer

Shawn: You're done....

The ring announcer leaves at Shawn's gesture, and Jonny C's encouragement.

Shawn: Ladies and Gentlemen....They said it would never work....

Jonny: That their egos would get in the way....

Shawn: That they could never get along...

Jonny: That Jonny C is the sexiest motherfu

- Shawn gives Jonny a look

Jonny: That the ring was not big enough for the two of them.

Shawn and Jonny both look to the camera Shawn & Jonny: But they were wrong because....

Jonny: Your winners of this match



Jonny: The Infamous Jonny C

Shawn: And the Incomporable Shawn Taylor!

Both men hold up their belts in the air to cheers from the crowd.

Shawn: Isn't it amazing people, that some wrestlers sit behind the scenes for days, weeks, even months drinking and plotting amazing tag teams or stables to try and get themselves over and take over every aspect of the show...

Jonny: But when they arrive boy do they ever suck and embarrass us all...

Shawn: Yet the management just THROWS Shawn Taylor & Jonny C into a match together and WHAM!


Shawn: Why does it work with little to no planning? What's the one magic difference?


Both men do a “mic drop” as the music hits and they celebrate one more time.

Part 2