Charlie – They’re working me like a horse here! 1 report a month, this is a joke, this isn’t what I signed up for, 1000 monkeys typing 1000 reports or something like that, I forget the point or message behind that, either way I’m not a monkey!

I don’t know what kind of freaky superstars we have here in a the IIW but there has been a lot of blood spilt recently, it’s creating a lot of mess, so just remember my saying If it’s blood it will take a good….scrubbing, and I don’t like that, Kaz is already trying to sue me for what he calls unhumanitarian conditions, I told him to shut up and locked him back up in his cupboard.

I took stock of some of this blood that is getting everywhere, from every superstar and I’ve found something out, I’m not at liberty to divulge just yet as I’m getting My lawyer to have a look at it, something about how if it’s wrong I could get sued, either way it’s a big deal and I hope to tell people soon

Now one problem I have is Mr DiStoner… he keeps shitting everywhere… mainly Osh’s office but have a moment to think about it Daniel, I know you don’t like Osh, but it’s not that bastard who has to clean it, it’s me who has to stick on the rubber gloves, and gas mask…boy what have you been eating.. Just stop it ok?!

Speaking of the Hall Of Fame, Congratulations my man Donny Allen getting in there, not many people know this but I had the honour of being brought to this federation by Donny, we got off to a good start even if he did originally play a prank on me involving a penny.

I was recently very pissed off about getting out bit for the Hardcore title on Ebay, I saw it as a great opportunity to launch my wrestling career without really having to do much, it seemed to suit my personality, but that dumb sum bitch Harold Bishop beat me to it, doing it for Osh.. pah… I’m glad Rixton Ruin took it off him

Janitor Out

Just remember

You won’t be violated with my broom if you clean your locker room!