The Commander stands in the ring as we return from our commercial break and we see Melanie Jackson in the ring

Melanie – The following is a 1on1 match with a restricted time limit of 5 minutes! In the ring standing at 6’5 from London, Uk… THE COMMANDER

The venues lights suddenly turn off and Come to Daddy begins. The music plays until the beat drops in total darkness. Then nothing but red light is shown. Rixton walks out on the stage very slowly as on the screen His name appears and turns into running blood. He makes his way down the ramp not making eye contact with the crowd. A few feet from the ring he make a dash and slides head fist under the bottom rope. Rix crawls to the middle of the ring sits cross legged while his music fades bathed only in the red light. Still never makes full eye contact with a soul.

The two men face up in the ring as the bell rings and the big timer appears on the IIW Screen 5:00

The Commander follows through with what he promised by starting to exchange lefts and rights with Rixton, easily getting the upper hand to begin with, eventually Rixton blocks with a sharp elbow momentarily stunning the Commander, Rixton takes this opportunity to drop The Commander with a jaw breaker sending him to the ground, he circles around him and picks him up and delivers THE BAD DAY

Scott James– looks like someone just had a bad day Mike!

Mike Fisher – What a manoeuvre! And I’m informed this isn’t even his ‘finishing’ move

Rixton stands tall taking a breathe as he looks towards the screen watching it tick down past the 4 minute mark. He calmly makes his way up to the top rope where he monitors the position of The Commander before launching himself off with a moonsault catching The Commander full on as he covers for the pin

1…2…Rixton breaks the hold

Mike Fisher – What did he do that for?

Scott James – It looks like he’s not done with The Commander yet!

Rixton gets up ontop of the Turnbuckle where he sits crossing his legs waiting….

Scott James – What’s he waiting for?

Mike Fisher – I believe he’s getting ready for The End.

The Commander slowly starts making his way to his feet looking dazed he turns round and looks up seeing Rixton now on his feet.

Rixton jumps off the top rope and plants The Commander with THE END.

Scott James– Jean Claude Van DAMMMMME That was a sick move

Rixton rolls over to cove the Commander


Rixton’s music begins to play as the clock barely ticks under 3 minutes.


Red and Green smoke rises up therough the stage and Bodies by Drowning Pool begins to play the the booing crowd. Out walks Dan DiStoner dressed in Black Jeans and a leather jacket. Wearing stone washed jeans. An ever present snear on his face. DiStoner yells insults back to the crowd as he makes his way to the ring. He wipes his feet on the apron and steps into the ring, Pulls a pack out of his pocket and fires up a joint and begins to smoke it in the ring.

The lights in the arena dim then flash blue and green. HERE'S JONNY blares over the pa system. Pretty Fly for a white guy starts as Jonny C bursts through the curtin onto the ramp. He holds his arms out and yells I'M BETTER THEN YOU. He laughs and walks to the ramp jaw jacking with the fans. He slides under the bottom rope and runs and climbs the ropes yelling I know I'm your hero. He jumps down and bounces on the ropes a few times.

The Bell rings and Jonny C goes for THE F'N POINT... But Dan Di Stoner pushes Jonny C off them and hits him with a hard clothesline

Dan Di Stoner Shouts - You cocky bastard!

Mike Fisher - These two good friends must know each other so well the length of time these two have been competing in the same federations all over the world

Dan picks Jonny back up and whips him into the corner following up with a hard shoulder, as he stands in the middle of the ring and taunts.

Dan swings around and he and Jonny C stare each other down. They lock up and Jonny C locks in a suplex! he kicks around and goes for it again, and once more to hit the 3 amigos! He continues to work on Di Stoner's back. He then turns over Di Stoner and goes upto the top rope for a moonsault, but he moves out of the way!

Both men struggle to their feet and exchange tired blows, until Di Stoner starts to get the better of Jonny C and runs against the ropes, but Jonny dodges and throws Di Stoner over the top rope! But Dan manages to hold on and skins the cat back into the ring! Jonny C cannot believe it and charges at Di Stoner, who back body drops Jonny C over the top rope, but Jonny lands on the apron, punches Di Stoner in his weakened back and gets back in the ring. Again they lock up and Jonny shoves down Di Stoner. Jonny C picks him up, and goes for the Falcon Arrow, He lifts up Dan Di Stoner, who grabs his arm round Jonny's head and reverses into a hurracanrana

Mike Fisher - I'm suprised Dan is still able to do that move at his age!

Jonny C is down on the mat, and Dan Distoner stumbles over to a nearby turnbuckle. He exits the ring, to climb to the top rope Jonny C is showing signs of life, as he is slowly returning to his feet. Dan Distoner is preparing to dive off, as he notices Jonny is back up to his feet. Distoner jumps from the top rope, and goes for a diving hurricanrana. Out of nowhere, Jonny C catches Distoner in mid air, and he takes Distoner down to the mat with a hard sit down powerbomb.
Scott James 1....2...

Mike Fisher - KICK OUT! Thought that may have been it then

Jonny C up and signals it's time... he waits for Dan DiStoner to get up and THE F'N POINT! Nailed it

Mike Fisher - This one is ....

Just then the two masked men from last Mayhem come out nailing the referee from behind and jump Jonny C, Jonny tries his best to push them up grabbing at them and pulling, he grabs one of them and pulls of his mask... Jonny stares at him and stops dead

Mike Fisher - Oh My God.....

Scott James - IT's Curtis Vaughan!!!! Osh's son is here!!! So this is who's been doing all the attacks!

Curtis picks up Jonny C and delivers The C-Bomb!

Curtis Stands above Jonny C and poses with the other masked man before they leave through the crowd

Mike Fisher - I can't believe Curtis Vaughan is here, but who is the other guy?

The referee slowly making his way back to his feet looks around at both men shaking his head he begins a slow count 1....2....3....4

Dan DiStoner is the first back to his feet as he waits for Jonny C, noticing Jonny is struggling he goes to the top role and THE 420 SPLASH!!!! He goes straight for the cover

Mike Fisher - 1...2...

Scott JAmes - KICK OUT!!! Jonny does it

Mike Fisher - how does he get his shoulder up there?

Dan looks on in shock as he takes a second to think before picking up Jonny C and delivering the CASH OUT

He pins him again

Mike Fisher - 1....2.....3

Scott James - THIS ONE IS DONE!


Lance Lewis walks out in a boxing style coat down to the ring, jumps upon the apron ledge and flings himself into the ring with a front flip followed up with multiple front headstand handsprings, a corner backflip( Daniel Bryan/ Tiger Mask style) sticking the landing in the center of the ring.

"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and urges the crowd to get louder, as they do

Melanie Jackson - Comign to the ring now Mr Pure Wrestling Ryan McCann!

They tee off in the middle of the ring, as Ryan attempts some amateur moves, wrapping and slipping behind Lance, he lifts him and drops him to the mat as he slaps him across the back of the head and gets up


McCann delivers the first blow with a right hand to Lewis. Lewis stands up and takes the blow before delivering one right back, knocking McCann to the canvass. Ryan McCann scrambles to his feet, almost in embarrassment and delivers another blow to Lewis. Both men trade blows before Lewis plants McCann with a tornado DDT. Lewis helps McCann to his feet and drops him again with a backbreaker. Lewis flaunts himself at the crowd and meets McCann as he gets back to his feet… he throws McCann into the ropes and hits him on the rebound with a clothesline. Lewis runs into the ropes and hits McCann with a running leg drop. He drags a dazed McCann back to his feet and picks him up for a brain buster, dropping him flat on his head…

Mike Fisher - Great start here from both competitors

Scott James - This could go either way Mike!

Lance Lewis keeps on the attack picking up Ryan and locking him into a Half-Nelson, Ryan tries to wriggle out but Lance drops him into a Half-Nelson slam, a couple of hard kicks from Lance and he is really beginning to take control of this match, he drops an elbow for good measure as he picks up Ryan and whips him into the ropes... as Ryan bounces back ENZIGURI!

Ryan's head drops to the floor with a thickening thud as Lance goes for the pin

Mike Fisher - 1...2.... KICK OUT!

Lance looks on in disbelief but goes right back on the attack. Lance Lewis walks to Ryan McCann’s feet and applies a Boston crab. After a bit of a struggle, Ryan McCann is able to throw Lance Lewis off using his leg strength. Both men climb to their feet. Ryan McCann hits Lance Lewis with two hard clotheslines, knocking him down to the mat. Lance Lewis ducks the third before raking Ryan McCann’s eyes, then follows it up with a textbook standing dropkick. He goes for the cover,
Mike Fisher - 1…2…another kick out.

Lance Lewis is beginning to look annoyed. With Ryan McCann still on the ground, Lance Lewis climbs to the top rope. As Ryan McCann climbs to his feet, Lance Lewis flies off and catches him with a diving cross body!

Mike Fisher - Cover, 1…2…another kick out, this one being the closest yet.

Lance Lewis thumps his fist on the mat, and begins to have a go at the ref. He sighs, then falls to the floor in preparation for his finisher. Again, Ryan McCann climbs slowly to his feet, Lance Lewis moves forward looking to his the British Bullet Boot ! Ryan McCann blocks, and hits a desperate T-Bone suplex! Both men are down. 1…2…3…4…Ryan McCann stirs…5…6…Ryan McCann is able to drape his arm across Lance Lewis!

Mike Fisher - 1…2…Lance Lewis kicks out!

Both men struggle back to their feet where they begin to exchange blows, Ryan McCann looks to be getting the better of it...suddenly he throws a real haymaker but Lance ducks grabbing his arm and raps his arms around Ryan


Lance begins to wrap his legs and put more pressure on moving Ryan down to the mat as Ryan struggles to break free

Scott James - He's gonna tap!

Ryan McCann taps!

Melanie Jackson - Your winner... LANCE LEWIS!


Chase comes through the curtain slowly as the screaming starts in his entrance music. He is wearing a hooded zipup and MMA shorts. He walks slowly to the ring without revealing his face, because the fans don't deserve to see it until he wants to show it. He jumps on the ring apron, climbs the turnbuckle and slowly removes his hood. He closes his eyes and soaks in the deafening boos. He jumps into the ring and immediately sits in his corner waiting for his opponent or waiting for the match to begin.

The Infection by Disturbed begins to play over the speaker system as smoke fills the front walkway, as fans give a mixed reaction of cheers and jeers... But the music continues to play as there is no sign of Chino....

Chase stands in the ring posing laughing... Chinos theme starts up again as there is no sign of Chino as the crowd starts to boo heavily now


The Referee slides in the ring and begins the count


Melanie Jackson - The Winner....Chase Durden

Chase Durden - 1 and 0 bitches! now I want to emulate my dad I want my shot at the TV title!

Kaz - Missssterrr Charrrrleee Sirrr Helpp me pleasssee

Charlie looks at the mess that Kaz and Stan have created, they have drawn a white outline on the gruond around the body of a man face down

Charlie - Why have you not moved this guy?

Stan Shrugs

Charlie - Does this one not talk?

Kaz - NO missterr Charlie Sir, hee onlee know 1 word, he has been hanging out with Mr Monster sirrr

Charlie - Bloody Hell

Stan - Monsterize!

Charlie - Right, why is this man still here who is it?

Charlie spins the man around revealing Chino laid out.

Charlie - Who the hell did this?

Stan - I think it was him Mister Charlie Sirr

The Camera pans to Dan Di Stoner holding a sign saying IT WAS ME

Charlie - I'm off to see Osh!, you two, clean this mess up properly!


Freak by Silverchair begins to play as the Dark Soul Sean Raines begins to make his way to the ring

Melanie Jackson - Coming to the ring now from Aurora, IL Sean Raines!

Push Em - Yelawolf & Travis Barker plays as Adam Bradley makes his way out to a loud reception

Melanie Jackson - Coming to the ring now from MAnchester UK, The former IIW No.1 ranked superstar Adam Bradley!

They lock up as the bell rings Bradley flies at Sean Raines and hits him with a flurry of punches and kicks. He attempts to hit a belly to belly suplex, but Sean Raines blocks, and hits Bradley with a massive spine buster.

Mike Fisher - With power like that, I seriously doubt Bradley’s chance here in this one.

Sean Raines walks around awaiting Adam. The heat he receives from the crowd seems to please him. He walks back to the prone Adam Bradley on the floor, who counters with a sudden roll up!

1…2…Sean Raines kicks out emphatically. Both men climb to their feet. Sean Raines has a look of fury on his face. Bradley charges at him but Sean Raines ducks and runs into the ropes. Sean Raines bounces back and hits Bradley with a vicious Clothesline. Bradley goes completely limp and lies on the floor.

Mike Fisher - I've not seen Sean Raines look as determined and intense as this before

Scott James - I agree Mike, this is a different type of Sean Raines than we're used to!

Sean Raines begins to work at Bradley in the corner who is holding on for dear life , Sean Raines catches Bradley on the back of the head with a hard clubbing blow, he follows it up with a hard kick to the face as Bradley's jus falls back.

Sean goes for a pin but once again Adam Bradley kicks out at 2, Sean takes a moment to compose himself before going after Adam again but Adam reverses into a verticle suplex landing hard both men struggle to get back to their feet. Luckily for Adam he is the first to his feet and he is above to deliver a hard DDT. he goes for a cover

Mike Fisher - 1...2... KICK OUT

Adam goes back on the attack, he delivers a Russian legsweep followed by a leg drop followed by another as he really begins to take control of the match, he loads up Sean Raines and signals to the crowd..... BLUE AND GOLD!

Mike Fisher - That is a thing of beauty

Scott James - Stop posing Adam and go for the cover!!!

Adam eventually covers Sean Raines....

Mike Fisher - 1....2.. .

Scott James - KICK OUT!

Adam Bradley buries his face in the mat is despair. He climbs to his feet and signals for another Blue and Gold. Sean Raines blocks it and runs into the ropes, he ducks a Adam Bradley clothesline attempt and bounces off the ropes again and catches him with a drop kick ! Sean Raines now jumps to his feet, adrenaline shooting through his body. He picks Adam Bradley up from behind and locks in Last Light .

Mike Fisher - Adams' fading here!

Scott James - But Adam isn't a quitter he won't quit!

The referee checks if Adam will quit but he won't quit but he is slowly losing consciousness

Ref - Quit adam?

Adam - Never.....

Sean Raines tightens the hold as Adam is out cold now, the referee signals for the bell

Melanie Jackson - The winner.... and FIRST IIW Television Champion... SEAN RAINES!

Scene breaks in on the arena with a birds eye view of the crowd, then the camera view turns to the titantron.

Geeno: Waaaaaaaaaaa!

***The crowd cheers as the camera goes deep in the screen. Geeno is shown in a wife beater tank top with green, red and white gucci shorts and
a custom pair of white, green and red Jordan 4's, with a long white gold chain with a big G pendant covered in diamonds.

Geeno is inside a room with the IIW logo at the top.

**Geeno gets close to the camera and taps the lense and then shakes the camera.......

Geeno: Is this thing on? Cause i don't hear anyone out there.

**Crowd gives a thunderous roar.**

Geeno: Sebastian Redditch...........

**Crowd boos**

Geeno: Easy guys easy...... Sebastian Redditch a top contender, a monster, a destructive force here in the iiw. This match will not only be a test for me,
its gonna be a highly anticipated match.

**Geeno laughs right along with the crowd.**

Geeno: Just incase you forgot im also a contender, a contender for your girlfriend's cooch. There's plenty of things i have over you, 1 is that i look better than you...
looking like a strung out rick rude. I also have the skill the motivation, drive, speed, skill, speed and supreme sexiness to beat you.

**Crowd cheers**

Geeno: I understand that you can't satisfy your girl, its ok sabby... you should know your place. When im done pounding her in the bed, is on to pounding you
in the ring....

***Camera Slowly pans to the left while Stan stands there in disgust***

Stan: BRO!!!! What are you talkin about!

***Crowd laughs***

Geeno: No stupid im going to satisfy his wife then beat him up!




Stan: Well why didn't you just say that?

Geeno: maaaaaaan if you don't get out my face....

**Stan Laughs**

Stan: Well ill let you get to your threesome promo, im going to catering, i heard they got some good hero's.

***Stan walks out***

**Crowd Cheers**

Geeno: Well like i was saying Sabby im going to show the world that your just another average man that can be beaten, and you know what....
that kid that you charged for the autogragh is a symbol of who you are, your a greedy, pathetic, shell of a wrestler.
Im going to make sure you remain undefeated backwards. Look at me and pay close attention..

**Crowd cheers as Geeno looks into the camera to the point you can only see his eyes.**

Geeno: I want you to take this time to look at me in my eyes and know that im like no one you ever faced cause i am GEENO!......

Both the crowd and Geeno: DA DON! STEELS!

**Crowd Cheers Tremendously.... Geeno pulls away from the camera so now you can see his whole face**

Geeno: Sebastian Redditch I am what you are not cause... UR! DONE FoR!

***Geeno walks off and cameras fade on the IIW logo.***


The lights go out in the arena as “Insanity Syndrome” by The Enigma TNG starts to play. The entrance area is filled with fog and lit with purple lights. As the guitars kick in Daniel Corvin walks through the fog. He stands at the entrance looking down to the ring. He throws his arms out in a release the doves pose as the crowd starts to boo him. He smirks and the heads to the ring. He ignores the crowd and heads right to the ring. He climbs the steps and enters the ring. He goes to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs onto the second one and once again throws his arms out accepting the crowd's negative reaction.

He jumps down to the mat spinning to face the ref and awaits the start of the match.
His music hits and Derek Spencer walks to the ring. Corvin and Spencer circle the ring a few times then lock up.

They push back and forth a few times then Corvin whips Spencer into the ropes Spencer hits the ropes and runs back attempting a clothesline but Corvin sees its and hits the mat forcing Spencer to run over him. Corvin hops up and hip tosses Spencer.

Corvin picks up Spencer and irish whips him into the corner but Spencer comes firing out of the corner with a huge clothesline. Corvin doesn’t go down, Spencer kicks him in the gut and hits a ddt and makes the cover. 1. Corvin kicks out. Spencer stand up yells come on to the ref and kicks Corvin twice. Spencer picks up Corvin and does a forearm upper cut sending Corvin back a few steps. Spencer charges Corvin sending him crashing through the ropes to the outside. Spencer runs to the other side of the ring bouncing off the ropes and diving though the middle and top rope on top of Corvin. Both men are down outside of the ring. Spencer picks up Corvin and tries to whip him into the ring stairs but Corvin holds on reversing it sending spencer into the steps. Spencer flips over the stairs landing on the other side while Corvin runs and jumps off the stairs and drops an elbow on Spencer. Corvin rolls into the ring awaiting the count out.

Spencer slowly slides into the ring at 8 and it met with a boot to the head. Corvin picks up Spencer and again whips him into the corner. He runs at his and clothslines him. Spencer falls to the bottom rope. Corvin grabs the top rope and stomps a mudhole into Spencer. Corvin rolls him forward and makes the cover. 1. 2. Spencer kicks out.

Corvin gets up and kicks the bottom rope and starts to yell at the ref. Spencer gets up runs at the ropes builds speed and grabs Corvins head and hits a bulldog. He immediately picks up Corvin and does a sitdown power bomb. He slides to corvins head and locks in the Original Sin. The ref slides down and starts asking Corvin if he taps.
Corvin refuses as Derek gets frustrated and releases the hold, he picks up Corvin and whips him into the ropes and CHAOS THEORY!

Mike Fisher - This one's over

Derek poses for the crowd... but then arena suddenly goes dark... The flashlights on peoples phones are coming on as the lights are restored Corvin is no longer in the ring, it is just Derek Spencer stood on his own, he looks round confused as the referee looks on as well. The crowd boo as no one is sure what to do, eventually Melanie Jackson steps into the ring

Melanie Jackson - The Winner by count out DEREK SPENCER!


We Will Rock You – Queen blasts out as Melanie Jackson stands in the ring

Melanie – Coming to the ring weighing 220 pounds at a height of 5’10, Sebastian Redditch!

Lights go out the stobe lights all around until the chorus drops when he appears. He walks down the ring to extend a hand to a kid then sikes him out and puts his hand in his pocket then pulls out 10k and starts to count it on the way to the ring. He rolls under the rope into the ring then gets on the middle rope fakes like hes going to throw the money into the crowd and says, yeah right then puts the cash back in his pocket and jumps off the second rope.

Melanie – And his opponent weighing 240 pounds at a height of 6’4” GEENO ‘DA DON’ STEELS

Geeno gets the upperhand at the start of the match being able to shift the smaller body of Sebastian Redditch into the ropes, he charges him down with a Leaping clothesline sending him flying into the turnbuckle, Knee drop, back elbow followed by a round house kick and Sebastian is slumped in the corner.

Mike Fisher – wow what a start from Da Don

Geeno advances on Sebastian in the corner but is met with a shoulder to the guy as he reels back, Sebastian comes charging at him with a stiff elbow followed by a sling blade. Picking Geeno up he lifts him and delivers a picture perfect Vertical suplex as Geeno writhes around. Sebastian begins to strut around the ring and pose

Scott James – See this is the issue with Sebastian always one to show off

Sebastian returns to the action where he tries to take Geeno down with a DDT but Geeno powers out of it hitting rolling neckbreaking, holding on to take Sebastian up again… 2nd Neckbreaker! This time Geeno lets go and goes for a pin

1……2…………………KICK OUT

Geeno goes right back on the attack stomping away at Sebastian, he stands on the 2nd tunbuckle jumping off it driving a knee into Sebastian’s stomach, picking him up quickly he delivers a DDT and goes for the pin again


Scott James – Sebastian really is trying to show he’s not willing to give up easy here

Geeno picks up Sebastian resting him against the ropes, he starts picking away at him with left and right jabs, he winds up for a final knockout blow but Sebastian blocks it and starts fighting back, fireman carry and Sebastian has the advantage as he locks in an elbow extender pulling away triyng to get Geeno to submit…. NO

Geeno refuses to give up and eventually makes it to the ropes , Sebastian does not give up though getting up and driving his knees onto his elbow, he stomps away at the arm and looks to try and hyper extend the elbow again but Geeno manages to wriggle free. He slides to the outside as he takes a moment to try and get the blood flowing in his arm again

Scott James – Delaying tactics here from Geeno but may be what he needs to get back into this match

Sliding back in the ring he slides under the oncharging Sebastian bounces off the ropes and takes him down with a cross body as he begins to build momentum, he comes bouncing off the rope dropping a big leg drop picking up Sebastian he grabs him round the head WIGWAM!

He goes for the pin 1..2… .KICK OUT

Mike Fisher – Sebastian just won’t say no!

Geeno looking rather annoyed picks up Sebastian and flips him around as he sets him up

Mike Fisher – He likes to call this The Hit collector!

Geeno plants Sebastian to the ground head first



Melanie Jackson – Winner of this match Geeno ‘Da Don’ Steels!


The lights do dark, the familiar drums hit and the crowd go wild as Shawn Taylor's music hits, lit only by a spotlight and some flashing blue lights.

Shawn steps out onto the stage, grinning and looking at the crowd. As soon as the chorus starts Shawn outstretches his arms and a shower of pyro comes from the top of the stage behind him, as he does this the house lights come up a bit, with blue spots roaming the arena.

Shawn walks down the ramp, clapping hands with the fans smiling from ear to ear. He walks up the steps, and launches himself into the ring over the top rope.

Once in the ring Shawn goes straight to a turnbuckle, climbs it and cockily Outstretches his arms, Randy Orton-esque, and does the same on the opposite turnbuckle before climbing down and removing his shirt, to some cheers from the female fans, as he waits for his opponent...

A deafening boo fills the arena as “Oh Canada” by the Classifieds blares of the P.A system. Dillan emerges from the pulsating red and white lights dressed in well-tailored three piece suit that his nearly ripping at the seams extenuating his god-like physique. He stands a top the ramp and waves his Canada flag proudly with a brash, and confident smirk on his face. He brushes off his suit, and struts down the ramp with the flag proudly resting over his shoulder as he makes fun of the audience members on the way down. Walking up the stairs, he climbs on the top rope and waves his flag with great confidence, as he continues to run his mouth at the audience.

The Bell rings and Dillan Singh lashes at Taylor with a clothesline, knocking him flat to the mat and then begins to pummel him with a series of stomps.

Scott James: "Yeah. When you get your opponent down early, make sure they stay down. That's one of the Taylor's tactics you know Fisher. I was personally told so."

Mike Fisher: "It's not Taylor who's standing, Scott."

Dillan Singh lifts up Taylor, kicks him to the gut and attempts for a suplex, Taylor flips over and lands on his feet. Dillan Singh doesn't know what's happening as Taylor lifts him and hits a back suplex. Dillan Singh feeling the pain of that, Taylor goes for the pin 1...2.. Dillan Singh lifts his arm and pushes Taylor off. Taylor is up now, he whips Dillan Singh to the ropes and Dillan Singh tries to come back with another clothesline, Taylor had it scouted though, and ducks. Dillan Singh turns around and Taylor lands him with a hard fist to the face. The referee warns Taylor about using a clenched fist in the ring, Taylor doesn't care however, he walks over to Dillan Singh’s head and drops an elbow right to Dillan Singh's chest. A pin now 1... 2... Dillan Singh gets the shoulder up.

Scott James: "It's gonna take more than that to keep Dillan down."

Mike Fisher: "Taylor seems to be sitting comfortably with the match at the moment though. You have to wonder if it's Dillan's night tonight."

Scott James: "Yeah right. He’s getting slaughtered, Mike."

Taylor now with Dillan Singh on his knees, swings him to the ropes, Dillan Singh returns attempting another clothesline, Taylor ducks like last time and swings for another hard fist, Dillan Singh swings out of the way, kicks Taylor in the guy and hits an Implant DDT.

Mike Fisher: "An Implant DDT! What a come back. Could this be it for Taylor?

Scott James: "He took the bait Mike. Dillan Singh knew Taylor would try that fist again and used it to his advantage."

Dillan Singh goes for the pin, 1... 2... Taylor kicks out, it's gonna take more than that still. Dillan Singh walks around Taylor, he outstretches his arms which gains heat from the fans. Dillan Singh now kicks Taylor in the back.

Scott James: "Ouch! The crowds would have heard that."

Mike Fisher: "What you'd usually expect from a Dillan Singh."

Scott James: "Hey. Whatever works? There's all to play for here after all."

Dillan Singh grabs Taylor by the legs now and signals to the fans, who just boo back. Dillan Singh applies an inverted Boston Crab and wrenches back, applying the pain to Taylor now. Taylor is flapping his arms now, trying not to tap out.

Mike Fisher: "The submission. This could be the end of the match right here."

The referee's asking Taylor if he wants to give up now, Taylor refuses to as Dillan Singh keeps on pushing to add more pain. Taylor attempts to flip the move over now, Dillan Singh shaking his head, trying to keep the pain by pulling back and yelling. Taylor wriggles and gets free.

In a successful reversal, Taylor applies a rolling arm extender and now Dillan Singh is the one crying out in pain, the referee asks him if he wants to give up, Dillan Singh refuses however and grabs the rope which is nearby. The referee breaks off the hold and Taylor slowly releases the hold, Dillan Singh is using the ropes to pull himself up, he turns around just in time to notice Taylor, who attempts the The Exclamation Point, Dillan Singh rolls out of the way and Taylor flies into the ropes, legs straddling either side of the ropes. Dillan Singh gets up and paces the ring, trying to get the feeling back into his back. Dillan Singh drops down by the ropes telling Taylor to turn around. Shawn Taylor gets off the ropes and turns around right into Dillan Singh, who attempts a Canadian Destroyer. Taylor leap frogs and drops to the floor. Dillan Singh crashes into the turnbuckle.

Scott James: "Dillan Singh went for Canadian Destroyer but misses!"

Mike Fisher: "Both men have each other scouted here."

Taylor holds his lower region. Dillan Singh holds his face from his collision with the turnbuckle. Taylor hits a right as Dillan Singh returns his own right. Dillan Singh puts his arm around Taylor and shoves a knee into his midsection. Dillan Singh charges Shawn to the turnbuckle but Shawn gets a foot up on the second turnbuckle. Taylor reverses it and Dillan Singh goes face first into the turnbuckle. Dillan Singh spins around dropping to his knee. Taylor runs flipping over Dillan and connecting with a sort of snapmere. Tayor coves,

Scott James: "1…2… and ..."

Mike Fisher: "Kick out by Dillan Singh."

Scott James: "Quick moves are useful but Dillan Singh his showing his resistance here."
Dillan manages to fight back to his feet suddenly the IIW Superscreen shows up... It show the ending of the infamous Punjabi Deathmatch Sahib competed in years ago.
Sahib slowly makes it to his feet as he wavers and staggers to gain his balance; he almost hits the glass pane but stops and looks back to see it still in one piece. His blood drips onto the clear glass as a sadistic smirk appears on his face. He looks over at Donny who is lying their motionless. He goes over to the other side of the ring and grabs Donny. He kicks him in the gut and sets him up for a suplex. He gets him into mid-air and stalls.

JD: Stalling suplex here by Sahib, I can only imagine how Donny is feeling as the blood rushes to his head.

Sahib staggers to keep his balance as he stumbles across the ring, holding Donny in mid-air still

LF: Careful Sahib, Careful.

Sahib stumbles a bit more and is just inches away from the glass pane set-up.

JD: No! He wouldn’t!


Sahib slams Donny into the glass pane as it explodes, Sahib’s head also goes through the glass, as the two combatants lie in the ring motionless. Slowly…Sahib’s arm drapes over Donny.


LF: He’s done it! Sahib’s done it!

Jenny: Ladies and Gentlemen, your winner…and NEW INTERNATIONAL CHAMPION….SAHIB.

Dillan has been watching this play out as Shawn Taylor drops him with a neckbreaker. Taylor wipes his hair back and stands Dillan Singh up. Dillan Singh comes back with a punch. Shawn steps back and goes for a kick but Dillan catches his foot. Dillan Singh smirks at Shawn who connects with an enzuguri. Dillan Singh hits the mat like a sack of lead. Shawn bounces up with momentum. He rubs his chin and then slashes his neck pointing at Dillan. Dillan his holding his chin, dizzily gets back to his feet. He staggers to face Shawn who charges at Dillan with the Exclamation Point

Scott James: AND CONNECTS!

Dillans body crumples down to the mat as Shawn drops ontop covering him



Scott James - Looks like Shawn will be facing Corey Steele for the International Title at Red Alert!
Mike Fisher - But the question is why did Osh play that clip? Costing Dillan the match?

The scene shows up and Osh Vaughan is in his office with Charlie Schmidt

Charlie - Yes Osh, The reason the match didn't happen was because Dan DiStoner took out Chino pre match, and worst of all I've had to waste plenty of time and resources with Kaz n Stan cleaning it up!

Osh Vaughan - Right... That's it I've had enough of this mess, Chino and Dan Distoner, you guys need to lay off each other or if you're going to continue to do this, you can do it when it really matters so I'm calling it now... at Red Alert...we will have DAN DISTONER verses CHINO in a .... NODQ match...

And furthermore.... If any of you guys touch the other before that show on the 29th of May, there will be serious consequences!

Just then Dillan Singh charges in

Dillan Singh - You wanted it didn't you? You wanted this....

Dillan smashes his head against the wall cutting it open...

Dillan Singh- Well now you have him!

Dillan picks up Osh, swatting Charlie Schmidt out of the way and smashes him through his table....

Dillan Singh - And I want you Osh... I Want you at Red Alert!

Dillan storms off as the IIW credits roll