Osh is shown in his office fuming after the ending of IIW Mayhem

Osh - Well you think this is funny?.... Well lets start with Jonny C

Bad news Jonny, you're starting again at the bottom of the card! This is my revenge, all the spotlights you've tried to take, the feuding and abuse of my boy Curtis in the LCW, trust me he told me about your lack of respect, even after what we've all been through! You can work your way back up, through the card if you think you're going to have a shot at the IIW World title...haha think again.

My trusted boy The Commander will be your first opponent!

We will see the battle between Adam Bradley Sean Raines, Ryan McCann and Adm The Monster. Here we will let the winners of each match square off the following mayhem with the opportunity to fight for the IIW International Title at the PPV!

Shawn Taylor and Christian Ryder seemed keen this week so lets see what those boys deliver

Then in the Main event Corey Steele vs Chino, I look forward to crowing our first IIW Champion!


We start Mayhem as the Commander is already in the ring and we’re awaiting the arrival of Jonny C. The lights in the arena dim then flash blue and green. HERE'S JONNY blares over the pa system. Pretty Fly for a white guy starts as Jonny C bursts through the curtin onto the ramp. He holds his arms out and yells I'M BETTER THEN YOU. He laughs and walks to the ramp jaw jacking with the fans. He slides under the bottom rope and runs and climbs the ropes yelling I know I'm your hero. He jumps down and bounces on the ropes a few times.

The referee motions for the bell as the two men stare at each other as the bell sounds starting the match. They begin to cycle in the ring, as they each watch the other looking for an opening. The Commander sees a weak spot and drops to his knee as he reaches out and grabs the leg of Jonny C tackling him down to the mat. Jonny C falls to the mat as The Commander rolls up to his feet and begins to stomp on the knee of Jonny C. The Commander stomps a few more times before bending down and grabbing Jonny C’s leg. The Commander steps over the leg of Jonny C and drops down bring all his weight down on his knee.

Mike: “The Commander starting to dissect the knee of Jonny C.”

Scott: “It’s a great game plan. The Commander is keeping Jonny C grounded to the mat.”

The Commander grabs the leg of Jonny C again but this time Jonny C is able to get his other foot up and placing it on The Commander’s back pushing The Commander to the mat making him release his leg. Jonny C rolls to his stomach and starts to get up gingerly placing weight on his targeted knee. The Commander has gotten to his feet and is watching Jonny C stumble on that knee. The Commander sees that Jonny C is having trouble placing weight on that knee and comes at him dropping down and slamming his shoulder across the back of the knee of Jonny C, sending Jonny C back down to the mat.

Mike: “The Commander still targeting that right knee of Jonny C.”

Scott: “I don’t know how much the knee of Jonny C can take.”

Jonny C is trying to get to his feet with help from the turn buckles as The Commander stops Jonny C’s climb as he grabs Jonny C’s knee and reaches it in the air before slamming it back hard to the mat. Jonny C lets go of the turn buckle and grabs at his knee as the pain from the impact as it is too much. The Commander watches as Jonny C rolls on the mat holding his knee, Jonny C finally begins to recover and starts to try once more to get to his feet with help from the ropes. The Commander watches from the middle of the ring as Jonny C slowly gets up. Jonny C gets up to his feet and The Commander charges at him trying to land a clothesline from behind but Jonny C predicts the move and counters The Commander with a drop toe hold that sends The Commander’s head crashing into the middle turnbuckle hard. The Commander’s head bounces hard and rests on the turn buckle as Jonny C gets back to his feet.

Scott: “Great counter by Jonny.”

Mike: “He had The commander scouted out pretty good, he know what he was thinking and was able to counter.”

Jonny C grabs The Commander by the hair and lefts him to his feet as the referee yells at him to stop using the hair. Once he gets him to his feet he locks The Commander’s head in a headlock but The Commander quickly pushes his head free and shoves Jonny C back into the referee who falls to the mat hitting his head hard. The Commander looks behind him and sees that the referee is down and decides to take this moment to drop and give a low blow to Jonny C as Jonny C grabs his groin and falls to his knees The Commander begins to kick The Jonny C repeatedly in the gut.

Mike: “The referee is down!”

A hooded man in a black outfit rolls into the ring and punts Jonny C in the back of his head before bouncing off the side ropes and delivering a dropkick to the side of The Commander’s head. The man then rolls out of the ring and runs up the ramp as Jonny C and The Commander lay motionless on the mat.

Mike: “Holy crap! What the hell was that?”

As the referee begins to get up, The Commander also begins to move and slowly rolls over and places his arm across the chest of a still motionless Jonny C as the referee gets to his knees. The referee sees the pin and counts.




Jonny C somehow manages to kick out recovering from the punt to the head, still slightly dazed he manages to grab The Commander and roll him up for a small package




Melanie: “The winner of this match. Jonny C!”

Mike: “I still want to know who that man was and why he attacked both men here tonight!


The ref rings the bell and the match gets underway.... Both men lock up in a grapple. Dan Di Stoner hits Dave Stifraud with a suplex, followed up with a power slam. Dave struggles to his feet and hits Dan Di Stoner with a dropkick. Cage gets up but is hit by another dropkick. Dave climbs onto the top rope but Dan Di Stoner is quick to his feet and follows him up. Dan Di Stoner hits Dave with a few rights and a few lefts, Dave begins to stutter on the top allowing Dan to push him off sending him crashing down to the mat.

Dan Di Stoner reassembles himself on the top rope as as he looks down at Dave Stifraud not moving on the ground… He signals to the crowd

Mike Fisher – Here comes the 420!

Dan Jumps off the top rope landing THE 420 SPLASH!

Dan clutches his stomach in a bit of pain after landing it but rolls back over to Dave. He covers and the ref counts...


Melanie – Winner of the match DAN DI STONER!

Mike Fisher – looks like Dan has sent out a big message here with that quick victory over ….

Scott James – Doesn’t look like he’s finished

Dan Di Stoner rolls out of the ring and grabs a chair and microphone before rolling back in!

Dan Di Stoner – THIS IS YOU CHINO!!! THIS IS YOU!!!!

Dan starts hammering away at Dave Stifraud with the chair, giving sickening repeated shots as Dave writhes in pain

Eventually IIW Security lead by Sergio make their way out and pull Dan away.

Osh Vaughan’s music hits as he makes his way out

Osh Vaughan – NOW What the hell was that Dan? GET OUT MY ARENA! Don’t come back, have a good hard look at yourself!

Security take an aggrieved Dan past Osh as he looks on in disgust.


Freak by Silverchair starts blasting out as Sean Raines makes his way out to the ring with a mixed reception from the crowd, still not sure what to make of him.

"Just Like You" by Three Days Grace begins to play as the crowd boo when they see Ryan McCann make his way down to the ring. McCann enters the ring and, climbs to the top of a nearby corner and tosses his arms in the air and urges the crowd to get louder, as they do

The two square off, starting the match with a lock up. Sean Raines gains the upper hand in the beginning, locking in a side headlock on Ryan McCann. He flexes the hold a few times, increasing the pressure on Ryan McCann's neck. Ryan McCann manages to lift Sean Raines off of his feet before sending him crashing down with a back drop. Ryan McCann gets to his feet first, dropping a few elbows on the fallen Sean Raines. Ryan McCann runs the ropes, ready to perform a running elbow drop, but Sean Raines moves out of the way at the last second. Ryan McCann holds his arm where it made impact with the ring as Sean Raines gets to his feet, kicking Ryan McCann a few times in the ribs.

Scott: Back and forth between them it would seem.

Sean Raines lifts Ryan McCann to his feet, only to send him back down to the mat with a scoop slam. He quickly follows the slam with an elbow drop from the standing position. Ryan McCann rolls out of the ring to both catch his breath and break any momentum that Sean Raines may have gained at this point.

Ryan McCann grabs the foot of Sean Raines, dropping him to the mat and pulling him out of the ring. He lays a few right fists into the side of Sean Raines's head before slamming it into the apron of the ring. Ryan McCann lifts Sean Raines onto the apron and roll shim into the ring before rolling in himself. Back inside the ring, Ryan McCann sets up Sean Raines for the MyCanIze!!! But Sean Raines reverses out and spins him round for the DEAD SOUL Pin 1…2….3

***Scene opens outside the iiw arena where Geeno is looking at the building while have a phone conversation with his brother/manager, sitting in a black on Black 2017 Bentley GT***

Geeno: Bro...... I made it....... I never thought i'd be doing this again, it's been since 2009 homie.

Stan: Yeah man.......


Geeno: Yo B, you know i'm gonna need you to roll with me, i know know i can do this dolo but i need you to do this with me, just know this run is different for me. We no longer teens so we need to take this all the way serious... yes we had success but we were teens but now that we are in our late 20's we know way more about this business now than what we knew then.

Stan: Bro...... shut the fuck up!!

***Geeno Laughs***

Stan: You know damn well what we about to do, don't get all fuckin mythical and dramatic on your bro. I know your capabilities dawg, we been there and done that. No one here can touch you, they will see within in time the impact that you are going to make in the iiw. Your moves your charisma and your Brother are the best in this place...

***Geeno Laughs***

Geeno: I hear you bro but looking at the landscape here, we dealing with hungry talent all looking to be the best, I know i am so this sparked the ill flame you feel me?

Stan: Yeah

Geeno: You know what tho... You're right I am the Best at what this business has to offer, I'm Geeno Da Don Steels and my brother is Stan "The Man" Steels and we going to take this over.

Stan: That's right, thats how you need to talk but you know what is the most important thing you said out that heroic i have a dream type speech you made?..

Geeno: What's that?

Stan: That i'm Stan "The man" Steels

Geeno: Mannnnnnnn Shut up i'm off this

***Stan Laughs***

Stan: iight bro hit me up later

Geeno: Bet i got you bro stay up.

Stan: iight bro 1.

***Stan Hangs up***

***Geeno then looks at his phone then looks at the arena, he steps out the car wearing a blue "Im Back" Tee shirt with a pair true religion jeans, Black gucci Shades, Blue Gucci Watch, and a pair of white and Blue Jordan 13's. He opens the trunk and pulls out his black Gucci Gym bag. He puts on the alarm on his car and walks towards the building. Geeno looks up as he walks and makes a sudden stop**

Geeno: IIW...... its time....... WAAAAAAAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!

***Geeno continues to walk as the scene fades***


What's that coming over the hill
Is it a monster? Is it a monster!!

Adam walks down to the ring like a monster. He climbs in to the ring, looking very mean, and roars loudly.

Push Em - Yelawolf & Travis Barker begins to play as Adam Bradley makes his way out to the ring, greeted by massive cheers from the IIW fans

Mike Fisher – No wonder the fans are behind this guy he is the no,1 ranked superstar in the IIW!

Adam The Monster charges in and quickly starts to pound on Adam Bradley, but Adam Bradley fights back with knife edge chops and a flurry of punches. Adam Bradley grabs Adam The Monster by the neck and tosses him outside to give a moment's rest to regain some space between the two. Adam The Monster climbs back in the ring and catches a few boots to the back of the head. Adam Bradley pick up Adam The Monster and nails a suplex , followed up by DDT.

Adam Bradley whips Adam The Monster into the ropes and delivers a big boot that lays Adam The Monster on the mat. Adam Bradley sits Adam The Monster up and locks in a reverse chin lock, with his knee placed firmly in Adam The Monster's back. Adam The Monster fights through the pain and turns to his side, only to have Adam Bradley lock in a vice like sleeper. Adam The Monster falls to one knee and goes limp. The ref checks his hand. 1....2....

Mike Fisher -CLOSE

Scott James - Not used to seeing Adam The Monster overpowered Mike

Adam The Monster begins to show signs of life and breaks the hold. He bounces off the ropes to catch another big boot to the face. Adam Bradley taunts the crowd with both hands raised as Adam The Monster begins to rise. Adam Bradley kicks Adam The Monster in the ribs, sending him back to the mat.

Adam Bradley leans down and screams into Adam The Monster's face, "THIS IS BRADLEY’S TIME!."

Adam Bradley picks up Adam The Monster and sends him to the corner. Adam The Monster rebounds and charges out with a clothesline, but Adam Bradley ducks and Adam The Monster nails the ref.

Adam Bradley nails the ‘Pride before the fall’ and covers.....the ref is out cold. The crowd goes berzerk as Osh hits the ring. Osh counts as Adam Bradley pins Adam The Monster. 1-2-3

Mike Fisher – Was that a fast count by Osh?

Melanie Jackson - winner and potentially still no.1 ranked in the IIW Adam Bradley


A deafening boo fills the arena as “Oh Canada” by the Classifieds blares of the P.A system. Dillan emerges from the pulsating red and white lights dressed in well-tailored three piece suit that his nearly ripping at the seams extenuating his god-like physique. He stands a top the ramp and waves his Canada flag proudly with a brash, and confident smirk on his face. He brushes off his suit, and struts down the ramp with the flag proudly resting over his shoulder as he makes fun of the audience members on the way down. Walking up the stairs, he climbs on the top rope and waves his flag with great confidence, as he continues to run his mouth at the audience.

We Will Rock You – Queen plays loudly as Sebastian Redditch makes his way out to a loud boo from the crowd, they clearly aren’t fans of him

Dillan enters the ring and the ref calls for the bell. Sebastian goes straight on the offensive forcing Dillan back into a corner with repeated right hands. He whips him across the ring and follows up with a flying forearm as Dillan bounces back out of the corner. Sebastian looks out into the crowd, his eyes glazed over as usual. Dillan gets to his feet and Sebastian meets him with a right hand, but Dillan gets his arm up to block, and delivers a right hand of his own. Both men exchange punches. Sebastian gives his a bit more power as Dillan stumbles back a bit and Sebastian see’s his opportunity. He whips Dillan into the ropes and hits him on the rebound with a drop toe hold. Sebastian scrambles up onto the top rope and goes for ‘The Power Lift’ but Dillan reads it and rolls out of the way, leaving Sebastian holding his back. Dillan gets to his feet and puts a few boots into Sebastians chest. He stalks Sebastian as he slowly gets up. Dillan runs at Sebastian and hits him with ‘The Canadian Destroyer’.

SUDDENLY THE LIGHTS GO OUT... The crowd shriek in anticipation

The lights come back on and there is a baseball bat in the centre of the ring next to Dillan Singh.

Dillan looks down at it grabbing his head looking visibily uncomfortable

The Big Screen lights up and Osh Vaughan is seen there smiling

Osh - Use it Sahib.... USE IT..

It quickly fades to back as Dillan picks up the bat and examines it shaking his head he drops it to the ground. The momentary lapse has allowed Sebastian Redditch to get back to his feet and he charges at Dillan, who sees him at the last moment and drops him with a drop toe hold, smashing Sebastian's face onto the barbed wire bat.

Sahib looks on in shock as he begins to see the blood drip down Sebastian's face.... he kicks out the baseball bat and climbs up the top rope

Dillan hits Sebastian with a shooting star press, but does himself some damage in the process. Dillan manages to get to his feet first though and hits Sebastian with ‘Canadian Chaos’ before going for the pin.



The lights do dark, the familiar drums hit and the crowd go wild as Shawn Taylor's music hits, lit only by a spotlight and some flashing blue lights.

Shawn steps out onto the stage, grinning and looking at the crowd. As soon as the chorus starts Shawn outstretches his arms and a shower of pyro comes from the top of the stage behind him, as he does this the house lights come up a bit, with blue spots roaming the arena.

Shawn walks down the ramp, clapping hands with the fans smiling from ear to ear. He walks up the steps, and launches himself into the ring over the top rope.

Once in the ring Shawn goes straight to a turnbuckle, climbs it and cockily Outstretches his arms, Randy Orton-esque, and does the same on the opposite turnbuckle before climbing down and removing his shirt, to some cheers from the female fans, as he waits for his opponent...

Mike Fisher - I'm expecting big things here from Christian Ryder! He's promised so much

The referee circles both men asking them for a fair match, Shawn Taylor smirks and shrugs while Christian Ryder holds out his hand for Shawn to shake, Shawn looks at it and laughs

He eventually agrees and goes to put his hand in to shake Christan Ryder's but Christian pulls it away and laughs as the bell rings

Christian gestures to the crowd before turning around to face Shawn Taylor


Mike Fisher - Oh My God......

Shawn dances around Christian before going for the pin



Shawn grabs a mic

Shawn Taylor - WHAT IS THIS OSH? WHAT IS THIS?!!!! Give me what I want... I WANT THE WORLD TITLE!!!! I WANT TO BE....

The Microphone is cut off mid sentence as Shawn laughs and throws the microphone away before sliding out and cheering on his way to the back.

The lights go out in the arena as “Insanity Syndrome” by The Enigma TNG starts to play. The entrance area is filled with fog and lit with purple lights. As the guitars kick in Daniel Corvin walks through the fog followed by his father Ashe. He stands at the entrance looking down to the ring. Daniel throws his arms out in a release the doves pose as the crowd starts to boo him. He smirks and they head to the ring. He ignores the crowd and heads right to the ring. He climbs the steps and enters the ring. He goes to the nearest turnbuckle and climbs onto the second one and once again throws his arms out accepting the crowd's negative reaction. Ashe gets a couple of mics from the ring crew. Daniel jumps down to the mat spinning to face his father and get a mic from him.

Ashe Corvin: That's right, I'm back in IIW. Your greatest World Champion has returned. But don't worry, I'm not here to take back my title. I have since hung up the boots, so to speak. I am here this time as manager for my son, and future IIW World Champion, Daniel Corvin!

The crowd resumes their hate towards the father and son duo. They just grin and chuckle.

Ashe Corvin: We came out here tonight for a little introduction and to issue a demand. You see, Osh, my son is every bit the wrestler I was, if not more. So it's only fitting that he gets the same opportunity that I did.

This draws a mixed reaction from the crowd.

Ashe Corvin: That's right, you all remember. I feel it is only fitting that my son get a shot at the IIW World Title in his first match. Like father, like son. IIW was always best with a Corvin reigning supreme.

This brings unified hatred from the crowd.

Daniel Corvin: I debut on the next Mayhem. From that moment on, Darkness shall reign!

Daniel drops his mic and his music hits once again. Ashe exits the ring and the pair head to the back.



The Infection by Disturbed begins to play over the speaker system as smoke fills the front walkway, as fans give a mixed reaction of cheers and jeers, Chino steps out with his signature kendo stick and black trench coat. As he slowly walks down to the ring, he poses with some fans and teases some of his haters, he enters the ring thru the middle rope and spins around as pyro shoots out from the ring posts, Chino removes his trench coat and places it in his corner along with his kendo stick.

Cigarettes and Alcohol begins playing as Corey Steele walks out from behind the curtain wearing a blue Fila jacket over his ring gear, he’s nodding his head to the music as Mark Steele follows him, they walk down the ramp with Corey getting in fans faces, whilst Mark shakes his head and attempts to get Corey to behave. Corey just laughs at Mark and climbs up the ring steps, he points at a woman on the front row and begins to grind the ring post whilst looking at her, all this gets him is a slap around the head from Mark who tells him to get in the ring.

Melanie - Let me introduce you to the two men who are about to compete for the first IIW Title since it's relaunch, the IIW International title! First off we have a true IIW Legend and multi champion in Chino!

Chino salutes to the crowd

And then in the other corner we have potentially the future of the IIW son of IIW All-star Mark Steele...Corey Steele

Corey lifts his arms posing for the IIW Fans

The two men lock up as the match gets under way, Corey quickly breaks free and is able to dropkick Chino into the ropes, he follows it up with another drop kick into the corner as Chino rolls down onto the ground, hoping quickly onto the turnbuckle Corey goes for a 450 splash but Chino has it scouted and quickly rolls out the way, Chino is quick to get on top of Corey wearing him down with a rear naked choke

Mike Fisher - Chino using his experience here, sees an opportunity and is straight on it

Chino let's go as he begins kicking away at Corey, concentrating on his legs

Scott - Another nice move, take away a man's legs and he can't stand

Mike Fisher - Really? And you get paid to be here?

Chino quickly drops Corey with a reverse DDT following it up quickly with an elbow drop, but Corey manages to roll out the way and rolls out the ring to regroup his thoughts...

Corey sliding back into the ring uses his speed to cut down Chino, lifting him up and delivering a FALCON ARROW

Scott James - HE DID THE DEED

Mike Fisher - Shut up.

Corey goes for the pin 1...2..KICK OUT

Back on the attack he sets him up for a facesmash manoeuvre but Chino blocks it with a rake to the eyes, he whips Corey into the ropes and charges in hitting him hard with his shoulder, he shoves his shoulder in hard again as he looks to take back control.

Chino rolls him out of the corner and locks in an ankle lock as he applies pressure and looks for Corey to tap.

Frustrated he can't get Corey to tap he quickly signals for THE END... getting behind Corey Steele he lifts him up and delivers the first german suplex... locking the hands as the crowd chant


Lifting him back up Chino delivers another


They begin a drum roll as Chino delivers the 3rd

Crowd - 3!

Corey is breathing heavy on the floor as Chino signals that it's time for the R.K.K, just then the masked man from earlier in the show shows up again and is heading down to the ring, Chino clocks it straight away and cuts him off as he gets to the ring pushing him out of the ring


Because whilst distracted Dan Distoner has snuck back in and clocks Chino over the head with a chair

Mike Fisher - CHINO IS OUT!

Dan Di Stoner quickly pulls Corey Steele over Chino as the referee is made to count



Dan Distoner makes a quick exit as Corey coming to slowly celebrates with the IIW International title

The Scene shows up in Osh’s office

Osh – Great work tonight, yeah Jonny never saw you coming, just a bit annoying even with all that help The Commander couldn’t get the job done, that’s definitely a week’s wages fine for him. Yeah don’t worry about it, you did well… Jonny now knows I’m not messing about

Nah Screw Jake E Dangerously, if he doesn’t want to play by the rules, we don’t need him back, he’s a has-been anyway!

Osh hangs up on the phone as there is a knock on the door

Osh – Hello?

The guy walks in with Sergio behind him

Sergio – Sorry Osh, This guy has something to show you, you might wanna prepare yourself it’s pretty big

Osh – And you are?

Alex – I’m Alex Connor, and I’ve not been impressed with the way you’ve been conducting yourself around here… brutal attacks on contracted workers..abusing workers into working in an unsafe environment...You’ve generally done a pretty poor job with this place.

Osh rises from his desk with an angry look on his face

Osh: Who the hell do you think you are?!

Alex strolls over and sits himself down on the edge of Osh’s desk.

Alex: I told you...Im Alex Connor….

Osh: I dont give a damn who you are! Do you have any idea who you are messing with?

Alex: Oh Im very keenly aware of who you are, Mr Vaughan. Thats why Im here, you see. Im here because you have systematically demonstrated an inability to separate your personal feelings from business. You pushed Jake E Dangerously to the point that he quit, you have badgered Dillan Singh to the point that he is about to have a psychotic break and you consistently involve yourself in the matches you book. This cannot continue…

Osh: *becoming furious and beginning to yell* How dare you try and tell me how to run my business! This is MY company! You have no say in what I do or dont do around here! I will continue to do what I damn well please!

Alex: *shakes his head slightly and tsks at Osh* Thats where you are wrong, Mr. Vaughan….

Alex reaches into his suit jacket and pulls the envelope out from the inside pocket. He pulls out the stack of papers within and glances over them for a moment before continuing.

Alex: Mr. Vaughan, are you familiar with a...Ms. Jennifer Fletcher?

Alex gives Osh a thoughtful, yet knowing look. Osh grits his teeth in anger, his face starting to turn red.

Osh: What does my ex wife have to do with anything?

Alex: Oh! So you do know her, good….that makes all this much easier to follow. You see, your wife has everything to do with this…

Alex rummages through his papers, organizing them for a moment. He sets one paper down on the table and slides it towards Osh.

Alex: This form may look familiar to you, Mr Vaughan. This was the document from when *Whoever* filed for the divorce.

Alex sets the next paper down on the desk and pushes it towards Osh. Osh’s temper is visibly rising.

Alex: This next form is the court document finalizing the Divorce between you and Ms. Fletcher….

Alex sets another paper down on the desk, pushing it towards Osh. He looks up at Osh with a grin.

Alex: Now’s where things start getting good, Mr. Vaughan, try and keep up! This form is the court order declaring that as part of the divorce, Ms. Fletcher is owed 50% of all assets held by Mr. Osh Vaughan….

Osh’s temper peaks, but a hint of doubt creeps in on his face as things start to piece together.

Osh: ….no…..

Alex stands quickly, throwing his arms out wide with a flourish. He grins and slams down a final document on the table.

Alex: This document is the final bill of sale between myself and Ms. Fletcher, in which she signed over her 50% owner share of IIW, that she is entitled to per the court order I showed you earlier, which makes me 50% owner of IIW!

Alex laughs and sits down on a nearby couch, pulling out a cigar from his jacket. Osh stares dumbfoundedly at the last document.

Osh: ...that bitch….

Alex: *Iighting his cigar* Good god, do I love this game...Its okay, Osh….You cant win them all…

Osh closes a fist around the document, crumpling it in his hand.

Osh: You cant do this to me….

Alex: Oh, but I already have! From this moment on, you have sole ownership of nothing around here, and from now on, you dont get to lift a finger without having me sign off on it. Partner privilege as 50% owner and all. Its not all bad though! I love money! I want lots and lots of money. So we still have that common ground. Only difference is now, you dont get to use the IIW talent as personal playthings.