The IIW preview’s their next ppv IN HD! The ring has been set up for the first ever Dance With the Devil, Hardcore title match, Adam Bradley, Chino, 0dr, and Joe Abbott are seen on four separate camera’s all getting ready for the upcoming match

Jason Durden “You know I give these next four men a lot of respect and credit for even stepping in the ring for a match this insane!”

Mike Fisher “I for one am surprised that my own nephew Osh Vaughan will actually sanction this match! Well let’s get this match started, the barbwire is out and the cell is lowered down, there goes the title hanging 15 feet above the 30 foot high steel cage! This looks like a war zone!

Fat Lip by Sum41 begins to play over the PA, Adam Bradley walks out sporting the Shark boy neck brace, as he walks down the aisle he looks up at the title and then motions to the fans he will win the title tonight

Bradley gets to the cage door and looks in, barbwire surrounds everywhere, he shakes his head and grabs a table, he sets it up and climbs into the ring, Playing With Knives by Bizarre Inc. begins to play as the Sober Solider Joe Abbott makes his way out to the crowds approval, he walks down the aisle and notices Adam Bradley, he looks up at the title and smirks, He makes his way towards the door and stands there. Suddenly, Spit it Out By Slipknot plays over the PA, pyro shoots off as the fans get to their feet and a mixed reaction brings Chino out holding his hardcore title, he makes it half way down the ramp and then stops, he runs back and comes out with a shopping cart full of weapons, he makes it down to the cage and starts throwing light tubes chairs and a kendo stick on the roof of the cage, Chino then opens the door and begins to throw light tubes at Bradley and Abbott, both men are keeping a distance, Chino climbs onto the table and enters the cage.

From the minute Chino enters he takes off towards Joe Abbott, Adam Bradley backs away holding his neck and playing sick, 0dr walks out to the top of the ramp and watches as Chino and Joe Abbott go head to head, Chino smashes a light tube over Abbott’s head and with a loud bang Chino gets this hellacious match underway. Adam Bradley looks up and realizes he stands under one of four boxes with a special surprise in it, Bradley opens the box as Chino continues his assault on Joe Abbott, Bradley flips open the lid and pulls out a Kendo Stick wrapped with barbwire and light tube glass, he begins to almost freeze up

Mike Fisher: Adam Bradley reminds me of a little two year old on Christmas, I think he’s going to make a big impact in this match! Right here….Right now!

Before Adam Bradley can get a single breathe out, Chino comes rushing with a head of steam and nearly decapitates Adam Bradley with a humongous boot to the face! 0dr is still outside looking on, he looks up at the hardcore title and smirks; he stands back and continues to watch

Jason Durden: You see 0dr over there?! What a genius! Resting, waiting, he knows he has two matches and he’s outsmarting everyone!

Mike Fisher: Yea somehow he got to come out last, I wonder how long it will take before he gets into the ring

Chino grabs Adam Bradley who now has dropped the weapon, Chino whips him into the ropes and Bradley nearly goes over, he stops inches before going over the top rope and into the barbwire! Chino rushes at Bradley possibly to put him over and Bradley back body drops Chino, onto the barbwire! A spark goes off and we see some smoke, as Bradley backs up Joe Abbott, grabs the kendo stick and smashes Adam Bradley in the back of the head! Chino is still trying to get out of the barbwire mess, Joe Abbott drops the kendo stick and goes to the other corner, he opens the box and takes a step back, and his facial expression is enough

Jason Durden: With a face like that, you’d think he found a pile of gay porn!

Joe Abbott puts his hand into the box and pulls out a few magazine’s of gay porn

Mike Fisher: You were saying?!

Jason Durden: Ok whose sick idea was it to put gay porn magazines in a box?

As Joe Abbott looks stunned and confused, Adam Bradley goes for a quick roll up, after realizing the type of match he breaks the pin, Joe Abbott goes to hit Bradley who grabs his neck, Abbott hesitates and Bradley kicks Abbott in the gut, he nails Abbott with a DDT, then Bradley oddly enough walks over to the gay porn and begins to look at the magazine, Chino crawls back into the ring and nails Bradley in the back with a dropkick sending Bradley over the ropes to the barbwire. Before picking up Joe Abbott, Chino goes to the third box, he opens it up and pulls out…..two bags, he unties them both, shards of broken glass and thumbtacks! Chino dumps them out and then looks up, like an eerie scene from a movie, Chino looks at 0dr and points at him, he begins to walk towards the door but gets cut off by Joe Abbott, Abbott brings Chino’s focus back to the match, Joe nails Chino with some right hands then a kick to the gut, he runs over to the final box and reveals it to be the light tube box he begins to throw light tube after light tube at Chino, 0dr begins to walk closer to the ring and Adam Bradley escapes the barbwire, he joins Abbott on the assault of Chino, 0dr then springs into action, he opens the cage door and stands on the table, he runs at Joe and Bradley and double clothslines them both to the ground, he sizes up Bradley and nails him with a super kick to the jaw! 0dr goes up to the top rope and nails Bradley with a swanton bomb! He gets to his feet but is knocked down quick with a kendo shot from Chino!

Mike Fisher: Look at that carnage!

Chino looks around as three men lay on the floor Adam Bradley is beginning to bleed as Chino wipes blood from his own forehead. Chino grabs Joe Abbott, and places him on the table bridge over the barbwire, Chino then grabs Adam Bradley, he lifts him up and power bombs Adam Bradley through the table and Joe Abbott, both men feel their skin rip from the barbwire, Chino turns around to look for 0dr and he’s not there! Chino is puzzled, suddenly, Chino turns around and 0dr nails him in the face with a light tube! 0dr shakes his head and walks towards the door, he walks on Bradley and Abbott and exits the cage, he begins to throw more weapons on the top of the cage and a few chairs in the cage, he then grabs a ladder and begins to carry it up the side of the cage with himself, 0dr makes it to the top as Chino gets to his feet, 0dr begins to talk smack as Chino looks up at 0dr with a ladder in hand. Adam Bradley and Joe Abbott both make it back into the ring, the two men go after Chino as 0dr is on the top of the cage just relaxing again. Chino fights off the two until Bradley nails him in the head with the kendo stick, Chino falls to the ground as they grab two chairs, Chino is on his knees and Bradley has a chair, so does Abbott, they conchairto Chino as blood begins to come out of the mouth of Chino, 0dr stands up and steps towards helping but then sits back down and smirks, Chino is out and down! Bradley and Abbott high five each other and then start brawling! They trade left and rights and then at the same time they both realize 0dr is up there by himself, they both walk toward the door when they hear Chino get up, they turn around and Chino is busted open bad! Bradley runs at Chino and he gets a kick to the face, Abbott prepares for Chino but Chino just kicks him in the balls. Abbott falls to the ground as Bradley is fallen next to him, Chino grabs Bradley and tosses him into the cage, Bradley is holding on, Chino grabs Joe Abbott and begins to run at Bradley, Chino crashes through the cage as the three men fall to the outside, the cell structure doesn’t even budge! Chino stands up and begins to climb the cage, 0dr is waiting for him with a chair in hand, Joe Abbott gets to his feet and begins to load tables into the ring, he sets up 5 on top of each other as Adam Bradley slowly gets to his feet, Chino makes it to the top but gets a chair shot to the face! He takes it like a champ and 0dr is shocked! He nails Chino again then again and again, and once more for good luck! Chino is down! Bradley begins his climb to the top as Joe Abbott grabs another table and with the help of Adam Bradley, get a table on the top of the cage, 0dr steps back as Bradley and Joe Abbott are both on the top of the cage, they both grab Chino and they double chokeslam him through the table! 0dr is standing back laughing! Chino isn’t moving as 0dr walks over and shakes hands with Adam Bradley and Joe Abbott! They all smirk and laugh

Mike Fisher: Chino was setup! What a rip off!

Bradley looks at Abbott and they nod to each other, they both grab 0dr and throw him into the ladder, Bradley looks at Abbott and the two begin brawling again, they get close to the edge but make their way away from it, 0dr gets to his feet and picks up a chair, he makes his way to the brawling duo and nails Bradley in the head with a chair shot! He turns to Abbott but Abbott kicks 0dr in the gut and nails him in the back with the chair, Chino gets to his feet and nails Abbott in the face with a superkick again! This time nailing the chair face first into Joe Abbott! Chino once again stands tall! He grabs the ladder and sets it up, he begins to climb as 0dr gets to his feet, he begins to climb up the ladder, Chino punches at him and the two have a short slugfest, Adam Bradley gets to his feet and pushes both Chino and 0dr off the ladder, Chino and 0dr go crashing to the top of the cage, almost going thru the top! Bradley sets up the ladder, away from the title, he climbs up and points over at Chino and 0dr, suddenly Joe Abbott leaps onto the ladder, they are both on the ladder, the two men has an exchange of words, after a few words, 0dr gets to his feet, he staggers over to the ladder as Chino gets to his feet, 0dr points to the title and then pushes the ladder over!

Mike Fisher: OMG!

Adam Bradley and Joe Abbott go crashing through the announcers table, 30 plus feet off the ground! 0dr is laughing as he turns around, Chino is back on his feet, he grabs 0dr and lifts him up for an R.K.K! Chino nails 0dr in the center of the cage, the impact breaks a square in the top of the cell, 0dr crashes thru the top and falls thru 4 out of the 5 tables Chino grabs the ladder and sets it up, he climbs the ladder slowly and reaches the title, he grabs the title and unlocks it! Chino win’s the match, as he celebrates, he looks down at 0dr and kisses the hardcore title, he then looks at the fans and flips them all off, Chino then does the unthinkable! He leaps from the top of the ladder through the whole in the roof and nails 0dr with a Swanton! He gets right up and grabs a mic, he goes back over to 0dr, and grabs his head

Chino: You will always be Drake Kencedro! No matter what you do! You are Drake Kencedro! My name, Chino will forever remind you of who you are, I will leave my mark on your soul!

Chino backs away and looks at the time keeper, Chino nods his head and from the crowd a cordless buzzer?! Chino begins to shave 0dr’s head like he was in the military! Chino grabs the mic and taunts 0dr

Chino: How’s this feel DRAKE! Huh? Drake Kencedro?! Yea you hear me?! Drake Kencedro! You will never be anything! Face it!

Chino grabs his hardcore title and exits the ring, the fans begin to give another mixed reaction as Chino leaves

Jason Durden: Whoa! Chino walks away with the title! He wins when it matters! Truly!