Main Event
Non Title

- These two battled hard last Mayhem coming up short when Curtis' partner got distracted meaning he couldn't claim gold.. He wants Shawn Taylor so it has been granted

Rixton Ruin special guest Referee
- The ultimate grudge match Jason's Hall Of Fame was ruined by Michael Hunter and Rixton Ruin, so they will face off this week with the twist of Rixton being the Special Guest Ref.


Dillan Singh gets Medically checked out at the Mental hospital

Tag Team Titles no.1 Contenders

Sean Raines and Drayden Fields vs Andre Clayton and Geeno Steels
Tales of 2 haters becoming 4. Sean and Drayden had a clusterfuck of a battle at Mayhem with neither of them coming up ahead, where as Clayon and Geeno clashed at the PPV with Geeno coming away ahead. Can these 4 put their differences aside in the persuit of Gold?

Womens Title

Lilah O'Reily vs Ryleigh Ruin
- Will Bell Letrice not able to compete Ryleigh gets a shot at our first ever champion Lilah O'Reily.

Non Title Match

- If Donny wins he gets a TV Title shot
Starr vs Donny Allen

Jonny C talks about his future and what he wants to achieve in the IIW going forward

Dan DiStoner vs Blade Alexander
- Dan DiStoner made his return at Mayhem and took out Justice Reigns and Adam Bradley, where as Blade made quick work of Corey Steele and is looking to continue his progress

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Adam Bradley vs Ryan McCann
- Adam made quick work of Justice Reigns last week and this week is granted a match with Ryan McCann as he builds up momentum in the federation, building up to his International Title shot.

Last Chance Saloon

Corey Steele vs Lance Lewis vs Justice Reigns vs Chase Durden vs Sebastian Redditch
- For the last few weeks these guys have been MIA this is their last chance saloon to make a name for themselves.